Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 131



Tess said with her hands on her hips.

"I can't be bothered. I'm so uncomfortable I'm dying. Amy, just kick him out.”

"Well, okay. Then goodbye."

As Amy tried to close the door, Jis slipped his hand in, showing a desperate expression.

He didn't have a script ready, but being an experienced touts, he quickly came up with words.

“Wa- Wait a minute! If you don't want your friends to come, you can come by yourself."

"Why would I? This seems suspicious."

"Okay! Got it! I'll be honest. I... got in huge trouble."

“To whom?”

“Even street touts have a guild, you know. It seems my actions got to the ears of the higher-ups. They told me to guide the customer I rudely treated around the island. If rumors spread, tourists wouldn't use touts. Can't you just drop by for a moment? If not, I might completely lose my source of income. I might even have to beg like a beggar."


Amy kept her suspicious gaze. Jis, scared out of his wits, anxiously waited for her judgement.

"Alright, I could use some fresh air. Wait here, I'll go change."

Jis’ head shot up in excitement. Of course, he had come for this, but he didn't expect she would agree so easily.

On the other hand, Tess, who was listening, was bewildered. She never thought Amy would fall for the street tout's words.

She thought Amy was upset about the incident with Shirone, and hurriedly followed after her.

"Amy! Why are you following him? How can you trust that kid?"

"It's okay. If I feel it's dangerous, I'll just come back."

"Don't say that, let's think about this a bit more. What about Shirone?"

"It's fine. He can take care of himself. Rian must be hungry by now, how long are you going to make him wait? This might be better anyway. I'll eat outside, so spend some quality time with Rian."

Amy, having changed her clothes and tidied her hair, went down to the entrance. Tess tried to persuade her till the end, but to no avail.

"Do you really have to go? You should come back quickly then, okay? Just get some fresh air. If you're late, we'll come find you."

"I told you I understand. Rian, I'll be out for a bit. If Shirone comes back, starve him a little."

Rian was alert. His starving-like appearance disappeared and he was seriously observing the situation.

Was it really right to let her go? But it was absurd to stop her when she herself wanted to go.

“Did you say Jis? Let's go."

"Huh? Uh, yes!”

Jis was stunned. He hadn't been able to gather his thoughts since she descended the staircase in her maiden-style black dress.

When Amy went out, the villa was silent. Tess sighed and shook his head, his head convoluted.

"Sigh, how did it come to this? The atmosphere was good just a while ago."

“Wouldn’t it have been better if I went with her?”

“You idiot, you don’t understand woman’s heart that much? How miserable would Amy feel if someone else's partner escorted her? Anyway, where on earth did Shirone go?"

Rian walked to the window and watched Amy get into the carriage.

The stars above the sea were twinkling like they were about to pour.


Jis sat across from Amy. Now that she was in the carriage, it could be said that the plan was 80% successful.

"Alright, let's go! Hey, let's go!"

As the coachman nodded and shook the reins, the twin horses jolted the carriage and took off.

Jis continued to run his mouth. Was he a country bumpkin? He was droning on about trivial things that she didn't even want to know. Who cares whether the vegetable shop owner is having an affair with the widow or not?

Up to that point, Amy had not said a word and was just looking at the night view outside the window. Preoccupied with her thoughts, she didn't even hear Jis words.

At some point, Jis also realized that and stopped talking.

In fact, looking at Amy's face like this made him the happiest. Her expression, calm and subdued, was completely different from her anger during the day.

Did Falkoa really intend to sell this beautiful girl? It didn't feel real at first, but once he got her on the carriage, fear began to creep in.

"This is taking a long time. Where are we going?"

Amy was the first to speak. Jis was startled by her question, which hit the nail on the head.

"Ah, well... it's a bit far. It's the best place in Galliant. Really, you'll know when you see it."

"Is that so? The boss who targeted me told you to take me there?"

Jis' heart sank.

Since when did she know? Perhaps from the beginning? Then why on earth did she get into the carriage and why hadn't she said a word until now?

It was unknown when Jis' face would be released from the frozen state. His mind was blank and he couldn't think of any lies.

"Tha- That's..."

"You don't need to lie. I can tell just by looking at you. You're scared and pleading, anyone who doesn't notice would be a fool. Anyway, do your best. I'll only play along your trick this one time."

“Playing along… You say?”

"Yes. I don't know why you became a sacrifice, but once this is over, stop what you’re doing at once. I'm saving you because you're so pitiful."

Jis’ face heated up.

"What! Am I pitiful?”

"So, you don't want to be pitiful?"

"Th- This can't be real...!"

Amy asked before Jis could get angry.

"You, you threw a gold coin at me, didn't you?"

"That, that is..."

Jis averted his gaze. He shuddered just thinking about the day's events. He got beaten to death by Falkoa because of that action. It was a trauma he would never forget in his life.

"Kids like you can't last long in this world. People who have a lot to protect are only used and then discarded."

"Tsk, how would you know? You're a noble who was born to good parents."

"At least I know a lot more than you do. I used to hang around here too. Of course, I was in a much higher position than you."

Jis bit his lip. In the end, it was like that. No matter how much he tried to maintain his pride and raise his voice, it was impossible to face her at an equal height.

"Are you sympathizing with me?"


"I don't want your sympathy. Absolutely not."

"That's why you should leave this place. This could be your last chance."

Jis hung his head, feeling defeated. She was right. If she hadn't shown him sympathy, he and his sister would probably be experiencing hell right now.


As Jis clicked his tongue, Amy looked out the window. It was as if a cool sea breeze blew and gently calmed her eyelids.

"I don't dislike kids like you."


"I'm talking about you throwing a coin at me. If you're a man, you should have that much courage. If you were just a back alley thug, I would never have gotten in this carriage."

Jis' face turned red like a carrot.

"For God’s sake. Are you giving the disease and the cure now? This is why I don't like nobles. It was the same before. Someone mocks and someone discourages. It's just plain selfish."

Amy, esting her chin on her hand, chuckled.

“Ah, Sirone? That kid is also a commoner. So he must have discouraged you."

"What? Commoner? You're saying he's not a noble, but a commoner?"

Jis' eyes widened. He thought it was a joke at first. Otherwise, there would be no reason for such a beautiful girl to hang out with a man of a lower status than herself.

"Yes, a commoner. What does that matter? Or does it?"

"But wasn't he your partner? It looked like you were on a couple's trip?"

“Right, partner. The one who brought me to this island across the sea and then disappeared somewhere... my partner."

Amy made a sad smile with her cat-like lips. Looking at her gaze growing distant, Jis' head became a mess.

Maybe he was wrong from the start? He should have just picked up the gold coins that fell on the ground. If that were the case, even if his pride was hurt, things like now wouldn't have happened.

'Shit! damn it! You're risking danger to sympathize with me? Do you even know what danger is?'

This girl was thinking too lightly.

Falkoa was the acting chief of the Freeman Organization. What was the Freeman Organization? They was the ruler of Galliant, commanding a fearsome elite army.

Even when Jis was young, the commercial power on the island was divided into several organizations. There were occasional power struggles, but the balance of power was never broken.

However, the situation changed dramatically after the Freeman Organization landed on the island five years ago.

They expanded their power at an incredible speed, and the existing organizations were disbanded without even being able to use their strength. Eventually, an alliance was founded to confront the Freeman Organization, but it was shattered as if it was nothing.

It took only three months for the war to end.

The Freeman Organization was a battle group made up of monsters who dismantled all organizations in just three months.

'It's not just Falkoa. The thugs above me are all terrifying bastards. I'm taking this girl to such a place now.'

Jis clenched his fists. He wanted to dissuade her, but he couldn't open his mouth.

She might be able to escape because she's a magic school student. But his sister couldn't. If Falkoa decided to, he could make a sister of a street tout disappear without even mice and bird notice.

'I must protect her. At least my sister... Definitely!'


After parting with Marsha, Shirone arrives at the beach. His legs were shaking from running non-stop, but the real challenge was yet to come. The villa was in the middle of the mountain, so he had to climb uphill.

"Huuu, why is my luck so bad today? All I do is run."

It was time for the sun to set, so Rian and Tess were supposed to be eating now.

If Amy is still waiting, he must tell her the bad news as soon as possible. The bad news that he left his groceries behind.

'One way or another, death is the same thing.'

Shirone gritted his teeth and ran uphill. When he arrived at the villa, his breath was up to the tip of his chin.

Shirone, about to collapse, bent over and knocked on the door.

“Rian, Amy, Tess. I'm here. please open the door- Akh!"

Suddenly, the door opened and Shirone fell forward. It was a much more immediate response than expected.

“Shirone! Where the hell have you been? Do you know how long Amy waited?”

"Ah, I'm sorry. There was a reason for that. Let's go inside and talk. My legs are shaking."

There was no smell of food in the villa. Shirone, who wished the three of them had eaten first, felt even more apologetic.

“Did you wait a long time because of me? But where is Amy?"

Tess didn't know how to explain. Should she say that Amy got tired of waiting and went out to play? Or that Amy, disappointed in Shirone, followed Jis?

"What's the matter? You have a bad expression. What happened?”

"This…. Ah, this is embarrassing.”

Tess didn't speak because she didn't want to cause any misunderstanding between the two

However, Rian understood the core of the situation.

“She went out with a guy named Jis we met at the port.”

"Huh? Jis? You mean the guy who ripped us off? Why would Amy follow him?"

“I don’t know. While she was waiting for you, the guy suddenly showed up. He said he would repay for what happened during the day. So she took a carriage somewhere."

"Amy just followed him? Without any reason?"

Tess intervened.

"Yes! All because you were late. Do you know how lonely Amy was by herself? Tell me, what happened?"

Shirone delayed his answer. Now was not the time to be arguing about such matters.

"Let's go. Do you know where they went?"

"We don't know. Why are you so nervous? If you were going to be like this, you should have treat her well from the start."

"She didn't leave because of me."

"What are you talking about? Amy was so angry!"

“Amy is hot-tempered, but she doesn't act emotionally. Even if she’s angry with someone, she wouldn't do anything to worry them. She would rather wait for me and beat me to death."

Tess's face went blank. Since Shirone knew Amy well, he was probably right.

Besides, when she thought about it, that make sense. She gets angry easily, but she's tender-hearted. She seems grumpy but has a lot of consideration, doesn't she?

"But, surely nothing would have happened? He's just a tout. Isn't Amy outstanding even at the magic school?"

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