Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? (Novel) Chapter 34



Knock Knock.

The sound of slow knocks reached the two of them.

As soon as the assistant opened the door, Kyle jumped up from his seat with a pale face.

The Dean of the Department of Magic at the Academy.

It was because Marquis Bert entered.

After losing to the Duke of Seymour in the succession race, he trained hard after being invited as a professor at the academy.

People could easily distinguish between Marquis Bert and Duke Seymour.

It was because there was a long scar on Marquis Bert's right cheek.

"D-Dean Bert!"

"Lately, there has been a lot of noise, particularly in Mathematical Formula Theory. Can't you handle it properly?"

Marquis Bert tossed the document he had in his hand.

It was a petition submitted to the administration office by the nobles led by William Raymont.

The content requested a thorough investigation, as Duke Seymour must be behind this corruption case, and Professor Kyle is openly leaking formula answers to Princess Deborah.

"This petition. Explain what it means."

"I feel so aggrieved, Dean. It's really unfair."

Kyle's disheveled hair was scattered all over the place like dandelion seeds as he appealed to the Dean with a feeling of blood vomiting.

"Let's first take a look at the question Princess Deborah solved."

Bert, who received the test, rubbed his chin with a puzzled look.

"Given that there are many formulas to save the total amount of mana mainly in secondary magic, it's impossible to answer so quickly, no matter how much of a genius you are."

"However, the question has never been leaked. This is my assumption, but I'm sure at least 3 people are on a team to teach each answer to the princess's problems."

"Ah! If you've been cheating in such a complicated way, how come you haven't caught the tail until now?"

"Perhaps there's an artifact that can help you cheat in Seymour? Lord Belreck is an outstanding artifact maker..."

"Do you even have a brain? If he created an artifact with such a grand function, Belreck would already be the head of the family."

Kyle's eyes were distorted by Bert's scolding.

Anyway, I need to meet with my niece in person.


"You're here."

I walked dragging my wholeheartedly senseless behavior and finally waited for a big fish to take the bait.

Bert, who has absolute authority in the Department of Magic at the Academy, called me to the Dean's office.

"By the way, you really resemble each other."

It's a copy of Duke Seymour's image, even down to the graceful way of dusting off the dust.

As I looked at his white hand with blue veins, one of the old memories came to my sight.

"You're becoming more and more like Marien, Deborah."

During my childhood, the man in front of her muttered with a bitter voice and gently stroked Deborah's hair.

Then he gave her a light blue ring that he held in his hand, saying it was a gift.

Perhaps if he didn't have feelings for the duchess, he wouldn't have said such a line.

Like Rosad and Belreck in the novel, was it also a love triangle?

A crazy drama played out in my head.

The desperate love story of my uncle who is willing to distance himself from the Duchy to wish for the happiness of his beloved woman.

One twin becomes the Head of the Tower and the head of Seymour, while the other twin has been relegated to the academy to deal with a group of students with no basic nosebleeds like me.

He even took away the person he liked.

The fact that the fate of twins born at the same time on the same day was reversed by such a large difference made me feel sorry for him.

And that scar made me imagine more uselessly.

I looked at him somehow with a sad feeling, the person called "uncle" with a cold wind began to speak with a cold expression.

"This is a petition addressed to you."

He pushed the paper towards me.

"Explain in detail how this matter has been circulating. You must tell the truth if you want to continue attending this Academy."

As expected, I couldn't find a hint of kindness. I fear someone who doesn't have Seymour blood.

He pounded the table as if interrogating me and continued to push me with cold eyes.

"I accepted your enrollment in the Department of Magic, it was because of your strong perseverance with magic. And it's also due to the belief that you will someday flourish as a Seymour. Please, I hope you come up with an answer that doesn't disappoint me."

"I don't know what kind of answers the dean is asking for, but I'm angry about this situation."

"Are you angry?"

He arched his right eyebrow like Duke Seymour.

"Yes. I simply solved the formula to the best of my ability, but everyone is pressuring me for bribing the professor. As if I'm a sinner."


"I will not forget generously anyone for insulting me like this without any evidence."

I opened my eyes fiercely to the point where my eyelids hurt.

It seemed like I was genuinely angry.

It was my concept this time.

A phenomenon with a dirty personality.

Deborah, if you are innocent, does that mean this situation was falsely accused?

He asked as if it were unexpected.

Yes. So please open the door to the truth. No matter who brings the formula problems. I want to prove that I didn't cheat in front of everyone.

On purpose, I escalated the situation like a big fish.

The bigger this situation, the better for me.


Marquess Bert, who swallowed his saliva at my confident look, had a strange expression on his face as he bit the pipe in his mouth.

Are you serious?

The long scar on his left cheek was twisting.

Yes. Dean. I've decided this is the only way I can do it if I want to restore my reputation and the honor that has collapsed.

Honestly, I had no reputation or honor to fall lower, but I clenched my teeth tightly and pretended to contain my humiliation.

...Alright. Please, prove your innocence.

Shortly after, Marquess Bert set up a place to find out the truth about the petition, just as I requested.

To judge this situation objectively, I was delighted to hear that the vice-dean, who is more meticulous and knowledgeable than anyone else, was invited.


Will the open meeting to uncover the truth about Princess Deborah take place at 5 o'clock on the first day of the year?

Isidor, who was playing with cards, looked at the clock indifferently.

Time didn't pass fast enough because there was something fun ahead of him for the first time in a long time.

"So far, there have only been stupid things."

Isidor. Doesn't he seem to be playing hard to get out quickly today of all days?

That's right, what's the matter?

Watching Isidor, who couldn't concentrate on the game at all, the members of [Epsilon] gathered in their club were smiling.

[Epsilon] is one of the most prestigious social clubs since the establishment of the Academy, and currently, Isidor is now the leader in charge of taking over from the crown prince.

And they had gathered to discuss the recruitment of new members for the club, although they were playing poker betting money for fun.

Oh, guys. Have you heard that story?

Suddenly, someone spoke.

What story?

The story of Philap carrying Mia Binoche in his arms, like a princess, walking all over the campus.

Yes. He did a great job. But that's old news. Anything more interesting?

Because the members of Epsilon really don't like the arrogant Philap, they insulted him every time his name came up.

That's not all.

Is there more?

What's interesting is that Mia Binoche was admitted to [Omicron] after that.

There was a sigh of surprise all around.

How on earth?

No matter how much Philap is the leader of [Omicron], how does the lady from an unknown and nameless family get into the club that values lineage the most? It's also astonishing that three or more of the executives agreed.

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