Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? (Novel) Chapter 82



"I think making Princess Deborah's clothes isn't as bad as I thought."

Helen Zihoto thought that when she left the Seymour residence.

Of course, it's scary.

When Princess Deborah first gave the order to make her clothes without prior notice, Helen even felt the need to exile herself to another country.

In fact, she even tried to secretly find a ship.

She still felt the awe-inspiring sensation of walking on a single wooden bridge every time she arrived at this prestigious mansion.

However, aside from the gloomy feeling, after the Seymour family became a VIP client, she didn't have to worry about the operating costs of the clothing store and could make the dresses as much as she wanted.

"To be realistic, it's better than dealing with nobles who postpone payment."

She thought that the princess only liked glamorous things, but she also inspired Helen because she had a good eye.

During the last Spring Flower Festival, she was able to create a bold purple dress, thanks to the princess's instructions to focus only on the person's image.

"It was also a great experience working with the men's clothing designer."

Thanks to this, she learned about various types of fabrics and sewing methods, and her perspective on clothing expanded.

The last dress was a great challenge for Helen.

She wasn't just following the standard and social trends, but it was a dress made purely with the princess in mind.

When asked why the princess took such a reckless challenge, while she was scared, she didn't have much to say.

She's being bold.

Helen rubbed her trembling chest with her hand.

Fortunately, it seemed to please her.

Princess Deborah was not the kind of person to hold back if she had any dissatisfaction.

If she didn't like it, she would have pointed out that it was strange immediately.

"Wouldn't it be good to put a bold design on one or two out of every ten dresses? It seems the princess likes it too."

The devil's whispers kept reaching her ears.

"Oh, I can't believe my muse is Princess Deborah..."

It's scary, but when Helen saw her, inspiration came to Helen like crazy, making her want to cry.


"Princess, it's so beautiful."

"It's like an elegant swan."

"How can it look so urban!"

Today as well, without exception, the maids who poured praise like a storm confidently styled my hair.

"Of course."


My acting skills and shamelessness grew differently every day.

I descended the stairs in the new dress that contained Helen's soul and faced a neat-looking woman waiting for me in an upright posture.

"Pleased to meet you. By the order of Duke Seymour, I have come to assist the noble princess from today."

She is a lady-in-waiting that the duke gave me as a reward for revealing the wicked nanny's sin.

Finally, I have a lady-in-waiting!

Two days ago.

Before the start of the semester, my father called me.



He waited for a moment and then spoke.

"Thank you for the matter with the youngest son."

I was momentarily surprised by the direct expression of gratitude, not the indirect speech favored by high-ranking aristocrats.

I can't believe you thanked me.

Even when I found the duchess's letter and handed it over, it was a line I didn't hear.

"I did what I had to do as a sister."

I replied with a sense of bewilderment.

"I heard that you gave private lessons to the youngest. You even made your own textbooks for the child."

"I am raising him as my pupil because he is intelligent. Enrique loves to learn new things."

"Enrique will be delighted to hear that. He seemed to like you and follow you well."

"He probably likes it more than taking a walk with Dad in the garden."

I spoke confidently.

"It seemed difficult for me to connect with him."

The duke's silver eyes filled with complex emotions as he murmured softly. He seemed to regret and blame himself.

I spoke carefully.

"Even though it may seem like a difficult problem right now, if you constantly worry and try, it will eventually feel easy at some point. Wouldn't time eventually solve it?"

"I see. I was being too impatient. I've grumbled useless things to you again."

"Of course not."

"Why didn't I know you were such a considerate person?"

He murmured slowly.

"It's not like that."

I remembered the incident of the Pink Diamond sale and felt proud of it for no reason. The duke slowly sipped his tea and handed me a document.

"This is a sample of my heart. I'm not sure if you'll like it."

"What is it?"

I tilted my head as I turned the paper over.

"Last semester, you didn't like the candidates for a lady-in-waiting to the point that you attended the event alone, so I chose it myself."

At his words, I quickly raised my head.

I thought it would be better not to burden myself with a lady-in-waiting who is only a nuisance.

In fact, I was already thinking of attending the autumn semester alone...

"It's also possible that you may need a competent lady-in-waiting."


I replied quickly.

In the case of Arin Ossolt, she is a competent member, but because she is a researcher, she was not suitable as a lady-in-waiting.

The information she diligently collected, like an acorn, was mainly related to events that took place in the Department of Magic.

"Choose a lady you want as your lady-in-waiting. They all have a good reputation and are qualified women."

I was once again amazed when I saw the documents filled with information about the ladies.

They are Seymour's vassals.

It had a symbolic meaning that the duke directly recommended a lady from a noble family consecrated to Seymour as a lady-in-waiting.

But I am a complete outcast.

Deborah, who occasionally commits acts of violence without much talent and no popularity, was prohibited from using Seymour's human resources.

"That's why the lady-in-waiting also received support from other aristocrats."

I was like a scarecrow compared to the princess of the Sereig family, who had competent vassals and a private army.

My father, who prevented me from contacting people from the house, made me this offer, which meant that he would bury the past and trust me in the future.

"Whom should I choose?"

I want to choose a loyal lady with tight lips.

No matter how roughly I choose, it's better than before.

Looking at the resumes, I felt that my father was very careful in selecting them.

"Since it's an important matter for you, take your time to decide."

"Thank you, Father."

I returned to my room and carefully reviewed the papers, then went to the Duke's office the next afternoon.

"Have you made a decision?"

"Yes. The lady I chose is Margaret Rouxel."

As soon as my words fell, the assistant who was with my father shuddered, and his shoulders trembled.

The name of the assistant who always helps Duke Seymour at his side is Clyde Rouxel.

So far, I entered and exited with the duchess's letter, but this was not leaked at all.

She is even more reliable because she was the daughter of such an assistant.

"Is there a reason?"

"Because she is the daughter of the most capable assistant, my father's right-hand man. Furthermore, she is the lady recommended by our father."

Being at the forefront of the resumes meant a lot.

And the most decisive reason.

I saw a character named Margaret Rouxel in the novel.

"I think I saw this person's name in the novel."

Since she is a minor character who appears briefly with one or two lines, at first, I wasn't sure where I saw her.

However, while reading the part of the resume where they had great loyalty to the Seymour family and had a deep knowledge of the law, especially religious law, a scene passed like a flash of light.

"To validate the accusation of blasphemy, the assumption that Mia Binoche is the embodiment of the saint must be the truth. However, there is no material evidence, such as tombstones or relics, to prove this."

There was a lady who defended Deborah in the public trial.

"There has never been a case in the 1000-year history where the princess of the great Seymour family was turned into a sinner without evidence."

A clear proof of good and evil where everyone applauds Mia.

Furthermore, it is not easy to take Deborah's side and reach that conclusion despite knowing that the entire jury has been bribed.

When I was in the reader's point of view, I thought it was a light measure to create tension, but when I think about it now, there was no one as loyal as Margaret to Seymour.

I approached Margaret, who was standing there, while remembering why I chose her as a lady-in-waiting.

"Please take care of me in the future."

I stood in front of the neat-looking lady, who had features similar to the assistant, and asked for a handshake.

Margaret blinked with a slight hint of surprise, then shook my hand firmly.

"It is an honor, Princess Deborah. Please take care of me as well."

Well, let's get along well in the future.

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