Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? (Novel) Chapter 64



"It's hot."

Michelle, who slouched as if she were attacked by a vampire, managed to enter the store after 30 minutes.

Due to the warm weather, she naturally sought a cold drink.

"Something cold, cold..."

While muttering slowly like a ghost, the employee brought a milkshake and said it was for tasting.


The moment she took a sip, an explosion went off in her head.

What is this lively texture that seems like a whole piece of crushed fruit?

"It's amazing."

The thirst disappeared instantly, and a deep, refreshing sensation spread through her throat and stomach. Furthermore, the fruity bite's freshness lingered in her mouth.

It felt fresher because it had a less rigid taste than ice cream.

It was a drink that went very well with the season.

After drinking the milkshake, she immediately signed up as a purple member and appeared at Armand again the next day.

Because she carried a doll instead of a maiden, her appearance stood out even more.

The rumor has spread that the famous gourmet Michelle Granber has appeared at Armand for four consecutive days.

Indeed, she became the first silver member, and her only choice was the milkshake.


"It's going well."

Today too, I was pleased to see customers lining up in front of Armand, and then I headed to the Tower for the afternoon seminar.

"You're here again."

Well, the appearance of my father is not surprising at all.

I told him I would announce a new formula sooner or later, so it seems he took the time to attend.

Today's seminar is the meeting place for the Tower's official lieutenants.

The content of today's presentation turned out to be very useful for these people.

A loud applause erupted after the presentation of the thesis on the cubic equation, which can be useful in altering the flow of mana distributed in the air.

"I heard that wizards are arrogant and snobby. However, the reaction is better than I expected."

It's a lecture, but it feels like an opera performance just ended.

There was also a wizard approaching me while wiping away the tears falling around his eyes with a handkerchief.

"Passionate tears cannot be stopped by grand lectures that break my heart. Oh, let me introduce myself. I am Count Almare, the administrator of the ninth floor of the Tower."

In the Tower, outstanding wizards can be found the higher you go up the tower.

Since the 13th floor is where my father is, and the 11th and 12th floors are where the elders are, he must have been promoted from a young age.

At that moment, a middle-aged wizard with a robust physique suddenly squeezed in between Count Almare and me.

"This young one has no sense of respect! Cough, cough. I am Marquis Kechiche, one of the six elders of the Tower. As expected, the princess is the daughter of the Duke of Seymour with excellent logic, thinking, insight, creativity, integrated thinking ability, and effort."

I felt bewildered as I watched the man spit out words at a rapid firing speed.

"Please come up to the 11th floor anytime if you come to the Magic Tower. I will give you a tour of the laboratory personally. Hoho."

"... As expected, you're also part of the choir of boys."

"Even an elder and the ninth-floor administrator are here? Wasn't this a mid-level official seminar?"

Why did these prominent figures appear?

Since then, there have been countless handshake requests.

"She's a girl who hasn't shown much yet. Don't praise her too much."

My father, with a stern expression, approached with his hands behind his back and stopped them, but only the sixth elder, Marquis Kechiche, didn't stop talking.

People from the Seymour family hate repeating themselves because they have a bad temper.

"Elder Kechiche. Let's have dinner sometime, sooner or later. Today, I'll have dinner with my daughter, so I'll go first."

He also stopped talking reluctantly.

"I can't believe he's having a quiet dinner with his daughter! I envy him so much. Duke. I only have a bunch of immature sons... God! What sins have I committed in my past life?"

"He's exaggerating... I'll go first. Deborah."

As expected. Since he's the owner of the Tower, he acts roughly in social life.

"Deborah, tell me what you want to eat today."


I'm a bit hungry right on time, so I think I could show my father an ambitious meat program.

Oh, right now. The Tower's owner chuckled, raising the corner of his mouth by about a millimeter.

"Oh my..."

"Did everyone hear that? She just said she would eat with the Tower's owner..."

A strange conversation was heard from behind, but it was soon forgotten thanks to the steak.


"Not everyone agreed that the outstanding student representing the Department of Magic in the first half is Princess Deborah."

The dean of the Academy of Magic, an elderly professor, hesitated at Marquis Bert's words and opened his mouth.

"I admit she's excellent. However, Princess Deborah immediately launched her <Premium Enhanced Formula> in the Tower... Oh."

Bert rubbed his chin slightly as he watched the professor sigh with a distressed face.

His niece has been actively attending conferences held at the Tower recently and continues to increase the value of her research papers.

Furthermore, this time, she boasted extensively that she had improved the theory even further.

I heard that there are quite a few people wondering about the content of the thesis published by Princess because it's quite grandiose and plausible to hear.

"The status of the princess is still an undergraduate student, but she's making a presentation without going through the Academy at all."

"I think this is a somewhat independent move."

"... Professor Kyle has already been disciplined and demoted! At the undergraduate level, I believe Princess Deborah's wounded heart must have been sufficiently comforted."

Dean Bert felt a strange sensation in front of the snobbish professors' pitiful appearance.

It must mean that she is promoting her achievements well, to the point that the professors regret it.

Suddenly, he remembered Deborah's firm request for him to open a truth-finding meeting.

A courageous person.

She said she was unjust on the outside, but in fact, there was no doubt that she must have used the situation cleverly.

It was interesting.

Dean Bert fell into reminiscence for a moment and then spoke.

"From the second half of the year, let's often provide opportunities for Princess Deborah to present her thesis at the academy. From the outside, it will appear that the Department of Magic is also supporting the princess."

The matter had already reached this point, and the strategy was to put a spoon in it even if it was late.

Anyway, there was no student to recommend other than Deborah.

She is a rising star who is currently attracting the most attention in the Magic Tower, but in fact, if students recommend another student, this side will be ridiculed just like the truth-finding meeting.

"Shall we request it?"

Princess Deborah's personality wasn't easy, so the young professor seemed anxious.

"I will try to persuade her. Then, since we are all in agreement, I'll go first."

After quickly concluding the Department of Magic meeting, Dean Bert stood up from his seat and headed to the academy's main building, the General Office.


At the end of the semester, Pangea Academy selects outstanding students through a selective process and then places their names in the Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame is a building that has existed since the academy's founding and has a deep history and significance in the empire.

And deans and professors hoped that all top-ranking students would come from their department.

This is because the names of top-ranking students were placed with laurel wreath decorations in the Hall of Fame, and the students' specialty and department were written underneath.

A strange tension came and went, and the academy president soon spoke solemnly.

"In the meantime, the Academy has nurtured talented individuals who are said to lead the empire. Since talented individuals are the future of the empire, I hope the highest ranking goes to students with high potential and growth development. Also..."

"Why is that person here?"

Marquis Bert squinted to see an elder referred to as the sage sitting next to the president.

After giving a speech, the president finally said he would give a recommendation.

Marquis Bert looked away from the elder and spoke.

"Deborah Seymour is a student who has enough qualifications to receive the highest ranking."

It was an unconventional and high-quality thesis to the point of being unprecedented, and it wasn't just at the academic level but also highly practical, so it had enough qualifications.

"In addition, Deborah Seymour has significantly improved her liberal arts grades compared to last semester."

While listening to Dean Bert's words, the department's professors identified with that person and nodded.

"It means she has a lot of talent. We have to show other students an example of striving to improve independently of the outcome."

After speaking, Marquis Bert rubbed his chin while swallowing a subtle strange feeling inside.

I keep recommending my nieces and nephews here without even knowing it.

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