Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? (Novel) Chapter 57



"It's good that you arrived just in time. The building in front of the East Gate is for sale."

As soon as I sat in the chair on the other side of the office, the Master handed me a document indicating the location and price of the real estate property for the coffee business.

Is the price quite good?

The location is good, and the area is quite large. Additionally, it was a three-story building with a basement.

"The price is cheaper than expected."

"It's because it was at the East Gate. If you want to make a purchase like this at the Goddess Square on the West Gate side, you'd have to pay at least double the gold coins."

"It's probably due to the value of the Goddess Fountain symbol."

Landmarks also played a very important role here.

"But I found an interesting fact. When I ordered my subordinates to count the people passing by for a week, there wasn't much difference."

"It means that the West Gate side is popular because of the Goddess Fountain, and the properties on the East Gate are undervalued."

"That's right."

The Master smiled brightly.

"Alright. Let's make the contract for this building immediately. What happened with the land donation?"

"I got the permission. Thanks to this, I also got a one-year income tax cut."

Even if you pretend, keep pretending.

When it comes to group assignments, it was like being in the driver's seat of a limousine bus.

"Is the ride really that comfortable?"

It was a new shock for me, who had been driving the bus alone every time I had a group assignment because my luck had been so bad all this time.

"Princess. Now that you have a location, it's important what and how you sell."

At her words, I stopped reminiscing about my gloomy past and pulled out the documents from my bag.

"I made a list of the store's menus."

The Master, who was scanning my article with a touch of interest, furrowed her brows in the middle.

"Everything is fine, but what if we remove the coffee from here?"

"How? I think coffee is the most competitive menu."


"After drinking this beverage at Maisond, my sleep time decreased, and my concentration improved. Thanks to coffee, I was able to develop improved formulas faster."

I deliberately drank a cup of bitter and tasteless coffee every time I came to Maisond to persuade the Master and set the hook in the ground.

"It was a real hassle."

"Is that so?"

"Confirm it with the store assistant. They will tell you that I always came to have coffee. I'm sure that drink has a great effect."

"If it's effective for improving concentration, it would be better to distribute it to a drug dealer. Both the color and taste do not give a favorable impression at all."

"How does Maisond make coffee?"

"After grinding the beans and putting them in a strainer, they pour hot water to prepare it."

"When I heard the explanation from the store assistant, I heard that it's a drink made from roasted beans, but has it already been roasted once for processing?"

"Yes. A merchant from the Duchy of Perdin sends the roasted green beans. There wasn't much price difference between roasted beans and green beans, so we chose roasted ones to save time."

I think I roughly knew why Maisond coffee was so damn tasteless.

"Either they sent roasted beans in poor condition, or Maisond doesn't know how to store the beans, or it's one of the two. Because freshness decreased, the smell and taste were terrible."

"I know the best time for beans is about two weeks after roasting. I thought for a moment and opened my mouth.

'How about bringing fresh green beans and roasting them immediately?'

'The ingredient preparation process will take a long time, and it will only be an inconvenience.'

The Master seemed unable to understand my obsession with coffee.

Because tea culture flourished in the empire, they undoubtedly assumed there was no place for the drink from a small neglected duchy.

But I really wanted to sell it.

'I really want to drink an Iced Americano right now.'

How can you leave this devilish drink once you fall in love with it?

Actually, it's a menu for me.

I could somehow endure without ramen and chicken, but I had no confidence in living the rest of my life without coffee.

'Master, if you have a kitchen staff, connect me with them. I will participate directly in developing the recipe.'

'Your enthusiasm is great.'

'I'm so confident. Number 1 credit for formula development! I'm very confident in selling Coffee well!'

While I continued to insist with my mouth, the Master also put on a tempted face.

'I have to drink it as an experiment. Drinking about three cups should work fine, right?'

'...Um, go ahead and drink it first.'


'This is the main building of the Fraternity.'

Isidor, who was introducing me to the <Epsilon> facility as a new member, suddenly rubbed his eyes.

Fatigue spread across his always fresh face, and a decadent atmosphere flowed heavily downward.

Are those dark circles?

The more I looked at him, the more amazing he looked.

'Sir Isidor, you look exceptionally tired today.'

The fifth princess who was stuck by my side with her hands behind her back kept clicking her tongue.

'...I couldn't sleep at all, so I haven't been sleeping well for the past few days.'

'Do you have any worries?'

'It's not that.'

'You have to live a normal life. It's common knowledge that lack of sleep is harmful to the skin. Never forget that you are the flower of the empire and the face of our Epsilon!'

Isidor's expression turned somber as the people around him teased him for being the flower of the year.

'Princess, aren't you going to class?'

'Wouldn't it be possible to miss a day or two?'

'I'm telling you because it seems like you're absent every day. One of the Crown Prince's concerns is that the Princess will be the first member of the imperial family to be expelled from the Academy.'

The princess waved her fan rapidly, suddenly pretending not to hear.

Isidor, who closed his mouth, led her to a large building with an antique indigo roof.

'This building is used by Epsilon for academic conferences and various meetings. And on the left, there's a separate building that only women can use.'

The prestigious social club had a huge building called the Fraternity House near the academy, and there were separate halls for men and women.

The only theme of the social club is that you own a building on a negotiation ground. The crazy ways nobles spend money here are beyond my expectations.

"The fortunate thing is that the Fraternity House in Epsilon is close to the cafeteria building I'm going to open.

While I was having a quiet moment in the lounge, I thought about checking on the coffee business.

'In the left hallway, there is a library built with the sponsorship of our elders. That corridor is being decorated as a permanent exhibition room for works received as donations.'

While the Academy's primary purpose itself is the social club, internal and external support was also excellent.

'There is always a close relationship maintained between the Academy in our country.'

If I, born in Seymour, couldn't join one of the 4 major clubs, I would have been quite ignored by high society in the future.

'That's why Deborah didn't join last year even though she was older and expected to become a member of Omicron this year.'

'There is also plenty of space for hobbies. There is a magic laboratory and a practice room, so if you're interested, use it.'

Listening to Isidor's affectionate voice, I slowly looked inside the beautiful building lined with famous paintings and sculptures.

'I can't believe I can use this building for free. It's a real benefit.'

'Oh, there are also various clubs within Epsilon, so join if you're interested.'

'Princess Deborah!'

At that moment, the fifth princess who had covered her mouth with a fan suddenly called my name forcefully.


'Join the Mana Research Club. Let's discuss magic-related topics in depth together.'

You brought me here for this purpose.

Still, research related to magic wasn't a waste of time.

Although I have no sensitivity to mana, I'm very interested in making money with mana and using high potential energy to the fullest.


Her yellow eyes filled with excitement at my cold response.

She's a VIP client and has a higher rank than me.

There's nothing wrong with being close.

'Princess. It's already three o'clock. The professor is running late, but you have to leave now.'

The attendance number was in danger, and the princess's maid whispered anxiously.

Following Thierry, the Fifth Princess was also suspicious, but it was simply because of the mood that my awareness gained and let it pass.

'Mmm. Unfortunately, I have to go.'

Suddenly, she looked at me and started waving her hand anxiously.

'What is it?'

'Hm! Now that we belong to the same social club, how about giving each other a strong handshake once?'


As I held her hand lightly, the princess smiled happily.

'See you again soon!'

She shook both hands several times like an idiot and ran towards the Faculty of Magic.

Isidor silently looked at the Fifth Princess's receding back and muttered something slowly.

'...I have another bothersome thing.'


'Let's take a walk around here. I also have something important to say.'

'Sir Isidor seems very tired today to talk about something important.'

'I have enough strength to talk and walk.'

He smiled and walked towards a quiet and serene path."

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