Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? (Novel) Chapter 31



"What is it?"

When I met him after a long time, I felt a sense of rejection imprinted on my body, so I didn't feel well.

"He's been quiet, but he's here looking for a fight again."

I looked at him with a fiercer expression.

"Deborah. Did I hear that you've been causing trouble again?"

"Hmm? Perhaps you're my stalker?"

"Why would I follow you? My ears can hear for themselves every time you behave like this."

"You're not the heir of the family, and it's not important to you what the princess does, so why would you listen?"

"How dare you, a mere princess, be equal to me when I'm the successor?"

I replied, throwing his words back at him.

"It seems I'm someone willing to cause trouble at any time. I heard that the artifact investigation has hit a rough patch. Do you have time to talk to me like this?"

His expression wrinkled when I mentioned the artifact story.

"My research is none of your business."

"I don't want to bother you either. So please, go your own way, or hurry up and tell me what you want."

"Fine, I'll tell you what you so desperately want to hear. It seems you've had a special relationship with Father lately."

"You're right. My father always seeks me out."

"What's the reason?"

He asked as he wiped his glasses with a handkerchief.

His silver eyes glinted like a snake in the darkness.

"Do I need a special reason to meet with my father? He must have called me because it's fun to spend time with me. My brother is so busy that he doesn't even see his own nose. It's hard to see other people's faces. Who would have thought I have two brothers?"

After the ice was broken, time seemed to pass faster, and during all this time, our family had never gathered for a meal, so the house was quite dry.

"Although Rosad is in the midst of an operation to overthrow the barbarians outside the eastern territories..."

Anyway, since the eldest son is absent due to the war, there are more reasons not to gather.


At my words, Belreck snorted.

"You have the ability to dodge the point like an eel. You've been answering me a lot lately. You're bringing up the strange idea of not getting married. You're making me angrier in a different way."

"Thanks for the compliments."

I used to be an easy prey who couldn't say anything that the other person wouldn't like, now I can't believe I'm angering a sadistic person like Belreck.

Is it a long-term improvement?

"Alright, alright. Let's say our father suddenly felt lonely and often spends a lot of time with you, as you said."

Belreck took a step closer with a sharp smile around his mouth.

I clenched my fist tightly until my palms tingled, so as not to step back.

"However, that's it. Don't get too conceited and fool around."

"What do you mean by that? I've also left your precious scholar Patrick alone. Have I ever been as gentle as I have been recently?"

"I heard you fired the son of the Stephan family!"

He opened his eyes wide and shouted.

Oh! Jamie Stephan.

That was the name of the librarian who was disrespectful and whose narrow-minded words fell every time he opened his mouth.

"Father, I would like to take disciplinary action against a librarian named Jamie Stephan for speaking out of turn."

"Speaking out of turn?"

"Yes. I went to the library, and he told me to leave because they don't handle romantic books here. It's a narrow-minded comment that ignores a literary genre."

"He's talking nonsense. Impertinent boy."

It was hard to move forward; the other day, I asked my father to discipline the librarian while eating.

But I didn't expect my father to fire him immediately.

Kya! That's why people should stay in line.

By the way, since Belreck is upset about this, Jamie Stephan seems to be his vassal.

Now I understand the situation.

That guy from the library somehow crawled away as if nothing had happened when he saw me looking at a third-rate novel.

When I encountered him near the Duke's office, I remembered the attitude of Belreck's vassal, who always greeted me.

There's no way a subordinate will respect me when the boss ignores me with folded arms.

"The Stephan family has been a vassal for three generations of the Seymour family. Do you understand what that means?"

"I don't know, but I am fully aware that he has no right to manage that place."

Belreck clicked his tongue slightly at my words.

"How long are you going to keep saying that? It's funny how someone like you walks around talking like a Seymour. Keep in mind that your impulsive and emotional behavior is tarnishing our family's reputation."

Belreck scratched my pride with his relentless words.

I can't believe he's speaking without any filter to his only sister.

I think I understand why Deborah showed her inferiority complex just by looking at Belreck.

As if being rude wasn't enough, he's also narrow-minded.

In the end, the reason Belreck came here spewing abusive language is because I exercised my personal right through my father.

How annoying it would be to have a sister who is not competent enough according to his standards to act presumptuously with the most powerful person in the family.

"Honestly, where in the world would there be a scarecrow princess like me with no authority!"

The Duke Sereig's princess who sponsored Mia in the novel had a variety of powers of her own, including soldiers.

She even has a maid to carry things freely.

Although it's all hers. I mean, why am I the one being punished?

"He is not competent as a librarian of the Seymour family; I simply fired someone who doesn't deserve it. I didn't act impulsively or emotionally."

I spoke slowly, containing the irritation that was welling up.

To not appear emotional at all.

"He doesn't deserve it?"

"That's right."

"He worked as an imperial librarian; he is especially knowledgeable in the magical field. You are the one lacking competence as a Seymour."

"But how can he, an imperial librarian, not even answer my simple question?"

"What kind of futile question did you ask?"

"Is [Politics and Economics of the Empire] in the politics section? Or economic?"

Belreck hesitated for a moment.

"This system, which only uses double books on the same subject, cannot respond to various exceptional situations."

I spoke while looking at Belreck, who was silent with a surprised expression.

"I don't even go to the library often, but I could see a blind spot in the classification system immediately. On the other hand, he overlooked the most obvious problem, even though he lives with books every day. Is he not qualified as a librarian, or is he?"

Belreck frowned as I spoke sarcastically.

"How can you ask such a petty question to bother the librarian?"

"Bother? I'm pointing out careless practices. Brother, don't you think you look more emotional? Oh, now that I think about it, my brother is an emotional person. They say only you can see it."

As if affected by my words, he clenched his teeth and let go.

"Deborah. The imperial family also uses this method to classify books by subject. Because it's the most effective method."

"How effective is it? If you only know the author's name, how can you find the book if you don't know the book's title?"

"Isn't it the librarian's job to find the book the employer wants as soon as possible? That's why I've been looking for Jamie Stephan, who is a great connoisseur of magic. However, you were cruel enough to mistakenly fire him. There's no alternative either."

Hm, that's how he evaluates the librarian's skills.

That's why the data classification system isn't even developed.

"We'll find a surprising alternative sooner or later."


Belreck crossed his arms and snorted at my words.

"I didn't know you had a knack for bluffs. Stop muddying the waters like a loach, just behave yourself. Also, give up on Philap now."

"Philap is not my type. Honestly, I really don't like those macho men who can't even communicate properly."

Now, I felt a bit tired and muttered.

"Alright, it must be that way, then rest well."

Belreck gave me a playful pat on the shoulder with a hint of disbelief and walked slowly into the darkness of the hallway.

"What will you do if I prove I'm not lying?"

I shouted loudly at his back.

"Hah! I'll personally call you sister, Deborah."

"You rascal!"

I played with the magic stone that has a recording function and watched Belreck's retreating back, which was getting smaller.

I have another unfair matter because of this guy Philap, and since I don't think I can salvage my honor in this life either, I had to buy one.

Yesterday, I went to Maisond and bought it in a hurry.

I went to see if he might have an artifact with a recording function as an informant, and it turned out as I expected.

But it was too expensive.

It can only record for more than 10 minutes, but it cost about 3 million Korean won.

"It's comforting that it's not disposable."

Honestly, saving 10 billion won is so hard that I'm crying.

Although I have so many jewels and money, I can't believe I have to write a family asset account every time I worry about my pocket.

With a deep sigh, I lay on my back in bed. But I couldn't sleep for a long time.

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