Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? (Novel) Chapter 30



This magic formula was founded by Simeon, the ancient Class 9 Grand Mage, and Rikargos the Silver Dragon. You are the first and only person to have questioned this method.


Given the extraordinary authority of the founder, I didn't even dare to touch this topic in the first place.

Moreover, Tegea was a time when magic was much more prosperous and abundant than it is now, due to the high density of mana in the atmosphere along with active exchanges between tribes.

The magical artifacts produced in ancient times were now traded at astronomical prices, and the mages of the Empire believed and worshiped the mages of the Tegea era as their gods.

That's why everyone had no choice but to be like stagnant water.

"Father, let me solve it this time."

I solved the formula by calculating the total amount of mana produced by wide-area magic in a geometric sequence... in less than a minute.

The Duke, who had always maintained a cold expression, was so surprised that he couldn't hide his astonishment.

"What did you do now? How did you solve this problem in thirty seconds? It's not even a multiple-choice question, so there's no way you can guess by looking at the numbers. The odds of doing this make no sense..."

He said in an unintelligible manner.

"If you think I just got lucky by answering correctly, then you can change the numbers."

As if he really didn't believe me, he gave me a few more exercises, and I wrote down the answers immediately.

Duke Seymour, covering his forehead with his hands, put on a crazed expression.

"How the hell did you do that? Even using common sense, this makes no sense. If you knew how to handle mana, you could definitely become a combat mage..."

"Hmm. Why?"

"You can greatly reduce the casting speed of wide-area magic. Honestly, I've never met a person who is as precise as you and has excellent speed at the same time."

Due to this conversation with the Duke, I learned that you can use magic if you can simply answer equations without having to solve them in such a crude way.

Furthermore, the speed of formula solving was associated with the speed of magic casting.

"Darn it!"

If only I had mana sensitivity, then I could have used my engineering career for good and become like the Class 6 mage who married a mercenary.

Even if I didn't save 10 billion won, I could easily become a mage.

Why can't I use magic, even though I am directly related to the Seymour family?

I swallowed back tears as I kicked the ground in regret, and soon folded up my sad heart.

As soon as I see a person dying in the cowardly weak fireball, I will immediately cling to their heart and faint.

I might not be able to sleep for a lifetime due to guilt over the fact of murder.

"However, it's a pity. If I could deal with mana, it would have been good in many ways."

I was drowning in the bottomless abyss of bitterness when the Duke shouted my name.



"You just described this formula as ineffective. A moment ago, you said it's inefficient to use magic to save a withered daisy."

"That's right."

"Just as you easily solved the problem using charcoal, it seems there's an easier way to solve magical formulas. If we stick to the current method, we'll never achieve the current speed."

"You're right."

I was deeply impressed by Duke Seymour's sharp insight, who was a great mage.

"As my father said, unlike the traditional way, if you use the formula with the new form I developed, you'll be able to get an answer much faster and more easily."

Of course, it's an achievement of the great mathematicians from my previous life, but let's say I developed it since no one in this world knows it except me.

"I wonder how it works."

As I looked into the Duke's eager-to-learn eyes, I grabbed a quill and began to demonstrate how I solved it on a piece of parchment.

"Ah! That's how..."

The Duke seemed stuck in constant amazement.

"What about this part?"

"It's simply a matter of substituting numbers. Like this."

Until the window showed that the evening sky was turning red, I began giving math lessons to Duke Seymour out of nowhere.

It wasn't so difficult for me, who had several private tutoring jobs in my past life.

I felt the sudden gentle gaze of the Duke as I reached for water to quench my thirst, so I looked up.

"Let's go out first and eat together today."


To be honest, the food served by the chefs employed by the Seymour family was much more delicious than any restaurant in the Yones district.

The last time I went out because I was on probation, but I didn't understand why he would want to go out for a meal when there was a chef, who could be a five-star hotel chef, under our roof.

"Due to the sudden schedule, you couldn't rent out a whole restaurant like last time."

However, the carriage unexpectedly stopped in front of the largest jewelry store in the Yones district, instead of a restaurant.

"Oh! Did you bring me here to go shopping?"

Look at the Duke's scale!

"Choose if there's something you like. I found that my daughter resembles Seymour more and is cooler than anyone else, so I want to give this as a gift."

The left head of the two-headed snake in the Seymour family crest symbolizes vigorous intellectual curiosity and a new paradigm.

From the Duke's perspective, I think he must have been very impressed with the way I mentioned the formula that could break the long-standing tradition in the magical world.

He said it in a chic tone as if he were trying to appear indifferent, but a visible emotion that is hard to hide remained in his eyes.

Good. He just found out that his daughter, who was criticized for riding a hang glider* in the School of Magic, had a genius talent that surpassed the great mage.

(*N/T: Remember this means entering through connections.)

"Thank you, Father."

When I entered the grand jewelry store, my heart felt magnificent.

The word "father" came from the depths of my heart.

"No, this person is my father now."

"Deborah, don't take too long."

Unfortunately, he didn't like shopping as much as any other father.

Listening to his subtle urge, I carefully looked at the jewels that were neatly displayed in the glass showcase, with the diamond dancing around, and pointed to the bracelet that looked quite expensive.

I wanted it because I thought the large obsidian stone embedded in the middle would go well with Deborah's purple hair.

The shop owner, who was rubbing his hands like a fly and was puzzled by the sudden appearance of a high-ranking noble, quickly approached and reached into the glass showcase.

But before he could pronounce the price, the Duke of Seymour crossed his arms with an unpleasant look on his face.

"You. How dare you ignore a Seymour?"

And he began to quarrel with the jeweler out of nowhere.

When the merchant saw the Duke's cold expression, which seemed to be saying, "strike the neck of this insignificant man," he hurriedly bowed several times and shook his head with a pale face.

"I apologize, Your Excellency Duke Seymour. If there's any inconvenience, we will correct it immediately."

"I thought this was a jewelry store that the royal family often uses, but I'm very disappointed with your response."

I mean, what part are you not satisfied with?

Honestly, the service wasn't bad.

I listened to his shouts without understanding.

"Hmm, the merchant is so clumsy."

The Duke of Seymour snatched the obsidian bracelet from the hands of the jewelry store owner and clicked his tongue slightly.

"My daughter meant to say that she would buy the rest of the jewelry, except for the cheap trinket in that showcase."

(Translator's Note: Haha, I love it.)

Oh, was that it?

The Duke confidently shouted out the potential needs that not even the mastermind knew.

"Is there any way my daughter would only buy a bracelet? It's more than pathetic. Isn't that right, Deborah?"

"That's right. I can't believe I have to tell them something so obvious. They're so frustrating."

I was in a hurry to end the fight.

I think the fact that I really wanted everything except this one seems right. When I saw that, it put me in a bad mood.

The owner and the jewelry store clerks, who had turned into pathetic beings, began to take the rest of the jewelry out of the showcase and wrap it, with faces that seemed unsure whether to laugh or cry.

I underestimated the scale of this household again.

Last time, I asked for an investment of 40 million dollars and I almost saw blood. Why do humans keep making the same mistake?

"If there's another golden opportunity like this in the future, I'll definitely multiply it by ten times."

I pondered several times over the minds of the high nobility and looked at the jewelry boxes piled up like a mountain.


After the frenzied shopping spree, when I returned after dining at a restaurant, the total darkness of the night enveloped the Seymour house.


The Duke of Seymour extended his hands elegantly.

"Come in."

"Rest, Father."

"Honestly, I don't think I can rest well today, as I'll be studying the formulas you've designed..."

Duke Seymour himself was an exemplary scholar with strong intellectual research.

Perhaps if the Duke had been in my previous world, he would have become a science student like the unicorn in legend.

Because there's no real-life science student that handsome.

After bidding farewell to my father, as I walked down the hallway leading to the annex, a black silhouette suddenly appeared in the darkness in front of me, almost making me faint.

It was Belreck.

"You're the only person in the entire Empire who would look at their brother like a hawk."

"Hey! I'm surprised you just appeared out of nowhere."

The problem was that Deborah's facial features were so sharp and fierce that it looked like she was looking at him that way even though she was surprised.

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