Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? (Novel) Chapter 37



Princess. What do x and y mean?

This is the answer we're trying to derive from the formula.

When a student with glasses asked her, a look of astonishment spread around.

I believe there was no concept of unknown numbers in this world.

An unknown number was precisely an unknown number.

Often, we were supposed to write x or y in the equation.

Since there's no concept of an unknown number, they had to calculate one by one to solve the formula.

However, if you leave the value needed to obtain the variables x and y, it's not so difficult to figure out the rule.

This is not a problem of knowledge but a problem of wisdom.

And I am an engineering student who has acquired the wisdom of good men in my brain.

"Why do I have to memorize this when I can use the mathematical principles I memorized in my past life?"

Meanwhile, the professors couldn't keep their mouths shut and only uttered long exclamations.

"I can't believe you've arranged that complicated formula in that way. The clarity hitting my head leaves me speechless."

"If you add the number to the princess's improved formula, even if you skip the calculation process, you'll get the answer immediately. I tell you, isn't it amazing?"

"It's a diabolical idea, if I see that formula, I might suddenly wake up the Silver Dragon from its sleep due to surprise."

"As expected of a Seymour! Even if she has no sensitivity to mana, she demonstrated her genius in this way. Or should I say she lives up to her reputation."

Kya, it's a sweet relief.

"It's very useful for combat mages whose casting speed is important."

Perhaps because they were scholars from the Academy, they seemed to understand the concept of an unknown number immediately.

They were all busy learning the formulas written on the board in their heads.

After finishing the official tests, I twisted my neck from side to side with the most brutal expression I had practiced in the mirror.

"Are your doubts clear now? Ha, really, I can't get rid of my anger."

My eyes gleamed like a snake. I gently pointed my chin towards the lady I had spoken to last.

It was Arin Ossolt, whom I accidentally saved while passing behind the academy.

The one who will be my slave... no, Arin Ossolt, who became my vassal, bravely stepped forward in the auditorium and approached where the Dean and Vice-Dean were.

"Arin Ossolt?"

"What's going on?"

It turned out she was quite outstanding and received the affection and trust of the professor.

That's why that fat guy had a greater sense of inferiority and bothered her.

"Indeed... I have something to report. I overheard something while passing near the campus behind the Department of Magic."

She reported the truth that William Raymont and that fat guy tried to make a big deal out of this issue for Duke Seymour.

Arin, who appears innocent and doesn't know much about the world, secretly picks up quite well on all the news around her.

It was Lady Arin who also informed her of how the atmosphere in the Department of Mathematics was flowing.

"It was like a squirrel collecting acorns."

Arin's internal accusation, actually the news, was no different from pouring oil on my anger, which was burning like fire.

William Raymont! How dare you insult my father using me as an excuse!

As soon as Arin finished speaking, I shouted loudly.

William Raymont, who was already half-crazed, trembled with a pale face.

Technically speaking, the direct descendant of the Seymour family was in an attacked situation by both the university students and the Academy even before revealing her great academic achievements.

Even the family was almost involved.

Currently, even the stubborn vice-dean was cautious enough with me.

Although my father is a generous person who would go along with this matter, I am different.

What do you mean, Princess?

When he heard my firm statement, a look of doubt passed through Dean Bert's eyes.

I mean, Sir Raymont, who was behind this wicked scheme, and all those who insulted me, will have to take responsibility for everything that is going to happen from now on.

I left the auditorium after a significant declaration of war.


The truth-seeking meeting that day was a controversy akin to a nuclear bomb for the mages.

The unchangeable truth was due to the improved formula of the ancient Grand Mage Simeon itself.

Along with many observers that day, Princess Deborah's improved formula began to spread throughout the Department of Magic and also the Tower.

Wow. This is really incredible. It's not a joke!

The mage admired the complex and bothersome area-of-effect amplification magic when he cast the spell once without interruption.

I can't believe that brat Seymour has improved the formula in such a revolutionary way. It's something that will endure for a long time.

She doesn't even have mana sensitivity, so she must have at least this ability.

It was at that moment. A colleague who entered the Tower's training room, where the area-of-effect magic was faster and more powerful, was surprised.

Hey! You can't recklessly use Princess Deborah's improved formula!


Ah...! You don't know anything. You'll find out soon.

The mage who ignored his colleague's advice and used the princess's formula shortly afterward received a warning letter with the Imperial Court's seal.

[Notification of patent rights violation and request for cessation of violation act.

Unfortunately, it has been identified that the recipient has violated the patent rights of the sender, Deborah Seymour, so we request that the violation cease immediately and comply with the patent holder's request.]

The mage who saw the patent holder's request squinted.

[Fine: 30 gold]

[Monthly Fixed Rate: 7 silver 99 copper]

"What the hell is a monthly fixed rate?"

"What do you mean you're not registered? If you want to keep using the enhanced formula, it's the price you have to pay Princess Deborah every month. If you use it without paying the monthly fixed rate, you'll have to pay the fine to the judiciary as you should do now."

It's all because of William Raymont, Professor Kyle, and the idiots who annoyed the princess, who was in a bad mood.

That's enough!

They caused a big problem for Seymour's direct descendant.

The idiot William was not in a position to protest at the Tower.

The wizard who was fined a considerable amount out of nowhere asked with a blank face.

"As you can see, Princess Deborah holds a patent for the enhanced formula."

"If you want to use it, pay for it."

Furthermore, those who protest about "copyrights" criticize them coldly.

"But we're in a very good situation because we use the enhanced formula if we pay seven silver a month."

"What does that mean?"

"In addition to the Raymont family, some other families are also on the princess's blacklist and can't even pass the payment process."

"Oh my God."


Money and justice pour from the sky!

My monthly fixed amount for the enhanced formula service increased with 7 more members today, and I had a pleasant smile on my face.

"Professor Kyle and William Raymont helped on both sides of the water."

Honestly, having a patent on the magic formula itself is an unprecedented matter; I didn't know it would work so well.


Three weeks ago.

It was the day I received many jewels from Duke Seymour when the idea of making money with the formula occurred to me.

Through the conversation with Duke Seymour, I came to know that the speed at which I solved the formula is closely related to the speed of magic casting.

Despite being a groundbreaking discovery, I wasn't happy with the fact that I couldn't use it properly because my mana handling ability was zero.

I will never reveal it.

For whose sake?

If the enhanced formula is revealed, the pitiful looks towards me, who entered the Magic Department through connections, will diminish, but it will only hurt my stomach because those who truly benefit from it are battle mages like Rosad.

"Just thinking about it makes my stomach churn."

At first, I will be praised for my discovery, but as I am a cunning person, they will quickly forget the gratitude and try to claim my formula as their own to begin with.

Damn it, that would be a blow.

That night, I went to sleep feeling very disheartened. In my dream, I dreamed of being chased by 100 Thomson's gazelles.

"Save me!"

It was then that I saw a line written in gold that said "patents" in front of my eyes.

I stumbled upon the golden rope and jumped out of bed.

"That's it, a patent!"

If the formula is patented, then it would be really cool. Is there any law in the empire related to patents?

Just in case, I went to Maisond as soon as the Academy class ended.

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