Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? (Novel) Chapter 33



Now that the Duke of Seymour is solving the formula based on my shape, it must have seemed even stranger in the eyes of the professors.

To understand it to some extent, Professor Kyle's attitude was ridiculous as he considered me a cheating and blackmailing student.

"Who the hell do you think you are to claim that when you don't even have evidence?"

Professor Kyle's expression hardened for a moment.

"It seems that the princess has a lot of faith, even though Duke Seymour may be on the princess's side, it's arrogant to assume that the Academy and the Tower are on your side."


"Although the princess is far from capable, everyone has many complaints because you can stay here thanks to your father."


"In this ridiculous situation, how can you cheat?! I mean, it won't be enough even if you beg me to bury this case. Do you understand?"

"Not really."

"I know you're not good at learning, but it's also speechless... You're just a woman interested in dressing up. Honestly, the princess is no longer a child, and it's absurd that I have to teach you basic common sense not to cheat."

By the way, this professor's way of speaking is quite good.

"Your words are going too far."

I glared at him fiercely.

"What are you going to do if my words go too far? There's no one here listening! If you feel offended, the princess can try it according to her personality! If you want to hit me, go ahead. Don't your connections make it so that you can do whatever you want?"

I remained calm when I saw him start barking.

Why are you crossing the line so much when there's no one around? Professor Kyle deliberately provoked my personality, trying to stir up rumors that the princess had a fight with the professor.

My reputation was very bad because I got in here through connections.

Deborah also had a history of throwing mana stones at a student from the Department of Magic in the past.

Professor Kyle was sure to win public opinion against me.

"After I slap you on the cheek, you're going to raise the flag."

"Princess Deborah. Do you have to cling to the Department of Magic like a leech? Since the atmosphere in the class is too gloomy, how about we make the right judgment at least for the sake of the Seymour family's prestige...?"

His intentions were to raise his voice and anger me, or alternatively, provoke me to make a mess by turning the desk upside down. He smiled harshly, lifting only the corners of his mouth.

"I never did anything; I don't know what you're exactly talking about. I never cheated as the professor claimed."

"Perhaps you're afraid that Duke Seymour, who believes he'll protect you, will take you out of here? Keep in mind that the internal affairs of the Academy are not under the jurisdiction of the Tower. I will inform the dean if you're being reckless."

But if it's the dean, isn't he my uncle?

Of course, I'm not exceptionally close to my uncle...

He lost his place in Seymour Castle by losing the succession race, Marquis Bert doesn't have a good relationship with his twin brother, Duke Seymour.

I opened my mouth and looked at the professor who was threatening me.

"Without clear evidence, the professor has already decided that I cheated and clearly threatened my colleagues. So, I have nothing more to say."


"Whoever showed me the answer, bring that evidence first. Then, I'll leave."

"That rude idiot! Tsk tsk. You don't even have manners with your teacher!"

I left, leaving behind Professor Kyle, who clicked his tongue, and I tapped the fan in the palm of my hand.

Maybe this matter will be resolved easily.


Afterward, as if I were protesting, I "dressed" more glamorously, as the professor suggested.

I had a large jewel hanging from my ears to the point of exhaustion. I also wore a dress with a decorative style on purpose, so some people stared at me with their mouths wide open as I passed by.

I solved the formula problem faster than anyone else with an elegant pink pen while crossing my legs to appear arrogant and handed it in.

"I'm an engineering student, so honestly, this level is a piece of cake..."

Even though they gave me 2 hours. A sharp look stuck to me when I finished all the problems in 30 minutes.


"No way she already finished everything?"

Afterward, the assistant professor handed me the grade, and I received a perfect score.

The expressions of some youngsters wrinkled fiercely when I left the paper on my desk.

"Do your best."

I left the classroom while encouraging them in my heart.


"There must be corruption for sure. The speed doesn't make sense."

"It doesn't make sense that the stupid princess who likes to spend time on luxurious things solved the formula so quickly by herself. Oh, it definitely can't be."

"I'm sure the professor gave her the answer!"

Some of the boys who heard the magical formula theory were convinced that Professor Kyle was helping Princess Deborah behind their backs.

The princess wasn't even on the repeaters' list.

Everyone agreed that she couldn't do it unless she was entangled with the professor.

"It's really too much!"

A guy lamented and hit the table with his fist.

"I can't believe she's not even hiding that Professor Kyle was helping her behind her back."

"There's nothing to fear since her father is the owner of the Tower. She doesn't even have mana sensitivity, so being in the Department of Magic itself is a privilege. I can't believe she's created such an incompatibility. She's gone too far."

"Rumors are circulating that Duke Seymour doesn't care about his daughter. Wasn't the pink diamond bought for Princess Deborah worth more than a mansion? The fact that the princess has become a nobody is largely the fault of Duke Seymour."

Furthermore, as they instigated this matter among themselves, there was a guy who slandered and dragged Duke Seymour.

He was the third son of Marquis Raymont.

William Raymont.

"When I graduate, I'll be a member of the Tower, but I'm starting to worry little by little about my fate to serve such a Tower Chief."

He grumbled on purpose, mentioning the words "Tower Chief."

There were seven elders beneath the Tower. There were some elders eyeing the opportunity for the position of Tower Chief, and one of them was Marquis Raymont.

Marquis Raymont had strong hostility toward the Emperor, who left the position of Tower Chief solely to the Seymour family.

Moreover, Seymour had worked to strengthen imperial power since its inception, in contrast to Raymont, who was a Senate member representing aristocracy interests.

As they had been at odds for a long time, William deliberately stirred up the boys to make unfavorable issues for the Seymour family even bigger.

It was also because Marquis Raymont's sons were far behind in the competition compared to the Seymour twins.

They were always being compared.

So, William somehow wanted to bring down the standard of the direct line of the Seymour family.

"The wise and serene Tower Chief lets himself be swayed by personal emotions. I highly suspect his qualifications!"

"Look, William. Aren't those words dangerous? Duke Seymour is the only Class 7 Grand Mage in the empire. Saying that out of nowhere..."

Even if someone carefully pointed out his harsh words, William pointed his nose up.

"I must say it no matter who it is, even if it's Seymour. So, are you telling me to be silent when injustice is right in front of my eyes? It's natural to raise your voice to protect the injustice of the aristocrats."


"I'm thinking of writing a petition to remove Princess Deborah from the Department of Magic this time."

"A petition?"

"Yes! I can't sit and watch her receive that privilege just because she's a direct descendant of Seymour. The mana-less bitch came here with her father's power, it wasn't enough to walk around like a rat, but what's all this?"

"I agree with William's words! I can't stand that vicious woman in this department anymore."

George, who was also slapped by Deborah's fan last time, agreed with William Raymont and prepared a petition.

On the other hand, Professor Kyle was going crazy because the situation itself was unjust.

He didn't even accept a bribe, but in an instant, he became a corrupt professor who supported Princess Deborah from behind.

Damn, he wouldn't feel aggrieved if he had collected enough soybean water!

He was about to lose his hair due to stress because of the princess.

"Hey, assistant!"

Kyle, who was ruthlessly tearing his hair out, called his assistant.

"Yes. Sir Kyle."

"The evidence of how the princess blackmailed the students into cheating. Haven't you found it yet?"

"Far from evidence, I don't think the princess has much interaction with undergraduate students. She always goes around alone..."

"Does it make sense? There must be a bunch of bastards who have been deceived by her and gave the answers!"


The assistant's eyes were darkening.

Honestly, even in the eyes of the assistant, it seemed like the princess wrote and memorized the leaked answer sheet.

"The princess and the united idiots are talking behind my back, saying I'm a corrupt professor!"

Kyle had an outburst of irritation.

He was sure someone was helping her, but whoever it was, they wouldn't catch them.

In order to interrogate the aristocracy, he needed some clues, but this was so frustrating that he was going crazy.

"Damn it. At this rate, I'll have to use everything at once."

It was when...

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