Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 108



Shirone's face contorted in disbelief, and the reactions of his friends were not much different. Amy shook her head vigorously, then placed a hand on her forehead and asked.

"Cerielle, what kind of book have you been reading lately?"

"Yep! It's this one!"

Cerielle pulled out a novel as if she had been waiting. The provocative red cover bore the title《The Primal Snare 》.

"This is the hottest book in bookstores these days. It's about a married nobleman who falls in love with a maid, and there's a line like this: 'I broke your plate, what will you do now? Will you ask for my body?' So then the nobleman ties her up with ropes and…"

"Enough! Stop there!"

Amy raised her hand to stop her. It seemed like it was not something they should be listening to anymore.

"Why? It's just getting interesting."

“Cerielle, no matter how much you love novels, please don't confuse them with reality. Such books are meant to captivate readers with primary colors and stimuli.”

"Hmph! You just don't understand because you haven't read it. If you read it just once, you'll be completely hooked. Since we're on the topic, do you want to borrow it?"

When Cerielle held out the « The Primal Snare », Amy quickly turned her head away. If she had accepted her offer, she would have been tormented by Cerielle's commentary for at least a week.

Shirone leaned back on the cushion and said.

"Haa. Today is my last day in the infirmary. Thanks for coming to visit me all this time. You too, Senior Cerielle."

"Why are you saying such sad things? Honestly, studying in the graduating class was killing me. It was nice to be able to catch a break with Amy."

Amy didn't disagree either. The daily competition in their class rankings had stressed her to the limit. For that reason, the temporary school closure was like a godsend for the graduating students.

Cerielle said with a gloomy expression.

"But I'm worried about Principal. To be honest, this decision was unexpected. It's a matter that can be handled by Creas Autonomous District, but he decided to receive a direct inspection from the Magic Association."

Alpheas voluntarily filed the complaint. As someone with a high reputation in the continent, he could have easily avoided the situation, but he accepted all the student council's demands. As a result, the case was handed over to the infamous Inspection Division 3 of the Magic Association.

"Inspection Division 3 is known as the 'special investigation' within the Magic Association. Regardless of connections, they always stick to the law. Even Principal Alpheas won't be able to avoid disciplinary action."

Shirone thought it was rather a good thing.

"Principal Alpheas has been suffering for 40 years. If this opportunity can lighten his burden a little, I think it's a good thing to accept the punishment."

Nade said.

"Let's wait and see how things go. Who are we worrying about? It's Alpheas, a 4th-rank certified mage. Once the closure is over, we'll be busy again, so let's rest while we can."

"Yeah, that sounds good."

Shirone looked out the window.

The afternoon sun was streaming with a languid light.


Capital Bashka.

The view of Bashka from the Geja mountain range was a structure where the high-rising buildings seemed to pierce the sky and the core institutions were spread out in concentric circles around the center. The residents of the capital say that the buildings visible from the mountain range symbolize the nation's institutions.

One of them was the Magic Association. The 18-story building was the central part of the country, managing the affairs of all the mages registered in the Kingdom of Tormia, overseeing the Magic Society through connections with other organizations, and handling intelligence and surveillance tasks.

It was a place where every mage wanted to visit at least once, but Thad, who was chosen as the guide for Alpheas and the Canis group, felt like a cow being dragged into a slaughterhouse.

"Master, is this really the best way?"

“It is what I wanted. My only regret is that I dragged it on too long.”

Alpheas's determination was firm. Thad didn't expect anything when he asked. It's just that, once they cross the threshold of the association, there will be no turning back. He just wanted to reconfirm his master's will.

"Understood. Then I will wait until the trial is over."

Alpheas had a happy expression. He went in with Canis and Arin and turned himself in to the inspection department, and so the three of them were locked in separate cells and waited for a day.

When the next day came, Alpheas entered the investigation room first. Meanwhile, Canis and Arin were waiting in a detention facility covered with magic devices. The magic control device made it impossible to enter the Spirit Zone. But on top of that, even Harvest was not active.

After about 3 hours, the summon command was dropped.

"Canis, Arin. Come out."

Although not officially charged yet, the officials of the Magic Association had already treated the two as criminals. This is probably because they had heard the report of Alpheas who had already completed the investigation.

Canis and Arin silently followed the instructions. When they entered the corridor where the interrogation room was, they saw Alpheas walking from the other side. Canis intended to pass by him indifferently. However, just before they crossed each other, Alpheas looked back at the guard and said.

"Excuse me, could you give us a moment to talk?"

"Ah yes. But not too long.”

Canis snorted at the completely different attitude of the guard when dealing with him. The reason Alpheas was treated well was not because he was strong, but because he was famous. It made him feel bad that Alpheas, who was less skilled in magic than Arcane, was taking the leeway of a winner.

As the guards emptied their seats, Alpheas spoke.

“There is nothing to be too nervous about. You just have to answer a few questions and come out.”

"Don't get me wrong. We're not your naive students. We've fought countless battles. We're not afraid of anything, no matter what happens."

Canis, who had gone through all the hardships on the battlefield, definitely had something that kids his age didn't have. However, he also lost a lot because he lived that kind of life. Alpheas wanted to help the two, who still had a bright future, regain what they had lost.

"Actually, that's why I asked to see you."

"What are you talking about?"

"How about enrolling in a magic school after this incident is safely resolved?"

Canis felt like he'd been insulted. Does he not know how he has lived? He is telling him to mix with greenhouse plants while he learned magic while walking through life and death.

"Don't joke around. It's not because Master was weak that he lost. If it weren't for the Abyss Nova, no, if it was a formal fight, Master could have blown you away in one shot."

"That might have been possible."

Alpheas readily admitted it.

"But if it wasn't like that, I might have been the one to kneel down and apologize first."

Canis bit his lip. What he said was unacceptable, but he couldn't even refute it.

"Canis, that's what evil is. No matter how reasonable the excuse, it's bound to be hated. You can go higher. I want to give you a bright future, not darkness."

"Why do you care about me? Are you pitying me?"

“I was also a disciple of Arcane. That would made me a Senior Disciple for you. Just as we can't turn back time, connections last forever. If you want to live a new life, I'll help you."

Canis didn't respond. What could be a new life at this point? All he had learned was battle, and because of that, it was his fate to live only on the battlefield.

As Alpheas walked away from the corridor, the guard grabbed Canis and Arin again and dragged them to the interrogation room. Unlike the hellish prison of Inferno they had imagined, the interrogation room was neat and tidy. A small man was sitting at a table with his back turned, and there was nothing to identify him other than his silver hair.

“Inspector, these are the suspects in this case, Canis and Arin.”

"Ah, come this way."

A ghastly voice like sharp blade. As expected of someone who runs around the infamous Inspection Division 3, he had a sharp aura. Canis and Arin sat down facing the investigator, who had a surprisingly non-threatening look. He had a sharp, cat-like chin and was smiling with his thin, thread-like eyes.

"My name is Sakiri, an investigator from Inspection Division 3. Canis and Arin, am I right?”


Canis replied calmly. But there was no answer from Arin. Canis turned his head and asked, not wanting to offend the inspector.

"Arin, what's wrong?"

Arin was trembling with a pale face. Canis grasped the situation by the fact that Arin's pupils looking at Sakiri were shaking in shock.

'What did she see that surprised her this much?'

“Canis, I can’t read….”

There is no way Arin, who had Initial State, cannot read the aura of things. Therefore, it either had no aura to begin with, or they were artificially removed.

In fact, the way Arin looked at Sakiri was bizarre. His entire body was made of a smooth, mirror-like metallic material, and his egg-shaped face had no facial features. His hands and feet were conical, making it impossible to read even the slightest emotion. It was the form of psychic who could only come out in a state of completely blocked emotions.

"Oh dear, it seems the lady is surprised. It's called Initial State, right? I've blocked magic, but there's no way to block inherent qualities. Of course, I don't think you two will cause any trouble."

Sakiri, seemingly intrigued, put down his pen and crossed his legs.

Arin watched as the conical legs twisted. It was twisting and untwisting like a pretzel.

'This person is playing around.'

It wasn't just suppressing emotions. He was a person who could perfectly control his emotions.


Arin suddenly raised her head. The investigator's face, smooth like a mirror, stretched out into a conical shape and came right in front of her forehead.

"Please do. I’m are on duty after all. Arin, right?"

"Yes, that's right."

Arin, trembling in fear, didn't even know she had answered. The sharp cone aiming at her forehead was probably Sakiri's piercing gaze. This was the first time she had seen a psychic in such a tidy form. It occurred to her that if any criminal were caught by this man, they would not be able to break even a bone.

Canis and Arin finally faced reality. They were caught by the most powerful and authoritative judicial institution in the kingdom. As the two of them waited, the needle-like face of Sakiri returned to its smooth metallic egg shape.

"Well, based on Alpheas's testimony, I've drafted a report, but there are a few things I need to check. Please answer my questions."

Sakiri checked several matters through a Q&A session. Arin and Canis answered honestly. After an hour had passed, Sakiri said with a satisfied expression as she organized the files.

"Yes. Most of the testimonies match. There are some discrepancies, but nothing important."

It was too casual a statement coming from an inspector. However, Sakiri leaned back against the back of the chair as if it was not a big deal and continued.

"So, in the end, it's some kind of brainwashing, isn't it? You know, like this. Arcane used your unfortunate lives and brainwashed you since childhood."


Canis' eyes filled with anger. He would have preferred being called a villain. Sakiri's words were no different from denying the root of his life.

“Master never forced me to do anything. I did it, and I am responsible for my actions."

Arin, who knew the strength of the investigator, was nervous when Canis got angry. However, Sakiri's form, seen through Initial State, was still unchanged.

"That's a wicked method. Save you, make you admire them, and then say this. ‘I need something like this, but of course I don't necessarily want you to do it’.”

Canis couldn't understand what the investigator was saying. He had come here to pay for his sins. But now, they were talking about brainwashing. Were they planning to put them in a mental hospital?

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