Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? (Novel) Chapter 25



Miguel. Give me your honest opinion on this style. I'll take it humbly.

Saying whether the style looks good or not is something I wanted to do with my future wife.

Miguel, who has been single since birth, mechanically applauded, leaving his sadness behind.

It's very elegant. It's artistic from head to toe.

That's a fact. The face is the finishing touch.

... That's right.

I have to ask the boutique to bring this style of clothing too.

In the midst of all this, Isidor was making a lot of money through a boutique in the Horun district.

All the clothes he wore were made in a boutique called Kallos, which is managed by Blanchia, and recently, Kallos has been so busy that it has been working full-time for half a year.

Because nobles who were interested in being stylish had been secretly copying Isidor's fashion.

Sir Miguel. Do you happen to know where the boutique that made the vest Sir Isidor is wearing is?

Other gentlemen used to ask Miguel, Isidor's closest assistant, where the clothes came from, and he, who Isidor had previously asked, indiscreetly revealed information about the boutique.

In the end, the name Kallos spread through social circles in less than half a day.

It seemed that other famous boutiques were hastily producing designs similar to the clothing Isidor wore, but Kallos was already on a different level.

It gained the title of the place frequented by the most popular men in the empire.

They couldn't sell because they didn't have the white silk tie that Isidor wore on his shirt to emphasize his feeling of innocence, or the leather gloves.

However, Isidor couldn't be completely happy with the success of his business, as if he had obtained it purely by luck.

Because despite his best efforts with his beauty, Princess Deborah didn't even look at him properly.

"A second..."

On the other hand, seeing Isidor with a deeply apprehensive expression, Miguel couldn't help but feel both annoyance and admiration at the same time.

With just a slight change in his outfit, Isidor emitted a mythical vibe.

With his hand on his chin, once again admiring the logo drawn by Princess Deborah, Isidor moved his lips slightly as if reciting a poem.

... Now that I think about it, she draws very well.


She must have worked hard with those little hands...

Isidor shook his head and unconsciously squeezed and opened his gloved hand.

He had remembered taking her hand to specify the coordinates for the magical space bag.

Remembering the small, white hand intertwined with his own, he felt warmth in his neck.

Prince. Are you...?

Miguel frowned as he saw his lord's neck turning red while holding Princess Deborah's drawing.

While Miguel beat around the bush, Isidor slightly raised his eyebrows.

What's going on?

Are you feeling hot?

That's right. I think I'm feeling hot, as you said...

As expected! This spring is much warmer than last year. I also thought I was covered while in the shadows. I think I need lighter clothes... Ahem. It's nothing.

Slyly, Miguel rubbed his palms together and looked at Isidor's expression. The truth was that he also had his eye on an outfit that had appeared in Kallos. Miguel didn't want to be left behind in fashion either.

Go to Kallos and try it on. If you tell them my name, they'll make you an outfit right away.

Yes. Thank you!

Since you're my right-hand man, I'll give you a special discount of 1 silver, so it will be 19 gold and 99 silver.

Thank you...

Without knowing if his words were sincere or not, Miguel's gratitude didn't last long.


When silence fell between the two, Cookie, who had been constantly watching the entrance where Princess Deborah had left, suddenly growled fiercely.

The withdrawal phenomenon has begun.

Isidor hurried to calm Cookie, who was acting like a teenager once again.

Cookie. Are you angry because I didn't play with you? When we get home, I'll give you your favorite snack.

Speaking in a sweet and gentle voice, he removed his gloves and clumsily stroked Cookie's back several times.

Cookie's alert ears drooped slightly. Feeling the soft texture of the beast's fur, he suddenly felt a vague curiosity.

If he were to remove his gloves, how would it feel to hold Princess Deborah's hand?

However, the curiosity that remained weakly in his chest disappeared like snow as soon as he returned home.

Upon arriving at the house, where a golden column with an embossed dragon displayed its dignity, Isidor walked expressionlessly.


It seems there are many men at the academy who wear round glasses, is it because of him?

I shook my head as I watched Isidor, surrounded by people again today.

Appearing with an academic style that exuded an intellectual aura, he caused a great commotion at the academy.

"Glasses are totally a woman's preference. Belreck was originally the master in this area."

A somewhat neatly combed hairstyle that naturally rolled down his forehead, a navy blue vest that emphasized his narrow waist, and golden-framed glasses that seemed to match his blond hair maximized his elegance.

How many points to become his fan? He's a professional idol himself.

"... However, I'll give this look 9 out of 10 points. Sorry."

I turned around, feeling sad.

I can't believe he's making round glasses popular.

In an instant, I felt dizzy as if I had returned to the campus of the Engineering Faculty in Hell Joseon, so I had no choice but to deduct a point.

"Tsk, you have to choose the frame shape of glasses according to your face shape, but they're all wearing round glasses with golden frames..."

Whenever I encountered young people who poorly copied Isidor's intellectual style, I frowned with a sense of suspicion.

"...But aren't they following him too openly?"

In this academy, there are too many imitators who have no ethical morality and mimic the fashion that others put on with great effort as they please.

It seemed to me that he hated overlapping styles, and Isidor's constant change of clothing and hairstyle seemed only counterproductive.

Surely, he will get tired since everything he does spreads like a trend.

"It's a sin to be too handsome. Anyway, there was a fashion icon in the novel too."

Suddenly, I remembered a celebrity who was hitting the jackpot just by wearing clothes.

The clothing and sneakers worn by the celebrity sold out in less than a second each time.

"If I sponsor Isidor, it will be a great success."

By deceiving me about using him as a model and making a lot of money, it took me a while to realize that I was lost.

The landscape of the place where I stood alone was clearly different from the splendidly landscaped main building of the academy or the Magic building, which had a gloomy and quiet atmosphere.

"Seeing that I have no memories of this place, this is not the Spirits building."

Since Deborah often lurked around the Spirits building trying to bump into Philap in some way, I concluded that this was a training ground for knights or for learning theology.

"I still don't know where I am, so why am I thinking this?"

I looked around and entered the narrow path that stretched between the dense trees.

But no matter how much I walked, the path showed no signs of ending.

As someone with no sense of direction, I felt very confused.

If only I had a reliable maid, this wouldn't have happened.

"Why doesn't Deborah have a single person as her right-hand?"

Usually, you are given at least one reliable maid as essential, right?

But there wasn't one.

In fact, daughters of high-ranking noble families like me don't usually wander around freely.

Although there were plenty of young people who wandered alone, daughters of high-ranking families hired trustworthy young aristocrats as maids.

Because you can make a lot of profit by becoming the maid of a high-ranking noble, there were also many women who wanted to become Deborah's maid in the early days of her admission to the academy.

Not long after that, however, they all cried and begged to leave, saying they couldn't stand Deborah's personality.

"In the meantime, the maid was replaced more than 13 times. Among them, at least 9 women had severe abdominal pain of unknown causes and stress-induced hair loss."

In the end, there were only 2 applicants this year.
Two people without whom it's better.

Melli Mayans and Aisha Doche.

I felt a chill as soon as the Duke Seymour's assistant showed me the names of the people who had applied for the maid position.

They were the villains who tormented the heroine along with Deborah.

The reason I got goosebumps was because of the attitude they showed in the original work when Deborah was tried for blasphemy.

The two maids pretended to be victims of Deborah's bullying and covered up their misdeeds.

"No wonder, next to shit, there are likely to be flies."

But I'm not the real Deborah, am I crazy enough to carry a bunch of flies with me?

So, I made it clear several times at the beginning of the semester that I would go to the academy alone.

However, going alone like this is not as easy as I thought.

I needed someone to guide me since I have no sense of direction, and to tell me the rumors that spread around me and all sorts of useful information.

"How can I get someone who can keep secrets and be competent?"

As I felt deeply worried, I leaned my tired body against a tree and turned my head, happy to hear a rustling in the distance.

I'll have to threaten them to guide me to the back of the academy where the carriage is.

Walking bravely toward the place where the sound came from while having evil thoughts, I returned quietly as soon as I saw the pink hair.

Damn it.

I can't believe I ran into the number one person I want to avoid.


I tried to sneak away and pretend I didn't see her, but Mia Binoche tripped and let out a loud scream that couldn't be ignored.


She groaned as she sat down, looking at me pitifully, her big eyes filled with tears.

"... Miss. I'm sorry, but can you help me? I can't stand up."

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