Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 51



“You know how I major in computational physics? Looking at the size, speed, and shape of the space, the universe is the only thing I can think of that fits the bill. The numerical value is too large for it to be implemented on the continent.”

“But why am I dreaming about this stuff? Psychological regression means it's my memory, but I've never been to outer space.”

“Probably not, but even if you didn't personally go to space, memories can still exist. According to Nade.”

“Mourning Sensation…”

Nade nodded his head.

“Yeah. The death row inmate knew every nation's situation, despite being in a coma due to the Soul Electrolysis experiment. That means he transcended space and time to gain that information. The Mourning Sensation is in a different field from psychic science's materiality breakaway. If one's soul flies around like a pigeon, one won't be able to come across all the information about the world simultaneously. On the other hand, when ionization occurs electrically, a quantum phenomenon will occur. With that lies a possibility of transcending space and time.”

Yiruki nodded in agreement.

“In the microscopic world, things outside of our common sense occur. Observation and measurement cannot be done at the same, and even those are only probabilities. It's like plucking a guitar string and being unable to determine where it is at the moment. If by chance, the weight of the soul is lighter than that of electrons, it might be possible to feel the universe. Since it's a world where there is no real correlation between time and distance.”

After putting together everything said by both Nade and Yiruki, Shirone could somewhat imagine it in his head.

“Hmm, I think I know what the situation is now. Thanks. You guys are true members of the Supernatural Psychic Science Research Group.”

“Haha! This is nothing. Anyways, don't worry too much. It probably isn't some bizarre curse or anything like that. Let's look into areas related to the Immortal Function.”

At that moment, Shirone made up his mind.

“Okay! I'm going to join the Supernatural Psychic Research Group.”

Nade found no reason to refuse. After all, there would be three members if Shirone joined. They would be registered as an official research group, and the subsidies that were cut off a year ago would start coming in again.

“You're always welcome here, right, Yiruki?”

“For the development of this research group, Shirone is definitely a good recruit, but will the management team approve? There might be a lot of teachers who will oppose it due to our group's notoriety.”

“Leave that to me. I just have to put the document in without them noticing. Now, let's get going!”

Shirone, who was following his friends, looked back.

'This is now my research group.'

It was no different than a warehouse, but considering it would soon be 'his' soon, he couldn't help but feel happy.

'I'll have to plan a big clean-up day sometime.'


The iron door closed.

In the desolate laboratory where the lights were turned off, the dust particles coming from where Shirone sat silently rotated.



The teacher's room was unusually busy.

The instructors who were finished with class usually drank tea or chatted while waiting for their next class, but right now, all of them were analyzing documents.

There were dozens of applications for membership.

Siena, who had just finished her class, was surprised to see the piles of papers.

“Oh my, are they all membership applications? There are a lot this week.”

“Hoho, it's almost the end of the semester. It's always like this around this time of the year. What a bunch of sneaky kids.”

As the students could replace the performance evaluation with a presentation from the research group, it had become a recent trend for students who were not part of a group to temporarily join one at the end of the semester.

Thadd, who was assisting with the work, said.

“The kids are only becoming sneakier and sneakier. It wasn't like this in the past, they used to be so passionate about their research group and the performance evaluation. I think students these days only focus on efficiency.”

“Hahaha! It's not what it used to be. Compared to 10 years ago, competition has become more fierce, so they must be experiencing a fair amount of stress. The reason for creating a temporary research group is probably to buy time for their personal studies.”

“That's true, but I just think they are too obsessed with performance and grades. There's a thing called school life romance, you know? They should learn to unwind.”

The instructors who agreed with Thadd could only give bitter smiles.

“There's one that's left out.”

“Huh? Where did that come from? It seems like someone came in during class to turn it in secretly.”

“Hoho, they must have been in a hurry.”

Siena was curious to see which student was sneaky enough to do such a thing and scanned the paper.

“This… Says Shirone, right?”

An instructor poked his head out to check.

“Looks like it. Shirone Arian. I thought he had no interest in joining a research group. I guess students left and right use all kinds of sneaky tricks, so there's no helping it.”

Thadd frowned after seeing the application form that had been passed to him.

“I don't think so. This research group… Isn't it pretty famous? This group already existed even when I was a student.”

“Show me again.”

Siena checked the name of the research group Shirone joined.

It was a famous one indeed.

'Supernatural Psychic Science Research Group.'

Her head throbbed thinking back to the time when she fought with the people from this research group.

“Oh? Come to think of it…”

“Didn't most of the problem kids from the Supernatural Psychic Science Research Group graduate last year?”

Thang gave an empty laugh.

“I heard he did amazing during the Speed gun. Seems like they get along well. I really didn't think they would get along at all.”

Siena spoke with a pained expression.

“Yes. That is why it's a problem.”

If Yiruki, who came second to none after Shirone, persuaded him, the honest and naive Shirone might have changed his mind.

But she couldn't believe Yiruki would do something like that.

'Yiruki crosses the line too often. If by chance Shirone and Yiruki work together to do something, then there will be two big explosions. Let's cut off the bad line this time.'

Siena looked in the file to see who the president of the Supernatural Psychic Science Research group was.


The two who were closest to Shirone. She now knew why Shirone had joined the group.

'The instructor in charge of Nade……”

She found the person listed on the instructor's list. And as soon as she read the name, she pinched the bridge of her nose and sighed.

'Haah… Of all instructors.'



On a training ground located on the outskirts of the magic academy, Ethella sat crossed-legged. She was meditating.

The Karsis Order, which she was part of, was the best one in the kingdom. It had more than 1,000 monk apprentices alone.

And though hundreds of children entered holding their parents' hands, only a few whose talents were recognized became monks.

And among those recognized, Ethella was a unique existence.

She became the youngest bishop, beating numerous high-ranking aristocrats and even royalty.

One could not earn the position of bishop just because of great talent.

The reason why Ethella caught the eyes of her predecessors was because of her nature as a natural truthseeker.

Be the light and salt of the world.

With this mindset, she left her wealth and honor behind and became an instructor at the Alpheas Magic Academy.

'Thank you for allowing the students to complete their education safely today.'

'Gratitude for nature that made me come true.'

Her sense of duty to share that gratitude with others was what made her, her.

At some point, Ethella suddenly opened her eyes wide.

She felt a female walking towards the training ground through her Spirit Zone Synesthesia.

Typically, it was not possible for someone to determine the gender of a person through the Spirit Zone, but Ethella, a Spirit Zone expert, could obtain information beyond what mages of her grade typically could.

Mage society called people like her 'Zoners'.

Assuming that an ordinary Spirit Zone was filled with oxygen, a Zoner's Spirit Zone was filled with liquid.

The pressure of the medium was different, thus allowing Zoners to feel things through synesthesia much more accurately.

Ethella prepared tea to greet her guest and soon, the door to the training ground opened slowly.

“Welcome, Ms. Siena.”

Although she did come without any notice, Siena was not surprised to hear Ethella greet her. She knew how detailed a Zoner's Spirit Zone could be.

“I see you were practicing asceticism. Am I bothering you?”

She assumed as much, considering Ethella was wearing her asceticism garment.

Ethella shook her head as if to say she didn't mind.

“No, no. I finished just now. Come in.”

“Then, excuse me.”

Siena was unfamiliar with having to sit on the ground, even if there was a cushion, but she showed no sign of discomfort and received the tea with two hands from Ethella.

She had heard from somewhere that refraining from conversing during the first cup of tea was the etiquette of the Order, so she did not say a word until she emptied the bitter tea.

The daytime was long as it was summer, but she could already see the golden horizon from the sun setting outside.

Siena, who wanted to start the conversation before dark, quickly finished up her hot tea.

The corner of Ethella's eyes crinkled.

“For you to come all the way here… It must not be a simple matter.”

“Yes. I have something to consult with you.”

“I see. What is the matter?”

“Ms. Ethella, you are the instructor in charge of Nade, correct?”

“Yes, he is a bright student. His grades are in the high-mid ranks, and he has plenty of talent. Not to mention, he gets along with the other children as well.”

“If that is the case, then do you also know that he's the president of the Supernatural Psychic Science Research Group?”

“Of course. Did he cause some sort of trouble?”

Siena pushed aggressively.

“I'm planning on disbanding that research group. I came here to ask for approval from his instructor as I feel it is only proper to do so.”

Ethella savored her tea and smiled.

She was deep in thought for a while, but eventually, she finally opened her mouth to speak.

“If that is what Ms. Siena desires, then I'm sure it's for the betterment of the student. However, this time around at least, I must hear the reason behind your decision.”

“Many incidents and accidents stem from the Supernatural Psychic Research Group. It was a group that gained notoriety even before I took office. Of course, they've also made great achievements, so the academy has let them slide more than a few times. But things have changed. I looked through the documents and found out that they have not made a single official presentation in the last three years. And not only have that, they even continuously show bad behavior.”

“However, as you said Ms. Siena, Doesn't their notoriety stem from actions committed a long time ago? The current president is Nade. Can't you watch over them a little longer? The Supernatural Psychic Science Research Group is one of the oldest research groups in Alpheas Magic School. It has generations of history. I know that Garold Mikeah, the president of the Thormia Magic Association, came from that group.”

Siena expected this kind of response, so she took out her hidden card.

“Shirone submitted an application for membership today.”

That closed Ethella's mouth.

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