Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? (Novel) Chapter 99



"Is this the result you said you'd show?"

Ophelia closed her eyes once again, facing the worst result.

"I'm so sorry. It's all my fault..."

Lying face down in front of the foundations, she trembled like a soft tree and constantly muttered words of apology.

Ophelia hoped that Mia would show excellent healing power at the <Omicron> conference and be recognized by external celebrities.

But this year, the Omicron conference was not successful.

It was due to Princess Emmanuelle's nonsense.

After being publicly humiliated, Princess Emmanuelle abandoned her thesis presentation, making <Omicron> the laughingstock.

To minimize the ridicule and criticism from the outside as much as possible, Philap reduced the size of the conference.

And Mia's presentation was ruined.

"This time, it was the fault of Princess Deborah again! That darn girl!"

Ophelia clenched her hands so tightly that they bled.

"This time, once again, you've taken a lot of blood. You're talking as if you left it to me."

The mysterious man muttered, tapping the armrest with his pale hands.

"She said she doesn't trust you anymore and won't give you another chance."

"I'm sorry, I've sinned to death, but please save me, spare my life."

"That's not my responsibility. Reflect deeply on the pain and ask for mercy."

The soft-looking man on the right, Francois, said coldly and then nodded.

In the darkness, those dressed in black robes came out and dragged Ophelia from the foundations.

The mysterious man, holding his chin as he listened to the desperate screams from the underground stairs, had a serious face and bluish lips.

"What will happen to Mia now? If Ophelia goes, the person in charge disappears..."

"She told me to take care of that... and she's very angry with Princess Deborah."

Francois answered the mysterious man's question.

"I can't believe I have to turn a fool into a saint. I even have to deal with Princess Seymour."

Mia was much less than what Francois expected.

Although she might have some popularity among the people thanks to her dedication, her presence in central society was average.

However, she was a card he couldn't easily discard.

Above all, it seemed that the person they followed still expected something from Mia Binoche.

For her followers, what she said was as good as the truth.

"Support me well. At the end of the day, Mia Binoche has to be the true saint. She's something that could determine the throne."



After the group conference, I asked Margaret to make a list of the information guilds in the capital.

So, for today, I got rid of complex thoughts and relaxed.

I've been working like a dog all this time, and tomorrow was the weekend.

"I've been very diligent because of the conference."

After eating delicious dishes and desserts, the servants gave me massages, and I started reading a new novel.

It's been a while since I lived like this.

The catch is that there's a barrier in this cozy and relaxed life, but...

"I'm giving it my all to avoid getting married."

Still, if Armand's second shop is built at the west gate, according to the location, there will be guaranteed sales.

I made a meaningless promise to save 10 billion won as soon as possible and live like an unemployed person, but before going to bed, I entered the room where the Holy Spirit's egg was.

It was to communicate with him.

"Eh? Where are you?"

Surprisingly, the Holy Spirit's egg, which was beautifully placed in the last room at the end of the hallway, was left with only a shell.

Looking at the empty Holy Spirit's egg, I was stunned for a moment and quickly searched around.

"Don't you usually wake up in front of your master?"

I come to see you every night. You should have waited for me.

I was ready to give a standing ovation and cry as I witnessed the miraculous birth.

"I've read too many novels."

Fortunately, the room where the Holy Spirit's egg is located is a place where the door is securely closed, so it couldn't have escaped very far with such a small body.

"Oh, this turtle isn't easy."

While crawling feeling like a turtle and looking closely under the furniture, I heard a rustling from somewhere.

Crap, crap.

It was on the table where I heard a small sound.

"What is it?"

A small white turtle was next to a mana stone on the desk.

"I'm a little embarrassed, but isn't it completely adorable?"

The moment the turtle stuck to the mana stone and looked at me with innocent eyes, I closed my mouth because I thought I would start screaming.

From artifact hunting to hatching. Although the whole process wasn't straightforward, I felt rewarded for my hard work with this cuteness.

As described in the novel, both the body and shell of the turtle were adorable.

The size is small enough, only about three fingers, the mouth was stiff and tightly closed, and its eyes were bright like two beams of light, giving a sense of warmth.

Those bright eyes looked greedily at the mana stone. As if it wanted to eat it.

Now that I think about it, there were definitely two mana stones that I had stolen from the magic training room, but one disappeared.

"Did you eat it already?"

Surprisingly, the turtle was getting smaller and smaller as it descended from the mana stone.


The turtle, which had finished eating, looked at me while making a cute sound and burped softly.



When they looked into each other's eyes up close, its closed mouth opened wide. It even lightly rubbed its head against their fingers as if it were full and happy.

I heard that if you frequently talk to eggs that are about to hatch, the Holy Spirit will consider the person who cared for them as its owner and react, but it seems to be true.

"Do you remember my voice?"

I gently stroked its round head, and the turtle, which blinked its large eyes many times, suddenly crawled into my palm.

I shivered because it had just been born and was moving very quickly.

It wasn't just a turtle; it was a mixed spirit.

"Your name is Purple."


"What do you say? Do you like it? It's a very cute name. Currently, the name Deborah means purple in Spanish."

As if in response to my voice, it shook its head every time I finished speaking.

It was a cuteness beyond explanation.

I almost screamed again, but I managed to calm down and gently pet Purple's head.

"Be good."


"I'll buy you lots of delicious things."



... At that moment, there was a clearly different reaction from the previous communication.

Surprisingly, despite just being born, its likes and dislikes were very clear.

"Do you like to eat delicious things?"


It reacted enthusiastically to delicious things and even seemed to like mana stones.

"Mana stones are more expensive than Korean beef steak..."

"How did Mia raise this spirit while being poor?"

Feeling suspicious, I carefully stroked its back, and Purple blinked slowly and fell asleep.

"I have a lot of money, and he's cute, so it's no problem."

The corners of Purple's lips gently lifted, perhaps having a good dream.

"Why are you so cute?"

It was so cute that it was hard to avoid acting silly.

"I have to maintain my dignity as a wicked woman. This is a big problem."

I, who coughed lightly, carefully returned to my room and placed it on the finest cushion.

"I will raise you very luxuriously, like the companion of Princess Seymour."

I fell asleep after spending some pleasant time with the Holy Spirit, whom I had met after a long effort.

The next day.

I opened my eyes to the feeling that something was biting my fingers.

The small baby turtle, which was the size of three fingers until yesterday, had quickly grown to the size of a fist and had become a small turtle.


"Beautiful things should be seen big."

"Do you want breakfast?"

Purple bit my finger again, its eyes shining.

I handed it the bread, and it spat it out with a fresh and adorable expression.

At least, the fig it was chewing seemed to suit its taste, but it looked somewhat finicky.

"You're picky with food."

"Yes, I lost."

I handed over the precious, high-quality mana stone, and Purple's cheek grooves turned red. Somehow, I felt like a competent breadwinner.

"Eat a lot."


Purple, which had eaten half of the mana stone in an instant, suddenly jumped onto the back of their hand with a triumphant expression and forcefully climbed up their arm.


Purple, who looked at me, suddenly turned into a bright beam of light and slowly began to penetrate the skin of their forearm.

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