Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? (Novel) Chapter 38



"You've been coming a lot lately, princess."

Cookie purred and rested her head on my thigh.

"Cookie looks very charming, but the previous request is still in progress, so if you could extend the deadline by just one week..."

The Master, who always had an expressionless face, looked exceptionally tired from excessive work today.

Well, I'm a customer who originally wasn't part of his plans.

The Crown Prince's requests and my requests, he had to deal with two things at once that not even ten bodies would be enough for.

"Master, I didn't come here to rush you with the request, but I'm here because I'm curious about something."

I handed over the jewels and got straight to the point.

"What's your question?"

As soon as he saw the jewels, he perked up a bit.

"Do you have exclusive rights for the release of your new invention?"

Being a munchkin, he immediately understood what I meant.

"Hm. I think you're talking about that patent law. If you issued a Patent Judicial document, you can exercise your patent. It was legislated by the Visconti family about 300 years ago. Blanchia also often does patents related to artifacts and alchemy."

"In what way?"

I took out a bunch of jewels, but unexpectedly, he firmly returned them to me.

"I'm curious about what the princess wants to patent. If you satisfy my curiosity, I'll help you with the patent process at lightning speed."

I cheered inwardly when he said he would play the role of a patent attorney.

Meanwhile, the Master has obtained patents in various fields. I'm sure he knows how to delve into patent law.

I bit my lips with joy and said.

"...Alright. In exchange, let's draft a contract in which you won't make any public disclosures related to this discovery."

"Okay. However, if I manage to patent it, the princess will give 20 percent of the income from the patent."

I first sealed the Master's lips, but he cleverly asked for the commission.

"Is this how you do it all the time? I am the Princess of Seymour."

The Master gritted his teeth and looked into my eyes, groaning.

"Then, 10 percent..."

I turned my head from left to right until it made a cracking sound.

"So, in addition to this, I'll give you a 30 percent discount on all artifacts you purchase at Blanchia. What do you think?"

"Hm? I don't think that's a bad deal either..."

The Master was planning to sell more artifacts through the discount event for me, but it was an irresistible proposal for me who wanted to buy many artifacts with recording functions.

"Alright. I'll go with that condition."

"Very well. Let's hear what it's about then."

He smiled as he managed to negotiate.

"It's not much. I improved Simeon's magic formula, and I was curious if I could get a patent for the improved formula."

He quickly wiped the smile off his mouth and became serious.

"What do you mean it's not much? You improved the formula of the Great Mage Simeon? Are you serious?"


Large cracks slowly appeared on his inorganic face.


"If you really don't believe me, give me a pen."

We showed him the summary of the lengthy formula in front of him, and after being silent while furrowing his brow for a while, he let out a somewhat dejected smile.

"The princess always surprises me. It's really amazing."

"And what if I'm amazing? I don't know the difference in mana, so it's like a cake in the sky for me."

"Ah, so a patent...! I understand. It's similar to my pursuit of practicality rather than honor."

"Is the patent process possible?

"It's my first experience with an improved formula, but apparently, there's nothing we can't do if we include Paragraph 3 of the Patent Law.

His explanation was more or less like this.

The Mage tried to give various attributes to Mana magic.

For your information, Duke Seymour is a mage with unparalleled talent for turning mana into water and ice attributes.

And often, there are some mages who patented variations of unique attributes.

Mana attributes are classified as a kind of 'technology patent,' and he said that the improved casting speed formula is sufficient to be included in the 'technical patent' section.

"However, the most important question in this case is how you will generate income from the patent. In the case of mana modification patents, when related artifacts or mana stones were distributed, there was a patent income form for the mage.

"Ah, it's not easy.

I swallowed nervously.

The key to the improved formula is casting speed.

Since there was no separate invention, the revenue-generating part became very ambiguous.

"Asking the mage to pay money every time they use my improved formula... it's difficult anyway.

"It's impossible to investigate one by one if they use the formula; if you ask them to pay each time that way, there will be a lot of resistance from the mages. Isn't it likely that Duke Seymour will oppose it first?

"Then... how about a fixed monthly fee plan?

"What's that?

Curiosity rose in the Master's eyes.

"In exchange for providing the convenience service called 'Improved Formula,' I receive a service fee every month. In return, I'm thinking of making it a reasonable fee and less resistant.

This way, there was a place that used to pay 4,900 won monthly without realizing it.

While I was busy, I had forgotten about it; the money I had been scammed before canceling the service amounted to a whopping 110,000 won.

"How on earth did you come up with this idea?

I vaguely remembered the horror of the monthly fixed-rate money, but the Master suddenly started laughing with his shoulders up and down.

I kept talking whether he continued to laugh or not.

"If it's 4 silver coins and 99 copper coins every month, wouldn't it be cheaper and more reasonable than you think, instead of the fine for patent infringement? With that, I'll happily receive a monthly allowance.

"The princess's words are correct. The fine is very high because it goes to the judiciary.

Very well!

If we give just a few examples, everyone will sign up for my paid formula service.

It's cheaper than the fine, and most importantly, it's convenient.

Assuming that all those involved in magic will use my improved formula service, there will be strong fixed profits during the patent period.

"Ah, right. I have to give 10 percent to this idiot..."

The Master crossed his sparkling eyes.

"The princess is an evil genius. You're robbing money out of him."

"I'm not evil, but you could say I'm a monster born of capitalism."

I swallowed the bitterness.

"Ah, also, princess. Mages will think it's affordable even if you increase the service fee to 7 silver and 99 copper. Most of them are well-paid individuals."


"Furthermore, instead of revealing the various formulas you've noted here, how about gradually increasing the service fee?"

But who the hell gave birth to the capitalist monster in front of me?

I clicked my tongue as I looked at the Master again.


Well, after that, it was all at the speed of light.

It's because William Raymont and Professor Kyle created a justification for me to take money.

Moreover, the patent documents are becoming clearer and clearer.

By defining the piece as "core technology," I prevented anyone, not even dogs or cows, from patenting it.

The day William's request came up.

At a convenient time, my father had already felt very uncomfortable when Marquess Raymont, the head of the Tower, fought over this matter.

"These little things, how dare they disrespect my daughter?! I can't let these bullfighters use the formula you've developed with blood and sweat so clearly."

Thanks to this, it was easy to persuade Duke Seymour to patent the magic formula.

"Patenting was a good idea."

He was even very happy.

While I was interested in the fixed profits that came every month, Duke Seymour was very interested in using patent law to ruin Marquess Raymont.

This is because essentially, permission from the patent holder was required to use the registered technology.

"Restrict the use of the improved formula in the Raymont family. They will be in constant decline in the magical world with their careless words and actions."

"As expected, the dirty personality of Seymour comes from this man."

"I'll show it to you when I have it."

So, I also pretended to be angry.

It's much better to take revenge for insults.

It was much more plausible to hide the desire to earn money every month.

Thanks to Duke Seymour's aggressive push, as soon as the truth-seeking meeting ended, I was able to issue the patent quickly.

Furthermore, thanks to the notable presence of many famous individuals who attended the truth-seeking meeting, I was able to quickly secure the first customers who would use the improved formula.

"Although I don't know why the members of Epsilon all came at once to see the truth-seeking meeting, it was good for me."

Especially the Fifth Princess, an executive member of Epsilon and a fire mage, was particularly excited that I was selling my improved formula everywhere. Arin had just said it.

"The Fifth Princess described the improved formula that the princess made as more beautiful than Sir Isidor, who is the most handsome man in the Empire."

Even when Arin Ossolt's body was trembling, she finished her sentence with a comparison that she wasn't very curious about.

"Although she seems very afraid of me, she tells me every secret."

When I looked at her with a stunned mood, Arin lowered her head with her trembling red eyes.

"You worked hard."

I patted her on the shoulders for diligently collecting rumors circulating in the Department of Magic all this time.


Arin seemed horrified by my touch, like a squirrel bitten by a suddenly wriggling snake on her hands and feet.

"I, I'll, I'll work hard! I should do the research the princess asked me to do..."

"Keep it up."

Arin, who seemed uncomfortable when I praised her, mumbled gibberish and closed her mouth, then rushed out of the Department of Magic classroom like a person with a motor in her foot.

I feel like I've become a villain who intimidates little children.

I looked at her squirrel-like back while feeling ambiguous.

I can be sweet and gentle, but I didn't want to be out of place.

"I'm sorry. I'll live as an indifferent and cold-hearted villain."

Even though I swindled 7 silver coins and 99 copper coins every month, most people think I'm showing mercy because the Raymont family is in dire straits.

I'm an evil woman, so I have this atmosphere no matter how crazy the things I do are.

I quite like it.

"The bottom line is that I'll live up to this image."

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