Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? (Novel) Chapter 124



Someone once said that cotton candy is the most beautiful thing a person can make from sugar.

Since there are many angel statues around the Goddess Fountain, naturally, it reminds you of white clouds in the sky when you look at cotton candy.

"It's a menu that goes well with the Goddess Birth Festival."

"It would be nice if I could make pink sugar that resembles the hair of Goddess Nayla."

Because people in the empire who see visible clouds during pink sunsets will associate it with the goddess.

Isidor flew the tea cup and dessert in the air while I was talking.

"Pink sugar. It can be made with alchemy."

When I asked him about patent law the other day, it turned out that he patented things he made with alchemy.

"You seem to know everything, even alchemy."

Guild information master, magical swordsman, and even an alchemist.

"Who the hell are you?"

Isidor spoke while putting two spoons of sugar in the tea cup.

"There are some among the families serving Duke Visconti who have a deep knowledge of alchemy. The family has been investing in alchemy for a long time."

The ultimate purpose of alchemy is to turn metal into gold.

Suddenly, she wondered if maybe the Golden Viscottis also wanted to do that.

"Can we make celestial sugar while doing it?"


While nodding coolly, Isidor laughed with flushed cheeks.

"It seems like you're in a very good mood today."

"Meeting you today put me in a much better mood since something good happened."

I almost spat out the tea in my mouth at his simple answer that came instantly.

"When we left the subspace, I forgot that Isidor left behind his word filter."

He said, pushing the cupcake.

"Oh, also, I think you're amazing when you're absorbed in work."

"Master, what if we use the bracelet again? I think it's better to keep our privacy and public life separate..."

Isidor tilted his head at my words.

"It's okay if I don't speak, but I can't control my expression as I please. Isn't it better to see my handsome side instead?"

He didn't say anything wrong, but I was stunned to hear him say something like that with his own mouth without a single change in his expression.

Come to think of it, Isidor also introduced himself as the expert in all trades, perfect in every aspect.

"But it bothers me that it's strangely hard to refute."

It's true that he's a very capable man, but that's not the point.

I asked him to investigate himself.


I decided to do a background check on him, but it turns out they're both the same person.

I focused only on his identity, then started to remember the useless work I had been doing with the Master in front of me.

"Deborah. I think your ears suddenly turned red."

"Hey, con artist!"

I kicked him in the leg as the embarrassment increased and Isidor groaned as if I had hit him properly.

"Are you angry?"

He asked with a nervous expression.

I looked at him with fierce eyes, then suddenly stood up.

"I'm sorry for making you angry. Don't come back suddenly; instead, let's sit down first and talk."

I murmured sadly as I looked at him.

"... I trusted the Master and entrusted him with the investigation, but there's a reason why the result of the investigation on Isidor was very biased. I was blindly deceived."

Since it was his letter of introduction, it was inevitable that he filled it proudly.

"At that time... I checked the data many times because I wanted to look good in your eyes that were on guard against me. I still tried to write it objectively, but I guess my selfishness also got in."

Isidor looked at me with sadness in his teary eyes.

"Aren't you deliberately making that sad expression?"

You must have thought I would fall for the obvious honey trap. Well, he knows me too well.

But if I let it go, I might seem like an easy prey, so I tried to turn my head.

"Anyway, I have to think deeply again about going to the opera together. It's the price for being bad."

After leaving Isidor, who insisted on taking me home while sticking around like a dog, I went home from Armand.

"He even calculated everything, even got the moral book from a Seymour sage at the auction to give it to me."

It was a realization I had later.

"I really built a big wall around Isidor at first."

Those days were when I was a real coward, and Isidor wasn't a character from the novel, so it was inevitable to be cautious of him.

I received help as a result.

However, the dark story I got in the process kept coming to my mind, so I hit my pillow hard.


"It really looks like a cloud."

"This store often launches new menus."

Armand was promoting a new dessert menu along with the phrase "Clouds are originally sweet."

It attracted more attention when the white cotton candy among the pink cotton reminded people of the color of the Goddess's hair.

There were also many children who could barely leave the area because the sight of the magical tool making white and fluffy things like threads while spinning was very unique.

"We have also decided to give cotton candy to children during the event period, as the Goddess, who is full of virtues, especially for children."

An employee, who was the best employee of the first store and then became the manager of the second store, was promoting the event while actively distributing cotton candy.

Children were running around holding the free cotton candy, arousing people's curiosity about Armand.

The shape also catches attention and has a unique texture that melts in your mouth, so the customer can't stop even when it's coming to an end.

"There are a lot of people."

"The next day will come if we wait like this."

"The same menu is also sold at the West Gate. The first store is there."

Since the new menu is selling well, it was even promoted at the East Gate, which has a relatively small population compared to the West Gate.

"It's only the second day, but the reaction is quick."

I think it was definitely a good decision to include cotton candy in the event menu for the newly opened store.

I watched how the situation outside unfolded from the second floor of the opposite building, then went back home.

Now, Muffin even sat on the table in my room.

Isidor sent letters with flowers more than three times through Muffin, thinking that I was still angry with him.

The letters were written seriously as they filled the entire paper, but to summarize, there was nothing to see.

He wrote that he would strive to build trust in the future and promise loyalty.

"Muffin. You must have suffered a lot by meeting the wrong owner."

I gently stroked Muffin's little head as he nibbled on the cookies, then picked up another letter on the table.

It was a letter from the imperial judiciary.

It was related to the patent income for this month, but I doubted my eyes for a moment.


There was one more zero than usual.


Did another order come in?

When Deborah offered to cover the amount she lost by investing in silver mines, he thought she was just talking big.

"What the hell is this situation?"

However, Belreck was about to roll in money recently.

It was because the massager he made to look good in his father's eyes was selling well.

The starting point of the incident was Duke Seymour mentioning the massager to boast about his children's filial piety.

Family heads who were very envious looking at the proud Duke Seymour asked their children what they were doing with a shamelessly awkward tone.

Thanks to that, the massager has established itself as an item of filial piety among high-ranking nobles.

The children of high-ranking nobles kept ordering the massager to avoid comparisons and complaints from their parents.

If it were in the past, he would have felt inferior to his twin brother who became a war hero, but he doesn't even have time to get lost in those feelings these days.

But setting aside the massager, why were the 5 pieces of military weapons sold?

Belreck, who was perplexed for a moment, quickly dismissed his question.

Because he doesn't have time to pay attention to trivial matters due to having to meet the floods of immediate orders.


Isidor, who was looking incomprehensibly at the white clouds floating in the sky with his chin by the window, stood up when he saw Muffin.

[The opera, what time is it?]

As soon as he saw the letter that the bird had brought after two days, he clenched his fist slightly while swallowing his cheers.

"Can we finally have a date that's like a real date?"

It was inevitable that he was on cloud nine.

It seems like he hit puberty late.

"As expected, it's so sweet."

He also liked that only he knew his sweet side and attention.

Isidor got ready to go out, remembering Deborah's red eyes full of hints of sweetness.


He arrived at the opera theater while showing his outstanding fashion sense under the content heart and stopped for a moment.

It was because of the cute boy who was holding Deborah's hand tightly like a kitten.

"This... my younger brother also said he wants to see the opera today. And it turned out to be the weekend."


"Why do I feel like this kid is looking at me?"

"I told you I wanted to introduce him to you last time, right? His name is Enrique."

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