Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? (Novel) Chapter 60




Coming soon.

Black tea and OO>

"What's that?"

The enormous banner hanging on the East Gate building of the Academy caught the attention of people walking in groups.

"Doesn't that mean a dessert shop will open there next week? They've been doing noisy construction recently."

"I noticed that too. By the way, I was curious about the two empty letters there."

"I think it was left on purpose. Like a wordplay."


"How would I know if you ask me about that?"

The day passed, leaving only a strange curiosity, and the next day, the banner was different.


Coming soon.

Aromatic flower tea and OOO OOO>

"There are six letters this time. Is it their intention since there are only six days left?"

"Why the heck did they leave a blank space like that?"

"I want to ask the shop owner, but there are still 6 days left."

"I got curious as I passed by. Even just before I could fall asleep, it suddenly came to my mind."

"I've never seen such a strange banner before a store opening. I mean, not even the store's name is there."

"Thanks to that, we secretly worry about it when we pass by. Even if I'm curious, I want to visit the store once."

The number of passersby discussing the intriguing banner began to increase.


Mild tea with milk and OOO.>

"They just keep repeating the same repertoire."

"It must be an introduction to the store's menu."

"Well, I think so."

However, as if defying their expectations with three days remaining, the names of fruits were unusually written there.


Sweet peaches, OOO, and melon.>

"Peaches? Why are they suddenly pretending to be a fruit shop?"

"It's not even a guessing game."

Two days before the store's opening, people's interest in the shop grew even more.

There were even people who deliberately came to the East Gate to engage in conversations about the mysterious banner.


We look forward to your precious visit.>

"What's that?"

The twenty people looking at it couldn't understand the sentimental phrases, gathered, and furrowed their brows at the massive object presented.

A mysterious object wrapped in white cloth, marked as D-2, stood there by the fountain near the dessert shop building.

"If you look at the place entering the square, it looks like a donation installation."

"I think it's for donating at that dessert shop. It's the same as the release date."

"Why don't they reveal it immediately, keep tempting me, and making me curious? It's frustrating!"

Among the virtues that nobles were supposed to have, there was the virtue of not losing composure and not rushing in any situation, and of maintaining dignity with a relaxed attitude.

However, there were people who gradually lost patience due to the excessive attention.

"I can't believe there are still two days left, does that make sense? I pass by this place every day, so it's more annoying..."

"It's frustrating."

The day before the opening.

There was a banner that was completely different from the existing white banner.

It was larger and even had a purple background.

"The name of the store has finally come out."

"It means a pleasant meeting/gathering in the ancient language."


A graphically designed logo in sophisticated and easily readable letters was drawn.

Viewers expressed their internal curiosity while admiring the sophisticated design of the logo at least once.

"Is it a logo? Is it for the dessert shop, right?"

"... If you hold on, you'll know later."

"According to sources, it's correct to say it's a dessert shop."

"Who says that?"

"My friend."

In just one week, rumors about Armand spread throughout the Khorun district.

Now, academy students, knights, mages, the imperial family, and even priests were looking forward to it.

The opening ceremony of the suspicious shop called Armand.


The morning of the opening day was bright.

I stayed up all night.

The store's opening hours were at 10 o'clock.

"If I go now, I'll arrive right on time."

While rubbing my heavy eyelids and shaking off drowsiness, the servants prepared breakfast.

After drinking tea because my stomach didn't feel well, I was ready to leave immediately.

The scene of the Khorun district passed quickly by the window.

As I approached the East Gate Square, it felt as if my heart was beating right next to my eardrum.

There were exactly twenty minutes left until the grand opening.

I put on my robe and disembarked near the square alley, walked towards the store while checking my pocket watch, and lost strength.

"What's all this? Perhaps, are they my customers?"

This was because many people were crowding in front of my store.

It was like seeing people waiting early in the morning when a famous foreign brand was first introduced or when a limited edition item was launched.

I didn't know it would work so well.

I had been using curiosity-piquing viral marketing with banners, but the response was much better than expected.

I also saw academy students discussing the response to a phrase written on a banner of my store.

They wondered why I left blank spaces in the text that seemed to be the menu introduction, and when the donation items appeared, they became even more interested.

Since people in this world don't live in an avalanche of advertising and information, it seemed that the unique marketing method was more likely to catch their attention.

In the meantime, I heard the noise of nearby ladies chatting and perked up my ears.

"This store opens today, right?"

"I was curious too, so I couldn't bear it."

There were many guys, not just women.

"The dessert shop is here, right?"

"I heard that. I don't know why the dessert shop has such a grandiose-shaped logo."

A guy pointed his finger at my donation item.

"I'm here because my boss asked me to find out what that item was and come here the day before yesterday. Ah. They're just opening a store, but there's a lot of noise and commotion."

"Don't complain too much. You had a good conversation. It also seems to be a person sensitive to social trends."

"Well, he is."

"As expected, having a hot topic in the social world is important."

When influential nobles start gossiping, it spreads like wildfire and becomes a big deal.

Realizing the power of rumors, I looked at the large object hidden under a cloth.

That was a donated item with the permission of the Khorun District Administration Office.

When there were 10 minutes left to open the store, the store staff came out and began to untie the tightly knotted ropes around the fabric.

"Oh, oh!"

"It's quite cool."

"How beautiful."

People exclaimed as the cloth fell, revealing the identity of the object.

"For now, the reaction around me is good. I spent a lot of money on this."

The Khorun District Administration welcomed the high-quality facilities I donated with open arms, and I was able to get the biggest tax cuts for a year.

"The Clock Tower."

This is the item I donated to this square.

It's a clock tower about 7 meters high, and it's said that there's almost no error in time because it contains high-quality magic stones and recruits the best clock technicians.

The important thing is that when I look up at the clock, I can see the logo I designed and the brand name of the cafe, "Armand."

By design, I intended to place "Armand" in a small size like a luxury watch.

If it's too explicit, the nobles will find it repulsive.

It's an installation that serves as a landmark and indirect advertising at the same time.

"I hope the first store becomes a big hit."

It was already time, and I was eagerly clasping my hands together for the opening.


At 10 o'clock, a clear bell rang in the square from the clock tower to announce the hour.

"The clock tower also had a programmed alarm function. Isn't it great?"

When the Master entrusted it to the empire's best clock technician, he didn't know he would add an additional function.

If you look at the clock, since everyone was drawn by the sound, you'll also see the name of the Armand store together.

As soon as the bell stopped, a purple canopy bearing the seal that covered the front of the store collapsed, as if revealing the business.

It was a dramatic sight for some reason. It's my store, but I was also excited.

"Oh, impressive."

"That's quite nice."

A sign with the logo appeared.

The exterior was designed to give a fresh feel by removing all complex bars.

Terrace seating is the most popular in the dessert shop here, so I thought it wouldn't be bad to install a large window.

"The lighting is good too."

I was deeply excited in front of the first store with my touch.

"The investment was worth it."

It was a work full of tears from a poor architectural engineer who possessed the villainess of this world before taking the graduation exam.

The initial capital cost about the same as a pink diamond.

No one knows how serious and wonderful the story behind this three-story building is.

"The Master has implemented it well according to the sketch."

As I immersed myself in deep emotion, the people gathered around me began to hesitate without moving.

"Hm. Can I come in?"

"Since the opening time is at 10 o'clock. Of course, you can come in."

"Let's go!"

As I pushed the large hood hanging from my robe deeper, I moved my feet inside, encouraging the crowd.

The first business had begun.

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