Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? (Novel) Chapter 44



"What is that contract?"

Belreck murmured with an anxious expression.

"I know my brother is experimenting to convert mana into energy.

I needed his skills to produce cool artifacts.

It's a contract to use his abilities."

"Wait, Deborah, how do you know the central content of my thesis? It hasn't been announced yet," he asked curiously.

"It's because of the novel content.

Belreck was a character who always ranked first in the popularity vote.

His long silver hair, along with glasses, made him a strong demand for the male character, the scene in which he appeared... um, um, this is because he had different points from the other male characters.

I didn't describe Belreck as a sadistic pervert for no reason.

"This guy is the real deal."

Belreck had many unusual R-19 tools with various energy sources, such as rotation and vibration.

"Under the black slab in the basement of the second-floor annex where my brother lives. The adult instrument that exchanges mana for energy... Hmm, hmm."

Suddenly, Belreck covered my mouth.

"Deborah, your talent and intelligence are extraordinary; I realized that to the bone, so stop now. It was really all my fault."

He began to speak gibberish.

His white face turned red as if it were about to burst; I think his ears were about to bleed.

"Is this supposed to be so terrifying and shocking?"

In the novel, I thought he had no shame because he used the tools so shamelessly.

"Heuk! Wait. Is it because I'm his sister?"

It was a situation where his secret private life was captured by the family, so when I changed my perspective, I felt miserable and solemn.

Anyone would be like that.

When my mother suddenly opened the door and came in while I was watching pornography, I felt like time and space had stopped, and at that moment, I wanted to become fine dust in space and disappear.

"Sign! Where should I sign?"

When I saw Belreck's face turn red and tears in his eyes, for some reason, I felt like I had done something really bad.

"I didn't mean to be this harsh..."

I took out the parchment paper feeling a little regretful.

Belreck didn't even read the terms and conditions of the contract correctly as if he were really embarrassed.

"I can sign it here, right?"

"Hmm. Please do it sincerely and with mana."

Belreck Seymour.

The silver signature sparkled in the darkness.

After signing, he left with a lonely mood, and suddenly, I got one more slave among the greatest artifact makers of the Empire.

Experimenting with mana replacing energy, although there is a background story of why Belreck's movement on the ancient Golem has stopped, but anyway...


"Heuk, it's Princess Deborah."

I should lower my eyes quickly. Why are you looking at me like that?

After the appearance of Louie Gazelle, who brought a large bouquet of flowers to the Academy, Princess Deborah's notoriety unintentionally increased among the nobles.

This is because rumors were spreading that she made a boy who came to confess cry and run away.

I heard that the son of the estate owner ran away trembling as if he had seen a ghost.

"What the hell did she do to make him leave and run away?"

"That's what I'm saying."

"Hmm! Now he's going to fight with a guy carrying a bouquet of flowers."

Since they couldn't approach Princess Deborah because she's scary, it was a rumor secretly spread by people who watched from afar with great unnecessary curiosity.

"It wasn't the only time Princess made a boy cry. William Raymont also went home and cried all night after the truth-seeking meeting ended. Recently, it's said that if you look at something purple, something will happen."

"Yeah, we really can't even touch her because she got favored by Duke Seymour. She's even a genius who keeps the high-nosed magicians in check."

"That" is gradually evolving. If she was just a snake in the past, now she's a viper."

"Who the hell will escort Princess Deborah at this Spring Flower Festival?"

"She needs to choose her festival partner as soon as possible. The princess might try to drive her partner away."

"If they happen to point at me, I'll get very sick. How dare I bring illness to the princess, cough, cough!"

"I, I might have an urgent matter in the territory soon..."


"Um. This matter has gotten a bit bigger."

I managed to get rid of Louie Gazelle and turned Belreck into my second slave, but the situation at the Academy was taking an unusual turn.

"I think I've now become a villain who not only makes ladies cry but also guys."

As I listened to the story heard by Arin Ossolt, I rubbed my forehead.

I felt proud of living well as a wicked woman without being out of place, but immediately, I got a headache from the problem I was facing.

"Is there really a man who can accompany me to the dance?"

Father and Belreck had to be excluded as candidates.

In the case of the Spring Flower Festival, because it's an event with a young and entertaining atmosphere unlike Thanksgiving Day, there hasn't been any case where the family has provided an escort.

Arin Ossolt, who was lost by my side, blinked.

"I was moved by Princess Deborah's determination and charisma. It's right to coldly get rid of a guy who is ugly, has no fashion sense, and is cheesy. Don't misunderstand me! How dare he come in here!"

That's not the problem now.

When I looked at Arin Ossolt, who was saying strange things, her hands and feet suddenly started trembling, and her large, bright eyes widened.

"Anyway, Princess Deborah! Call me anytime."

After the repeated greetings with reddened ears, she quickly escaped to the Department of Magic.

I was astonished as I watched her gradually shrinking figure.

"I feel like I harassed you today too."

But secretly, I'm flattered as she trembles like a squirrel and tells me everything.

I guess it's because the Master said she's a good and sincere lady. Well.

After secretly meeting with Arin, I left from behind the Department of Magic and walked towards the path leading to the east gate of the Academy.

It turned out that Mia's theology class was on the west gate side, and I was so annoyed that I didn't even take a step in that direction.

I also need to conduct market research near the east gate.

As I was obsessed with patents, I neglected the progress of the café business.

Furthermore, surprisingly, it wasn't easy to find a good location.

We need to make the first store a big success for the franchise business, so the location was the most important issue, and I couldn't decide easily.

"Since the business ends up consuming half of its location."

It's a shame, but the Yones district was removed from the list of candidates for the first coffee shop in the market research.

The Master's Maisond, which used its high-level strategy, was already firmly holding its position.

What I'm looking for is a café with a young and modern concept that emphasizes popularity.

The Khorun district is better.

As I looked out the carriage window on the way to the Academy, the main facilities like the imperial family, the Academy, the Tower, the Order of the Knights, and the temple were located there, and the floating population seemed to be large.

I'm sure there are many good commercial districts.

"Let's just make money. Since when am I a connoisseur?"

While walking down the path towards the east gate half-heartedly, I stopped walking when I heard a cat crying somewhere.

"Is this the cat-infested area?"

I looked around, surrounded by trees, squinting at the bright figure shining in the distance.

It was Isidor.

He was petting the golden-furred cat with his knees bent.

Isidor, who skillfully patted the small creature on the green forest path, seemed to resemble the image of the elf from myth.

"Should I give you more?"

When he took a small snack from his pocket, the cat rushed to take it and grumbled.

"Good boy."

Isidor whispered sweetly and laughed.

Deborah, who had a healthy view of 2.0 left and right, noticed that his sweet, smiling eyes looked stern even from a distance.

I think I'm having trouble breathing because he's too handsome.

Interestingly, Isidor's movements and mine often overlapped, as they did now, so there are many opportunities to see his face at the Academy.

"Then, I was wrong to have gotten a little used to that face."

It was a thoughtless thought. Now there was an even deadlier point.

Handsome guy and a cute cat. This is a bit too much.

Isidor turned his head towards me, finding it a funny sight that I couldn't ignore anymore.


His nicely shaped lips were slightly open.

I must have been too direct.

A cold sweat ran down my back.

"Princess Deborah?"

Isidor, who raised his body, approached first, pretending not to know.

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