Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? (Novel) Chapter 51



Diery Orge, who had a noble and just personality, was never a character with worldly desires in the original story.

There were several descriptions in the novel that portrayed him as a determined individual who only knew about training and swords, and the knights respected him for his integrity.

If Diery received something from someone, it must be something that truly interested him or that he felt he needed.

"In light of Diery's personality, there's no way he'd get something as crude as a bottle or a bracelet."

At the age of twenty, he became the vice-captain of the knights, and the only thing that interested the swordmaster genius was - a sword.

That's it.

Just in time, I saw an old rusty sword on the table.

Do I think that sword is the jackpot?

Please, I hope the price is a bit cheap.

No competitors.

I felt the universe-given energy of success and waited for the sword to be auctioned, praying. After a while, the host picked up the item.

"Now, pay attention! This item is the Bastard Sword that contains the Dark Night, which can observe the magical world. The head of this hilt is different from decoration. Can't you feel a dreadful sensation? Let's start with 50 gold first."

"However, how can you incubate the cute spirit turtle with a brutal iron sword?"

"50 gold."

Does that make sense?

For a moment, I felt anxious, but soon I raised the bid.

"100 gold."

"100 gold! This cool lady here just doubled it right now!"

I even raised the bid too much.

This was because the man who tried to win the sword with 50 gold was left speechless and gave me a lot of confidence.

"Luck is crazy."

Surprisingly, a black horse was engraved on the sword's hilt, clearly visible at the man's waist.

Black horse.

It's the emblem of the Black Knights.

Diery was also the vice-commander of the Black Knights, one of the Empire's four greatest knights.

I was sure the man would present the sword he won at the auction to Diery today.

"110 gold."

The man who seemed to be close to Diery aimed for the sword the whole time, didn't back down, and slightly raised the price.

"220 gold."


However, I unconditionally showed my determination to double it, and the man closed his mouth with a stiff face.

I immediately paid, and the Bastard Sword, which was supposed to be the item of impact, entered my arms.

"Just by looking at its appearance, it seemed far from the hatching item."

Maybe it won't hit and break the egg to kill it with this, right? I have to investigate a bit.

For now, since I achieved what I wanted, I started watching the auction just for fun after that.

Dragon scales, devil's horn, and even earrings containing the soul of the ancient empress.

Various items demanding impulsive purchases kept appearing.

It's so good at gathering enchanted people.

For a moment, I also wanted to shout for the earrings containing the soul of the empress of the Ancient Empire out of curiosity.

If only it hadn't exceeded 400 gold.

As the heat inside the auction house slowly increased, the host suddenly raised an old book.

"Everyone! This ancient manuscript is a moral book of ancient wisdom containing wisdom and life lessons. Let's start with 60 gold."


The mood suddenly became solemn as if cold water had been poured over it.


It was a distant topic for a race like mine, who had burst into the deadliest dark auction house hoping for luck.

Indeed, it was damn cheap.

"60 gold."

Finally, only one person participated in the winning bid.

The main character of the moral book was a tall man dressed in a bright white robe.

The sharp jawline revealed under the robe made me feel intense beauty from this distance.

"As expected, the right bowl has the right moral mind."

It was when I nodded in agreement and smiled in admiration inside. The man who acquired the moral book suddenly walked slowly toward me.

"What is it?"

"We meet again here."

A soft, deep sound reached my eardrums.

When the man lowered his hood, his emerald eyes like a jewel and beautiful blond hair shimmered.

The one who lowered the white half-mask, slightly curled his aegyosal, and smiled with his eyes.

It was Isidor.

"How did you know it was me?"

When I asked with suspicion, he raised the corner of his mouth and put on the mask.

"Originally, a knight has a keen observational ability. Just by looking at the walk, physique, and posture, I can easily guess the identity of the person I danced with. Ah, the hair also gave it away."

He pointed to the purple hair flowing out of the robe.


When I entered the night market, since I was dragged by the crowd, I didn't even notice that my hair had slipped out.

He seriously flipped through the moral book while I quickly collected my messy hair.

He managed to focus well in this bustling and complicated place.

"Are there really only life lessons and wisdom, or is there any other useful information?"

I asked out of curiosity, and Isidor handed me the old book.

"I'll give it to you as a gift. If you're curious, read it."


There was no reason to refuse free things, but it was a bit sudden.

"Apparently, the content is something I don't need at all. However, it might be very useful for the princess."

I shrugged at his words.

"Well, it also seems like something I don't need. As you know, I don't have things like morality, tolerance, and manners."

I was never going to pay attention in the right direction in the future.


He laughed as if it were funny and gave me the book.

"That's a relief. This book doesn't have that unnecessary content."

"Is there any pleasant content?"

Whether it turns into money or making money...


He smiled gently like a bad boy.

"Hm. Then I'll take it."

But is this the correct imperial language?

Isidor asked as he closely examined the ancient manuscript that he couldn't decipher.

"Princess Deborah. Is there anything else you want to buy here?"


"Let's go out and see the fireworks, as it's quite noisy in here. It will start soon."

Fireworks!? Isidor made quite a fascinating offer.

The fireworks were an event that splendidly decorated the end of the Spring Flower Festival, carefully prepared by an imperial mage.

The scale was so huge that it remained in my memories.

As my previous life was stuck here and there with course credits and part-time jobs, I was drawn to it since I could never properly enjoy this kind of romance.

And Isidor was also my dance partner.

Although there was a corner of suspicion about this attractive man, there was nothing strange about watching fireworks together.

"Let's go."

I adjusted my mask while making a kind of self-justification in my mind.

I suggested looking at the fireworks first, and Isidor's emerald eyes behind the mask widened.

His eyes blinked slowly, and he turned his body.

"Let's go this way."

He opened the securely closed back door of the auction house and took out a piece of paper with a golden magic circle drawn on it in the hallway where no one was present.

"What's that?"

"It's a short-range teleportation scroll. It's a fun event, but it's a shame to miss it even for a second, right?"

"You'll see it as soon as you leave."

"Excuse me for a moment. It's for two people, so we must be close."

Isidor suddenly grabbed my arm.

While I was surprised by his unexpected action, the landscape around me turned upside down in an instant as the sound of tearing paper and a bright white light flashed before my eyes.

"You can see it everywhere, but it's better here, isn't it?"

It was simply better.

An unrealistic landscape unfolded far in my view.

The place to which Isidor teleported with the scroll was at the top that could overlook the nighttime view of the Khorun district.

"It's amazing."

I was speechless at the wonderful landscape that I couldn't help but marvel at.

The arched bridge connecting the Yones district and the Khorun district, the river flowing between them, the stretch of the alley of the night market with red lanterns hanging, his house, the large-scale academy with a dome-shaped roof, an elegant palace with colorful lights...

Although it's just a world inside the book, I, who had been consistent with my contemplative attitude, felt a strange shock and excitement at the top of the tower.

It wasn't included in the words, but I felt like I was being invited to a new world.

As I slowly absorbed the beautiful scenery in my eyes, I removed the troublesome robe and took off the mask.

Isidor also removed his mask and faced the cool wind with a pleasant look by my side.

Perhaps the relaxed atmosphere he had extended, the muscles in my face that had been tense all day also relaxed.

"It will start soon."

He shook his wind-tousled bangs slightly and leaned forward against the railing.

"Be careful...!"

The railing looked careless to hold his large frame, so I grabbed him by the neck without thinking and pulled him towards me.

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