Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? (Novel) Chapter 58



The silence between him and me was a bit awkward, so I hesitated before opening my mouth.

"The book that Sir Isidor won at the auction last time, I gave it to my father. He liked it a lot."

"I'm glad that the princess found it useful."

"How did you know it was written by the sixth generation of the Seymour family head?"

"Because it's very rare for people to separate letters and use them to reverse them next to each other. As far as I know, there's only one person."

"I see."

After replying, there was nothing more to say.

Somehow, we walked side by side with an uncomfortable feeling along the path where Jacaranda trees were planted, and a strong wind passed by our side.

As the trees swayed, the light purple flowers fell like snow and scattered.

Isidor, who gently snatched a petal from the air, handed it to me.

"Take it."

He fluttered like a fox and smiled faintly.

"A gift because I became the flower of the year thanks to you."


"Perhaps, the princess is the only one in the world who thought of making her male partner wear a pink suit to the dance."

"I thought of it because it seemed to suit you well. I would never let people who don't fit it wear it."

My eyes are very delicate and precious.

"Haha, I see. It feels good to have a secret."

He smiled like an angel and dropped the flowers into my palm.

Thanks to Isidor, I managed to resell the pink jewel at a high price, and with a huge amount of money in my hand, I felt a little embarrassed as I toyed with the flowers he gave me.

"Since I received it, I can't just let it pass."

"What do you mean?"

"The escort option. I don't need it anyway, so wouldn't it be reasonable to give it to the princess who made me the flower of the year?"

"OMG! Fantastic."

I screamed internally.

Isidor just gave me a very special authority a moment ago.

It meant I could choose whatever I wanted and energetically nominate a prestigious lady who would support my debutante this autumn.

How should I use this card correctly?

Getting an unexpected bonus was a bit surprising.

"Sir Isidor, I don't reject what is given to me, especially not good things."

"It's good to be honest. Because I really don't like those who awkwardly decline and reject something even if it's good."

By the way, why do you keep giving me things?

In this world, there are no simple things, so this person isn't doing it for me, right?

I thought for a moment and then shook my head.

I still had some suspicions about Isidor, who seemed like a kind and friendly person.

I think I'm secretly good at dealing with people.

"Alright, I'll take it. I'll make good use of it again."

For now, as it was a token of gratitude, I spoke while playing with the flowers.

"I'll take this instead."

Suddenly, a large hand in white gloves reached closer, and slowly, without saying a word, it took the flower that had fallen onto my shoulder.

The moment the gentle touch passed over my shoulders, a corner of my chest dropped unexpectedly.

Quickly, it's because of an assumption that appeared in my head like a flash of light.

Isidor's kind favors toward me.

That's why he's being so meddling.

"No, there's no chance he li-li-likes... "

Hey, hey, no way.

I'm not in a condition to swear on Philap's axe disease!

"Le-let's keep going."

Suddenly, my head spun like tangled thread, so I walked rigidly, looking straight ahead.

"Walk slowly. You're faster than marching soldiers."

He toyed with the flowers he gave me and hurriedly followed me.

I tried to erase the dreamy assumption from my mind as I walked stiffly.

"Wake up. I'm a villain, and this is a devastating novel."

Honestly, there's no reason for Isidor to like her.

I don't remember being nice to him, and I have a very bad reputation.

The maids who have been following Deborah all this time have spread rumors about me with even more malice.

Instead, it's more rational to think that there's something he wants to obtain through me.

The doubt I had inside me resurfaced, and at the same time, I became even more concerned about Isidor.

I tried to get rid of the innocent smile and the fleeting sensation of his finger brushing my nape from my mind, and urged myself to walk faster.

1. Golden Butterfly.
Now, the opening date of the café is just a few days away.

The Seymour flower garden was splendid day by day with colorful roses in full bloom.

As I walked among the blossoming flowers, I felt anxious.

"Time flows so quickly."

After selecting a location with much concern, the business progressed as quickly as flowing water, and the season changed from spring to summer.

Since all practical things are being done in Blanchia, I, who was in charge of planning, suddenly had nothing to do recently.

However, instead of my body feeling comfortable, tension grew, and it tasted like death to me.

I can't sleep.

It's my second life, and even though I have a business partner, Munchkin, it's my first business.

I confidently told the Master that I would run a franchise business, but if the business doesn't go well, it would be a hardship.

A lot of money was invested in equipment and interiors, so if it failed, it would be a big blow.


I would like to make a larger sum of money, but no matter how much I look at the old iron sword I recovered from the auction house, I really have no idea how to use it.

"Like Diery, you need to have the Holy Spirit's egg for the artifact's value to be revealed."

Should I ask my father to get the Holy Spirit's eggs?

However, now that I want to make such a request, I hesitated.

"My conscience hurts a lot."

It hasn't been long since I lost (?) the Pink Diamond, so I think I have to be cautious for the time being.

I embraced the feeling of unease and walked through the garden, then went to the library.

I'll only worry more if I stay stunned.

"Princess Deborah! Are you here?"

As soon as I appeared in the library after a long time, Arin, who was organizing the books, ran towards me with a flushed face.

"How cute."

The emerald dress with a light design goes well with the fine green pin.

It seems she bought a lot of things with the salary she received a while ago.

Because I had to pay for research funds and the reward for bringing me rumors about me from the Academy, the money she received from me every month was not small.

Instead of an employer who treats her well like a daughter but is stingy with money, an employer who stabs her with a lot of money is much better.

"What kind of book are you looking for?"

She spoke enthusiastically, as if she had learned all the materials in the library.

"Please prepare material on mana formula theory, the basics."


As she hurried off, I picked up a suspicious note from the desk.


It was a note with an explanation of the book Belreck was looking for.

"Finding the book became difficult because only the author was selected. If it were such a common name, there would be quite a few people with the same name."

I feel like it was intentional for some reason.

After finding faults and threatening to drive Arin away if she made a mistake, there is no doubt that he is thinking of naming his subordinate again.

Since Arin was so intelligent, it seemed she had handled it well.

"The family librarian has more authority than I thought."

Leaving the librarian as a subordinate, there is the advantage that he can get the book he wants immediately with the house's public funds and not his private expenses.

I also indirectly asked Arin to bring the first edition of a novel by a famous romantic writer that couldn't be obtained even if you gave money.

It was no coincidence that among the seemingly new books, there was an exceptionally large number of books about artifacts that were useful for Belreck.

I left the note and approached Arin, who was flipping through a book, and spoke.

"Is the librarian job okay?"

"Yes. It's fun. I really enjoy reading books. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to access rare magic books."

"Fortunately, it seemed like she really liked this job."

"Then you should opt for a full-time position."

Arin had no experience as a librarian, so she was temporarily employed in the vacant position.


Arin tilted her head as I muttered.

"It means acting actively and making a strong impression on my father. So you can work as much as you want."

"I'll work harder!"

Her light green eyes shone with enthusiasm.

"To make up for the lack of experience, sincerity is also important, but you have to do something that makes you stand out."

"I have to show my uniqueness."

"That's right."

A sign of agony passed over Arin's face.

"There's a way. Make a list of cards to facilitate book searching."

I explained to Arin the concept of an index.

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