Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? (Novel) Chapter 41



Belreck's sister, Seymour's ugly duckling, out of nowhere, created an innovative and improved formula, elevating divinity into the realm of magical theory.

It's not easy to accept this astonishing situation as reality, but even more terrible things happened.

As soon as Belreck saw Deborah's formula, he felt a chill down his spine.

This is because it's very useful for combat mages where casting speed is crucial.

And, of all things, his rival and twin brother, Rosad, is a battle mage.

Firstly, Simeon's magical formula was designed for winning wars and was inseparable from combat mages.

The formula is an arrangement of Mana rules floating in space. Combat mages can amplify magical effects using this rule, transforming its shape to strike their enemy.

However, unlike the mana circle within one's body, it's also a challenging area for everyone to operate mana in outer space.

Especially because the spell takes a long time.

But Deborah compressed this slow and complicated process in a much simpler way.

Even if you use the improved formula designed by Deborah, she heard that mana loss rarely occurs when used over an extended period of time.

It's literally a revolution for combat mages whose lives will be short.

Hasn't Rosad gone crazy with joy by now?

With just 7 silver coins, you can enjoy all kinds of benefits.

Belreck really doesn't enjoy anything despite having the monthly subscription.

"Your complexion doesn't look good."

His subordinate said, worried.

"I have a headache."

Belreck, who lowered his long lashes with a face full of pain, closed his eyes tightly.

"Sir Belreck. But still, you've made great progress in your recent artifact research."

"What should I do with that?! They're always comparing me! We were supposed to both play the game with our feet, but Deborah just gave wings to Rosad! How can I not have a headache?"

"Is the improved formula really that good?"

Belreck let out a bitter laugh.

"Just good?"

Among the Tower researchers, it got to the point where he was ashamed of being called a bright figure in three fingers.

Even his twin brother, who was always one step ahead, didn't make him feel so miserable.

The moment he saw the formula, the past in which he ignored Deborah and looked down on her unfolded like lanterns, and Belreck experienced for the first time what it's like to hide in a mousehole.

"Why did Deborah, who is so intelligent, pretend to be stupid all this time?"

He didn't have the confidence to face his sister out of shame.

He really didn't want to meet her, so he hadn't been home recently and had locked himself in the Tower.

"Just good?"

"Isn't it like that?"

"Calling that a question!? I don't want to talk to a stupid human like you. I feel like I'm being ignorant. Get lost."

Belreck, who dismissed his subordinate with an annoyed expression, remained alone in the office and washed his face dry with mixed feelings.

"But Louie Gazelle, why is this Western country bumpkin suddenly misbehaving? It's annoying."

He already had a headache because of Deborah, but Louie Gazelle's arbitrary behavior made Belreck even more dizzy.

The other day, he exchanged several letters with Louie Gazelle with the implication of introducing his sister.

Although in the process, he received some silver as an unexpected gain, it was a kind of custom.

It was also common for an older brother to introduce the people around him to his younger sister, who is of marriageable age.

He thought it wouldn't amount to anything.

He tried to set up a meeting, but he was so busy with research that it was postponed day by day, and Louie Gazelle's side also did nothing.

But when Belreck heard that Deborah was doing well, that Gazelle guy suddenly changed his attitude halfway and started bombarding with gifts.

Meanwhile, he doesn't really understand what the hell Deborah is thinking when suddenly receiving gifts from Louie Gazelle.

Doesn't she like Philap?

He thought she would throw the gifts from the Western country count without even looking at them...

While feeling a cold sweat, his subordinates hurriedly entered the office.

"My lord."


"Duke Seymour says you should go to his office immediately right now."


Belreck, who rushed from the Tower to the main building of the mansion using a magic circle, felt nervous about the strange atmosphere.

"Please, have a seat."


His father's expression in front of him was exceptionally unusual today.

The wrinkles in the middle of his forehead deepened, and his cold silver eyes were angry.

Belreck lifted the cup of hot tea in a nervous mood, feeling pressured.


"Yes, Father."

"I heard rumors that you were trying to bridge a connection between the eldest son of Count Gazelle and Deborah."

He had tried to do that, but why were there suddenly rumors to the extent that they reached his father's ears?

Duke Seymour spoke to Belreck on an unpleasant day with a hint of curiosity.

"Deborah says the reason she can't casually discard his gifts is because of your face, the matchmaker."

"She's not someone who has tact with me, why is she suddenly using me as an excuse...?"

Belreck felt deep embarrassment.

Furthermore, he was curious about why his father was exuding such a brutal atmosphere.

In the past, when Deborah tormented the ladies surrounding Philap and the other family asked for money, his father, with a tired and sickly face, used to say this.

"They've even rejected your marriage proposal! How long do you intend to talk about that Montes guy?! It's truly embarrassing. I should introduce you to other nobles quickly!"

That's why Belreck thought his actions had no problem.

Especially since Deborah is of a suitable age to marry.

"It's common for a brother to introduce a good young man to his sister. Deborah is now of marriageable age..."

Before Belreck could speak, Duke Seymour immediately responded.

"Hey, you idiot! The west is farther from Seymour's estate, and it's also the countryside. Are you out of your mind to take your sister to that countryman from a count's family? Why the hell did you do something stupid that I didn't even ask you to do?"

"But, but still, the Gazelle family owns a large silver mine. Last time, Father also said that I should introduce Deborah to more nobles..."

"When did I say that? I never said that!"

Belreck was about to drop the tea cup he held because his father said it with such confidence.

"I must be going crazy. I'm sure he said that last year."

But if he said it bluntly, the situation would be much worse than it is now, so Belreck just pressed his lips.

"He had a level head and was more objective than anyone else."

Deborah's pathetic father disappeared out of nowhere.

Only one thing remains on Belreck's mind.

"Since he bought the Pink Diamond, something has been strange."

How did it come to this?

While swallowing his mixed feelings, Duke Seymour, who had calmed his anger a bit, coughed in vain several times.

"Anyway, you don't need to worry about Deborah's marriage. Do you understand?"

"But still, wouldn't it be good for me to step forward if she doesn't have a spouse like now?"

Deborah has been acting like a Seymour for a long time, but her thoughts of getting rid of her haven't changed.

"Because of Deborah, one of my subordinates, whom I placed in the library, was affected."

How much more does she want to be bad?

But even if he presses her forcefully, Deborah needs permission from the family head to get married, so Father was just angry.

"That, ha, you just need to do well in your job, don't meddle unnecessarily! Maybe because you're stuck in the Tower every day, your tact is zero..., tch!"

"I'm only concerned about my sister as an older brother..."

"I'm more concerned about you, but if you still want to meddle, then bring an ice mage better than me. Then I'll consider it seriously."

"He's joking, right?"

As if there's someone in this world who could beat his father with their ice magic.

He must mean he wants to take a bright mage as a son-in-law. Maybe, is he serious?

"I... I'll keep that in mind. I apologize for troubling my father with my rash actions."

"Go, if you understand."


Belreck, who left his father's office with a tired face, let out a long sigh.

For some reason, he feels like things are continuing to go awry.

During his childhood, when he touched the wrong beehive, he had this kind of creepy feeling.

And his sinister premonition was quite accurate.

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