Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 58



Armin recalled the time.

“In the midst of darkness, space is not defined. As space disappeared, so did time. Then I came to the realization that the existence of 'me' already broke away from the concept of time. That is the secret to the omnipotence of using the Stop spell.”

Shirone's heart thumped loudly after hearing the key factor to succeeding with the Stop spell that countless mages had failed to conquer.

“But… Is it okay to tell me something important like this?”

“Yes, it's all right. I've only told you so that I can help you understand, but the bottom of it is actually quite complicated.”

'Of course it is.'

“And Stop isn't a particularly transcendent spell. It can only be performed within the radius of the Spirit Zone, and its biggest limitation is that it cannot affect the world.”

Armin looked back at Siena.

“She's a good sister, and a soft-hearted child. Don't you think so, Shirone?”

“Haha! I'm not so sure about the 'soft' part, but one thing that's certain is she's really strong. She is a certified Grade 6.”

“Yes. She is indeed a certified Grade 6 mage. But time has stopped. As such, can we harm the powerful Siena?


Shirone turned to his friends.

No matter how it was looked at, they were beyond physical force boundaries.

“When time stops, energy cannot move. It's impossible to exchange force.”

“Yes. The incident itself cannot flow. Let's say we draw the sequence of explosions on pieces of paper. What if we don't have a next page? The explosion is kept frozen on the last page.”

Armin smiled.

“That is the essence of Stop magic. Time and space are inseparable. It is the same for acceleration and gravity. The mage's omnipotence senses the super-light speed within the Spirit Zone of the Stop magic. We have talked for a bit right now, but in reality, less than 0.1 seconds have passed. Relatively speaking, we are moving at the speed of light while having a conversation.”

“Speed of light.”

Shirone looked back at Nade again.

“So that's why we can't interfere with Nade since our current mass is zero.”

A matter with mass could not reach the super-light speed.

“With omniscience, yes. That's how it is. Of course, as this is magic, it would have to be combined with omnipotence. It is the mystery of time and space that takes place within the Spirit Zone.”


Shirone suddenly had a question.

“Why are you telling me this?.”

“It is because of that doubt, Shirone.”

Armin pulled the strip of cloth tightly around his eyes again.

“You asked how I knew you would notice, right? It is simple. It is because I experienced the same thing you experienced. We both know each other.”

“By the same experience, you mean…”

“Yes. The Immortal Function.”

Shirone's heart thumped widely.

There was a person in front of him who experienced the Immortal Function, something no one was able to help with. And he was the greatest time mage, no less.

“The Immortal Function is the realization of the whole. Since the whole is also one, the wavelengths between you and me resonate. That thing is called the Mourning Sensation. Just as you feel from me Shirone, I also feel from you.”

“…What is the Immortal Function?”

“You can say it is the gateway to infinity, and you, Shirone, opened that gate. In the mage society, these people are called Unlockers.”

Shirone, who was thinking for a moment, looked up.

“What will happen to me?”

“It will be all right. If Shirone still values the world, there is nothing to worry about. However… Did you feel your ego being scattered when you opened Immortal Function?”

“Yes, I did! I really thought I was going to disappear.”

“If you had decided to let it, then it would've happened. As the Spirit Zone expands to infinity, the mind ceases to exist. It is important for Unlockers to hold that spot. If the mind expands, the power increases, but if you go beyond the point of self-control your ego will be lost in the midst of the uncontrollable sense of freedom. Be sure to bear this in mind. If that happens, there is no turning back.”

Shirone gulped loudly.

“Also, Unlockers always have to keep in mind the size of their Spirit Zone, in other words, their limit. Do not think you have no limit. Limits exist because we are beings that will eventually die.”

Shirone mused over his words and asked.

“But other than that, there is another issue. Every night, I see the universe in my dreams. The Mourning Sensation I felt when I met you keeps on coming back without rest. And it's not like there were any other Unlockers around.”

Armin eased Shirone with a smile.

“That is also a natural step. When the door to the Immortal Function was opened, you reached the realm of infinity. You were the entirety of the universe for a brief moment. There, you became aware of something outside of sensation, cognition, and intellect. But your ego is in shock because it cannot interpret what that 'something' is. Once you become aware of what that 'something' is, the feeling will disappear.”

“How do I become aware of what that is?”

“ It will come naturally. I do not know when that time will come. It could be quick, but it could take a lifetime. Do not worry. You already have it, Shirone. It is just in a state that can't be named.”


Armin was reminded of his past self as he watched Shirone worry.

“Fine, I'll give you a hint. Whatever you become aware of, whatever you realize, it will have something to do with the Gauge Symmetry.”

“Gauge… Symmetry?”

“Humans think that they themselves are living in a perfectly symmetrical world. As a matter of fact, of course we do. Is there anyone who thinks that having two arms is abnormal, and instead it is normal to have three? Having two arms does not mean that it is absolutely normal, but that is the direction of our existence. However, the universe we are living in is unknown. We do not know the norms of the universe. Perhaps, we humans may never even be able to understand it with our human senses, but…”

“It seems that I reached that unknown. Through something that cannot be named under any of our human senses.”

Armin patted Shirone on the head. Siena's student was indeed an outstanding talent.

“That is why you have no need to worry. I'm not saying to do nothing, but in the end, you merely existing will bring out the identity of the Mourning Sensation. Everything will become clear. You will be able to understand me then.”

Shirone nodded his head bravely.

His thoughts were in disarray, but he knew today's event would be a huge turning point for his future.

“Thank you so much. If I didn't meet you, I would have fallen into Overflow like Ms. Siena said. We actually had a small argument a while back. Now, I feel sorry.”

Armin surmised what had happened.

“Please do understand. She must have been very anxious as she experienced those things in her childhood. In fact, she isn't a child who's at all cold and stubborn. You'll understand when you experience it.”

“Of course. I know since I always receive her help. She is a really good person.”

“…Is that so?”

Armin looked back at the canvas with a relieved smile.

“Let's slowly leave the room. If I keep the time field for too long, I will lose my concentration and may not be able to finish the drawing before my wife returns. I really want to complete it.”

“Oh, come to think of it, you said today was your last day, right?”

“Yes. I may have grandiose nicknames, but I am an artist first and foremost. I plan to pack everything up and leave as soon as possible. I won't be able to see Siena for a while.”

“Rather, why don't you reveal…”

Armin shook his head.

“Siena is still feeling guilty about it. And though I haven't given up on magic, it does not mean the two eyes I've lost have come back. Besides, I'm already wedded. I want to help Siena live her life.”

He did not want to see his precious sister, who he cared for more than his life, tied to the past.

“Okay, then I'll keep it a secret too. Thank you so much for today.”

“I also enjoyed today, Shirone.”

Armin sat in front of the canvas once again, and Shirone returned to his seat. 

Time started to flow again.

He heard Nade and Yiruki breathing, and the brightness in Siena's smile had returned.

Shirone felt like he just woke up from a dream. He still couldn't believe he had a conversation with Armin.

Time passed by in a blur, and Armin showed Siena the finished artwork.

“How is it? Did it come out well?”

“Yes, it's pretty.”

“Thank you for all this time. It was an honor to draw you.”

“You speak as if we're strangers…”

A flash of sadness passed by Siena's eyes. Then, when she heard the sound of footsteps downstairs, she stood up in surprise and started to leave without even saying a proper goodbye.”

'Is his wife already home?'

She arrived faster than usual, but Siena didn't have the time to think deeply about it.

“Then I'll be on my way. You guys as well, come on.”

Watching Siena leave as if she was running away, Shirone and his friends couldn't help but be upset.

To be frightened just because Armin's wife was coming was tantamount to revealing her true feelings.

Just as Siena was about to grab the doorknob, the door opened. Armin's wife's face poked through the crack.

“Honey, are you drawing?”

Contrary to the expectation that Armin's wife would be as calm as he was, she was a bubbly woman in her early 20s.

She looked surprised when she made eye contact with Siena.

“Oh, Ms. Siena? Right! Today was the day you were coming.”

“Hello, Ms. Keira. It's been a long time.”

“It indeed has Why is it so hard to see your face? Perhaps you are avoiding me on purpose? Hohoho!”

Siena tried to hold on to her currently dizzying mind.

“Ah, I'm done working with my brother. I was just about to head out.”

“You're already here, no need to leave so hurriedly. Have dinner with us.”

“I appreciate it, but I have plans…”

“Hmm… Something's suspicious. Honey, did you do anything weird with Ms. Siena while I was away?”

“Keira, watch what you're saying.”

Armin shot back with a cold tone, but Keira just shrugged it off.

As for Siena, her face was flushed red. She left the room while putting on her coat quickly. One of her arms was still outside of the coat. 

Shirone and the other two glimpsed at Keira then followed after Siena.

Whether she was tactless or simply daring, Keira smiled with her eyes and waved her hand.

“Bye, kids”

Of course, there wasn't any response back, and Keira tilted her head at their cold attitude.

“Oh my, did I do something wrong? What's wrong with their expressions? Honey, you really didn't do anything weird, did you?”

“Stop with your jokes and come down. I want to at least say goodbye properly.

“Hmph. When it comes to your sister, you can't do anything.”

Armin technically ran down the stairs.

“I'm sorry Siena. She's a bit unruly.”

“It's okay. I don't know when we'll meet again, so write me letters. And don't forget to take care of yourself.”

“Alright, you work hard, too. Still, seeing as how you are getting along well with your students, I feel relieved. To be honest, I was skeptical about you being a teacher. Hahaha!”

Siena smirked.

Armin was the only one who could treat her like a child. After all, he was the only one who knew her during her immature days.

Shirone watched their touching moment.

Now he could see why Siena decided to become an instructor, why she was so obsessed with Overflow, and why she tended to stay away from men.

“Then… I'm really leaving. Take care.”

“I'll contact you when things are set. Shirone, Nade, Yiruki. Do your best. I'll keep an ear out so I can listen to the day I hear your names associated with greatness.”

“Yes, and I'm sorry again for today.”

Shirone and his friends expressed their sincerest gratitude. If it weren't for Armin's consideration, things wouldn't have ended this peacefully.

Armin watched until the end as the figures of Siena and her student disappeared into the distance.

Behind him, Keira was leaning against the door with her arms folded.

She spoke with a hard expression on her face.

“Armin, snap out of it. We don't know what will happen if those above see you this emotionally immersed.”

Armin turned around and glowered.

They lived under the guise of a married couple for the past three years, but she really was a woman he found off-putting.

“I feel whatever I want to feel. It's up to me and not to you. You just care about your reports. Are you done with the investigation?”

“Went flawlessly. There's nothing more to see in Creas. We have to get to Calvera in 15 days, after all. Though, I'm sure it won't be an issue for Armin of the Eye of Light, right?”

“There is no need to talk more than necessary. I'll keep my promise.”

Keira could not relax.

She didn't doubt his skills. She was just wary of Armin because he wasn't someone you could let your guard down against.

“You didn't tell Siena, did you?”

It was a natural suspicion for someone who could stop time, but Armin kept his mouth shut.

Keira continued after hearing no response.

“I don't want to harm you. Hell, it's not like I can do anything to the Eternal Cintana. But even so, you're only human. The moment you betray the organization, everyone you love will experience hell. That includes Siena Olifer.”

It was a terrifying threat, and Keira's organization had more than enough strength, power, and brutality to be able to do so.

Armin was going to protect Siena no matter what.

In that sense, he was lucky to meet Shirone. Although he couldn't stand by her side, it was reassuring to know that she had an Unlocker with a great personality by her side.

“No need to worry.”

Armin smiled as he remembered Shirone's face.

“Siena does not know anything.”

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