Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? (Novel) Chapter 67


Jousting tournaments are the most popular event in the empire, and the largest tournament takes place in mid-August, on the birthday of the first emperor.

It was also a time when the population of the Khorun district increased as people gathered in the capital to watch the games in which famous fighters participated.

This summer, with the Plaza de la Puerta Este of the Academy unusually crowded due to Armand, a refreshing breeze to cool the heat blew through the surroundings.


"It's insane."

As a result, the slightly curly beautiful blonde hair of a man with an unreal appearance was scattered all over his forehead.

Every time his white shirt waved, his flexible body and muscles with a thick sense of volume were revealed, creating the illusion of seeing a male statue sculpted by an artisan.

"Oh, my God, I thought the real sculpture was moving for a moment..."

"There really is a person who is perfect from head to toe. He's even more handsome than the rumors."

"How can he be shining like a star when it's not even nighttime yet?"

"Isn't it because his own existence is dazzling?"

Everyone's gazes were naturally drawn to the angelic man sitting in front of the fountain in the square at least once.

The golden ratio of features that seemed to be measured and carefully crafted by God.

It was an appearance that made you want to kneel, even astonishing the men who mocked the fact that a man won the flower of the year.

It was then.

Sitting in front of the fountain with his long legs crossed, as if waiting for someone, Isidor raised his cup.

Are you drinking here?

After that, a more mysterious and surprising scene took place.

He took the cup and walked slowly towards somewhere.

Where is he walking to?

And at the place he arrived, there was a completely unexpected figure.


Seeing Isidor promote takeout food naturally, I thought there was no one better qualified for sponsorship.

"It's like a big billboard in this world."

As expected, he presented the new service format very nicely and attractively.

Even I, who know it's an advertisement, want to try it out of nowhere.

"Here's the peach smoothie that Princess Deborah wanted."

Isidor smiled playfully and offered her a smoothie.

"Thank you."

When I accepted the cup he offered, people's gaze was fixed on me.

"I'll drink it just fine."

I drank the smoothie without worrying about anything and took a step towards the Epsilon fraternity house.

On the surface, I pretended to be calm, but in reality, my heart was pounding violently at 150 beats per minute.

"I can't believe I'm using the third-generation heir of this world as a beverage sponsor."

Perhaps the reputation surrounding you makes people think that way.

"I... For some reason, I feel like I'm becoming more shameless."

I couldn't even guess how absurd Isidor must have felt when I asked him to have smoothies while walking around the fraternity house.

"It's romantic and nice to have a drink while taking a walk."

Not only did he willingly buy a smoothie and wait for me, but seeing him so happy, I had to feel complicated again.

The last time I thought about it, it seemed like he... Anyway, this was due to the familiar trait resembling the hatchet disease that kept coming to my mind.

But no matter how much I try to think about it, I don't think there's any reason for him to like me.

"Of course, my face is very pretty."

But if the reason were simply his appearance, when Deborah appeared in the original novel, Isidor would have appeared as her assistant.

As I lost myself in my thoughts, Isidor called me.


"Oh, yes?"

"What are you thinking so seriously? Do you have any concerns?"

"I, uh, was thinking about what to have for dinner."

A strange excuse appeared without me realizing it when the person who occupied my mind pushed his beautiful face in front of my nose like an angel.

A moment of embarrassment passed through his emerald eyes.

"I'm a bit disappointed to be behind dinner. Although, well, meals are important. What kind of food does the princess like?"

He quickly cleared his embarrassment and changed the subject.

"I like everything."

"Me too. I'm not picky..."

Isidor naturally continued talking and asked small questions.

Do you like opera or theater, what kind of animals do you like, what are your hobbies, and so on.

Isidor likes cats.

Taking a peach smoothie that sweetly coated the mouth, I engaged in small talk with him.

Soon, he approached the bench under the flower tree.

"Would you like to rest for a bit?"

I liked being able to see well from above, so I always wore high heels.

However, it seemed a bit uncomfortable to his eyes.

Isidor left a handkerchief on the bench, and I sat on it with a slight hesitation, feeling a bit uncomfortable.

"Aren't all men in this Empire originally educated?"

I felt embarrassed for no reason, so I bit the rim of the cup and glanced into the distance.

Due to the thick vegetation, there is a fresh aroma all around.

While watching the birds singing in the tree, Isidor suddenly spoke.

"Princess, will you come to see the next jousting tournament?"


Deborah watched the tournament every year because she loved it.

"I will participate as a player there."

After relaxing for a while with the delicious drink and the cute birds, I felt uncomfortable again with his words.

There was a jousting tournament in the novel, but Isidor did not appear in it.

Was it omitted because he was an active part of Diery Orge?

At this point, the flow of the original work was more or less like this.

Deborah's harassment reaches its peak, and Philap calms and consoles Mia with all sorts of gifts, but he doesn't act as an adequate shield.

Rather, using Deborah's wickedness, he seemed to be trying to make Mia emotionally dependent on him.

It was at that moment that I heard complaints from readers that Philap was garbage.

Mia thanked Philap in words, but she was unexpectedly cold and didn't give him her heart, and the character who appeared at that time was Diery Orge.

Philap and Diery.

The fight between the two handsome and conceited men is fun, so it may have shortened the other narrative.

However, it was a bit strange that Isidor didn't appear at all, even if he was an active part of Diery Orge.

"If Isidor is an excellent knight, according to the Master's research, he should come out as Diery's opponent in the match, right?"

I faced him, swallowing a complex question.

"Do you think I'm going to lose?"

I shook my head at Isidor's question.

"No. If it's Sir Isidor, he'll do well. He'll have good results in the game."

First of all, I know that the winner of the jousting tournament will be Diery, but I said good things to Isidor out of courtesy.

"Since I did PPL, I should do all this mouth service."

"Then please support me at the stadium."

He smiled beautifully with his eyes.

"I hope you'll give me a handkerchief for encouragement."

Seeing his golden eyelashes fluttering like a butterfly, I felt pressured to give him everything I had, not just a handkerchief.

The timid instinct in me was screaming to abandon him immediately, so I urgently bit into the tender flesh of my mouth.

Calm down!

Instead of paying him for the smoothie, I think he's secretly telling me to give him a handkerchief, isn't he?

In a jousting tournament, ladies hand over handkerchiefs to the knights they support.

The number of handkerchiefs they received was also a measure of the knight's skill and popularity.

As expected, there's no such thing as a free lunch.

Finally, I took out an elegant handkerchief embroidered with roses that I cherish the most and handed it to him as a gift.

"Thank you. I think I'll be able to win thanks to the princess."

After taking the handkerchief, he smiled cheerfully.

His gentle smile made my heart fall somewhere, but I tried to distance myself from that feeling and clenched my hand.


"Sir Isidor, are you going to compete in the jousting tournament?"


"Why? Don't you hate dirt and the smell of sweat?"

Miguel asked with a puzzled look when the young lord entered after training for the jousting out of nowhere.

Isidor gently rubbed his sweaty chin.

Originally, he had no intention of competing in the tournament, but he submitted his application on a whim.

"If you win the tournament, the imperial family gives you a decent treasure."

Isidor looked at Miguel disdainfully and touched Cookie's paw pads, which had become as small as a cat's.


As soon as he let go of Cookie, who was struggling against him, he grabbed the princess's handkerchief on the desk and began to smell it.

Isidor immediately reached out when he saw Cookie opening its mouth, revealing its sharp teeth.

"Cookie, no!"


"If you bite this, there will be no snack for you."

After looking at his master, who was wrestling with his pet over a handkerchief, Miguel slowly disappeared with clouded eyes.

Isidor, who managed to protect the handkerchief by taking out the dried fish, calmed down and leaned back in his chair with a brief sigh.

After looking at the finely folded handkerchief embroidered with colorful roses resembling the princess for a while, he sighed.

"Jousting tournament..."

A loud, noisy, and bothersome game.

The attention of the ladies watching from the podium was focused on the knights participating in the joust, and if they played well, they would rise to stardom.

In short, it means that it's a good scenic attraction for ladies.

Moreover, he had read information in the past that Princess Seymour seemed to like jousting at first glance.

If there's a knight she fancies while watching a game, the princess will try to give a handkerchief to someone, but for some reason, he didn't like it.

"It hurts my pride that someone else receives what I haven't received either."

Isidor tried to shake off his childish thoughts and stroked Cookie, who was munching on snacks.

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