Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 69



"By the way, Shirone, what are you up to these days? What are you doing in the city? Are you working at a store?"

"Uh? No, actually..."

Shirone decided to tell the truth. He knew that his father had covered for him, but she couldn't treat them coldly enough to lie when they asked.

“Actually, I am attending a magic school.”


The children all opened their eyes wide and screamed.

It was unbelievable. Of course, they knew Shirone was special since they were young, but the child of a hunter entering a magic school was unheard of.

"H- How did that happen? Is it true?"

Shirone was surprised that the children were more shocked than he expected. To calm them down, he spoke with a playful tone.

"Haha. I just got lucky. I once worked as a librarian for a noble family, and fortunately, they liked me enough to help me get admitted to the school."

The children were even more astonished by his words.

No matter how much he worked as a librarian, an aristocrat wouldn't do that far for a commoner.

If someone didn't know the hardships Shirone went through to get where he was, it would be hard to understand.

“Tha- That’s great. So, are you learning magic now?”

"Wow! Magic! Can you use magic? Huh? Show us! Show us!"

As the children all clamored for his attention, Shirone had to break a sweat to calm them down.

"Well... my class level is still low, so I can't do much. Plus, using magic outside the school is against the rules."

Altor looked at Sirone suspiciously. He honestly couldn't believe it. Shirone's delicate appearance and demeanor had always inspired awe in the children. Even so, Altor could become their leader because he had the most important attribute for a commoner: physical strength.

But what about now?

Shirone had become a student at the magic school attended by only the highest nobles, while he was still just Altor from Hwajeonmin village.

"If you're attending the magic school, why are you here? Shouldn't you be studying right now?"

"Ah, well... I just took a break. I had a tough exam a few days ago and needed some rest."

He had no choice but to lie this time. If he said he was suspended, it would get in his father's ears. Even though it was a good thing, his parents would undoubtedly be disappointed.

Most of the children seemed to believe him. Having never attended a school themselves, they easily thought that breaks could be given.

Lumina grabbed Shirone's sleeve and asked.

"So, how long is your break?"

“Um, well? About three days?”

"Really? Are you going home then?"

"Haha, no. The semester is about to end, so I plan to go home then. My parents will be busy too."

"True. In 3 days, your break would be over just by traveling back and forth."

The children, who shared the same busy hunter parents, knew better than anyone how busy they were.

Martin said.

“Then have you decided where to go? Where are you planning to sleep?"

"Um... that's the thing. I haven't really decided yet."

Lumina shouted, turning bright.

"Really? Then come with us. We used to sleep over a lot before."

Shirone was also tempted by the offer. He couldn't borrow books from the library since he had been suspended from school, and all he could do was lie down in his dormitory and kill time. But he didn't want to spend the night alone in a place where he didn't know anyone.

"Would it be okay? Can I go?"

"Hohoho! What are you talking about? We still get together at our friends' houses and sleep over every other day."

Shirone remembered as well. They were used to living in a community, being friends, siblings, lovers, and family.

"Alright, then. I want to see the uncles after a long time too."

"Alright! We've sold everything, so let's get going! Let's have a big glass of beer each!"

Altor wrapped Shirone's head with his arm and walked towards the wagon. The strength was much stronger than usual, and Shirone groaned in pain.

“Ouch. It hurts."

"Hahaha! You're still so weak. A great mage needs to have stamina."

Shirone knew that this behavior of Altor was a way to establish hierarchy and regain the leader's authority. That's why he didn't feel bad. Shirone had been living as a hunter's child all his life, understanding their way of life.

Altor lifted Shirone up onto the wagon in a flash. No matter how dwarfed it was, it was impossible to lift an adult man without considerable physical strength. As he stared blankly at the thought that his childhood friend had become a monster, Altor patted Shirone's head and burst into laughter.

"Nice to see you, Shirone! Let's drink until our noses are crooked tonight!"


Shirone, who rode the wagon into Hwajeonmin Village, was impressed by the scene he hadn't seen in a while. . Green sprouts were growing in the fields along the mountain ridges, and smoke rose from the chimneys of the mountain houses lined up along the ridge. People tending to the fields called out to them as they approached on the wagon.

“Martin! Are you just arriving now?"

"Yes, uncle! Shirone is here with us too!"

"What? Shirone? Where's Vincent?"

“Uncle Vincent didn’t come. But, uncle, guess what? Shirone is attending a magic school now!"

"What? He's eating there?"

"No! He's not eating, he's attending a magic school!"

"Hahahaha! What nonsense."


Martin closed his mouth, and the uncle went back to tending the field. Altor could understand the uncle's disbelief. Even he couldn't believe it, so how could someone who had spent their entire life farming?

Lumina pouted her lips.

"What? Why doesn't he believe us? Shirone, don't worry. I'll spread the word later."

"Haha. There's no need for that."

Altor said.

“Even Uncle Vincent didn’t say anything. Don't go out of your way and keep your mouth shut."

As the leader of the Hwajeonmin children, Altor knew the power of words. If, by any chance, Shirone is lying, Vincent's position will be difficult.

'If our dealings with Vincent are cut off, our house will be affected too.'

After putting the wagon in the public warehouse, Altor took the children to the only alcohol store in Hwajeonmin village. The store had dirt floors, a few pillars and tables, and was run by the wife of a herbalist as a side business.

“Auntie, I’m here.”

"Welcome, Altor. Oh my, are you Shiro-ne?"

“Hello, auntie."

"I see, how nice. I heard that Vincent works in the city, so he must have met there. Anyway, welcome."

The children expertly put three tables together. Altor, sitting at the head of the table, placed an order.

“First of all, give us a beer each, and the usual side dishes."

Shirone felt a sense of alienation. When they used to hang out before, they were all children who couldn't even drink alcohol. But now they was sitting with their legs crossed like an adult, gulping down their beer. Compared to them, the children at the magic school were still young.

"How about it, Shirone? Can you drink?"

"huh? N- No. I've never tried it before."

“What? Now that I see you, you're still a kid. Don't you have any hair on your chest yet? Hahaha!"

The children burst into laughter at Altor's joke. However, Lumina, the only woman, maintained straight face.

"What kind of thing is that to say to an old friend? Anyway, your mouth is so rough."

When he openly took the side of Shirone and gave him a scolding, Altor’s face turned slightly red.

'Well... it's always been like that.'

He knew that Lumina had liked Shirone since they were children. But now, they were no longer children. The one with power gets the beautiful woman. Altor thought he should be Lumina's mate since he would be the next village chief. Still, he was happy to see Shirone and any unpleasant feelings were swept away by the alcohol. Shirone was also happy to see his friends after a long time. The first taste of beer was surprisingly enjoyable, and the lively atmosphere continued.

“Did you know that Howran noona tried to hit on Shirone before?”

"Hey, why are you bringing that up now? Don't!"

Shirone, getting tipsy, waved his hand to stop Martin.

"What's the big deal? It's all in the past. Besides, Noona Howran noona got married last year and isn't even here."

"Oh, really? That's a relief."

The children burst into laughter, holding their stomachs and pounding the table. As the atmosphere became more lively, Lumina, emboldened by the alcohol, clung to Shirone.

“Shirone, then what kind of woman is your type?”

"Hmm? I don't know. I haven't thought about it yet."

Altor was displeased with Lumina's flirting, but had no way to stop her, so he deliberately spoke to Sirone.

"Shirone, are you really attending a magic school? Then you should at least be able to do some simple magic, right?"

"Well, the thing is, I started learning magic late, so I'm behind the other kids. Magic itself is quite a difficult subject. I'm not completely incapable, but it's forbidden by school rules..."

Even if he could do magic, Shiro-ne was still a student. The use of magic outside of school was strictly prohibited by school rules unless one obtained an official magician's license. The exceptions were if one's life was threatened or if someone else's safety was at risk.

Of course, he know that most students do not follow the school rules, and the school was well aware that they had no realistic way to stop them, but the rules were made for a reason.

It was Shirone who, at the age of 12, broke the limbs of thugs he met in an alleyway. Nade's use of electric shock magic in a restaurant the other day was also a situation that could have turned into a big fight if the opponent came out a little harder.

Magic is not mere force. It was a powerful power that brought out the power of Mother Nature with the human spirit.

Although Shirone's main specialty, photon output, does not have even 1g of physical force, he knew that the moment he introduced it, fear and awe would sprout in his friends mind. He didn't want to show off his magic at the drinking party and create an awkward atmosphere.

Martin asked as he chewed on a piece of dried meat.

"Is it possible to not become a magician if it's so difficult?"

"Of course, there are actually many more people who don't become magicians compared to those who do."

"Really? Then if you don't become a magician, how are you going to make money?"

"Huh? How...?"

Shirone had never seriously thought about what would happen if he failed since he was set on becoming a magician.

Earning money to support themselves was the biggest concern for children their age, so they tilted their heads when Shirone couldn't answer.

"Then who pays for your tuition? Do the nobles pay for it?"

"Yes. For now, I am receiving support.”

The children's eyes widened.

"Wow, really? How much do they give you? Have you saved up some money? How do you plan to get married? Have you ever dated a noble?"

"No, I haven't really thought about that..."

"Then have you been there? The place with lots of girls. Nobles frequent those kinds of places, right?"

"Well... There are people like that, but not everyone is like that..."

Altor's expression soured as the children's enthusiastic questions continued. Hadn't Shirone ended up becoming the leader?

The hierarchy of Hwajeonmin Village wasn't just for beating up and subduing weak kids. If a powerful leader doesn't control the group, people become greedy for a larger share.

For those who are isolated from society, discord means the collapse of the group. The reason for choosing a leader from a young age was to prepare them for when they grew up and had to take responsibility for the village.

Altor spoke in a disgruntled voice.

"Stop it. What are you curious about so much? Are you guys envious of Sirone’s life?”

"Of course, we're envious. The nobles are giving him money, after all."

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