Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? (Novel) Chapter 36



Does this case really deserve such attention at this point?

I deliberately drew attention to it to make it bigger, but it's embarrassing at this point.

Hm. I'm a coward...

Suddenly, the tension rises, and it's likely that my heart will go through my esophagus.

On the other hand, William Raymont was very excited, unlike me, who was stiff.

If the executive members of Epsilon have something to say about this issue, it must be because it has a much greater impact on society.

He was very excited as if he had implemented all the justice in the world.

"Today, we will uncover Seymour's corruption and clarify the deeply rooted evils!"

He muttered as he clenched his fist.

I was somewhat surprised and regained my senses when I saw William Raymont's face as he blew his nose and sniffled.

"If I lose to such a pathetic bastard, I won't be able to sleep. Then, my jade-like skin will be ruined..."

When you think about it, it's not a big problem compared to the tension of a university entrance exam.

I bit my red lips firmly and made a decision.

That's how the test was conducted.

William Raymont himself would write the selected question on the blackboard.

And I would solve the problem under the supervision of the Dean and the Academy's professors.

It was a clear and secure way to ensure that cheating could never interfere.

"Then, let's begin."

When the vice-dean of the faculty gave permission to continue, William Raymont started writing the problem, and I, who was beside him, began solving the problem immediately.

It's an advantageous question for me.

I'm sure Raymont selectively chose a question that would take a long time, but in my view, most of the formulas developed by mathematicians in my previous life gave me immediate answers.

For example, like this.

Here, the sum of the geometric sequence is added one by one by hand.

However, I can find the answer immediately through the "geometric sequence sum formula."

Of course, in addition to the specific formula for finding the sum of sequences, there was another reason why I solved mathematics exceptionally faster than the Academy's students.

"William. Can you write faster? I think the speed at which I solve the problem is faster than the speed at which you write it."

With just a few numbers scribbled, William's face turned pale as he wrote the answer on the blackboard.

"Vice-dean. Is Princess Deborah's answer correct?"

The vice-dean nodded with a stern face as he looked at the answer sheet.

"...Everything is correct."

"No way, all the answers are correct?"

I openly laughed at him.

"Five consecutive questions, if I had the ability to answer a subjective question and not a multiple-choice question, I'd become rich at the racetrack. Don't you think?"

"This can't be true."

William's writing on the blackboard became increasingly crooked, as if representing his confused feelings.

Of course, the other three questions I solved were all correct, and the auditorium fell silent.

The dean, including the professors and all those who came to visit, reacted differently as expected, and they began to murmur with confused expressions at the strange outcome.

I told William Raymont, who was acting like a fool.

"Now that my innocence has been revealed, it's time to bring your own sins that tarnished my reputation to light."

I shot at him fiercely as if I was going to kill him.


I didn't use heavy eye makeup for no reason today.

William swallowed hard with a tired expression and began to babble.

"Are you sure you didn't write some strange numbers? This speed doesn't make any sense! Now that I've seen your witch-like appearance, I'm sure you've done some black magic."

He began to self-destruct, rudely claiming that I even used the strictly forbidden gold drink in the empire.

The vice-dean came out with a stern expression at his indecent behavior.

"Sir William! Be careful with your words. If there had been cheating, I would have noticed it immediately, but there was absolutely no trace of something like 'the gold drink.' Are you saying that I and all the professors of the Academy gathered here are blind?"

When the atmosphere began to shift in my favor, Professor Kyle, who had been anxious all along, suddenly stood up.

"William, you accused me of being a professor who accepted a request from Seymour without any evidence. From now on, I will disqualify you from taking my class."

"Why did that bastard interfere suddenly?"

I looked at Professor Kyle with cloudy eyes.

"B-but isn't it strange? Professor. This speed would be impossible even for the ancient Grand Mage. I'm sure she must have used some cowardly trick..."

"Princess Deborah."

"Yes, Dean."

"Can you explain how this matter is possible? To admire the princess for being a formula genius, I must say the solution is very fast and accurate."


I tilted my head sharply.

"Why should I explain it kindly?"

I raised the corners of my lips like a fish as I looked at the murmuring crowd.


"William Raymont, without any physical evidence, filed a petition just because I solved the formula quickly. Isn't that true?"

Everyone around me fell silent at my question.

"And during the process, no one pointed out William Raymont's imprudence. I believe there were also people who worked together but..."

The students clinging to William quickly avoided my gaze.

"At this point, let's hear Professor Kyle's comments once again."

I took out the artifact with the recording function.

"I didn't expect my brother Belreck's artifact to be used like this... it's unfortunate."

I didn't forget to murmur quietly while throwing Belreck under the bus.

"What, what are you trying to do?"

I lightly tapped the artifact three times within Professor Kyle's gaze.

"Anyway... if you're a woman, you should only be interested in dressing up. Honestly, the princess isn't even a lady..."

"Princess Deborah. Does she have to cling to the Department of Magic like a leech?"

Equipped with an evil edit, the voice of Professor Kyle from the 3-million-won artifact resonated strongly in the auditorium.

I recorded it when they called me to the professor's office. Ta-da.

I looked at Professor Kyle, who was turning pale as he gently rubbed the artifact.

"Professor Kyle. What do you mean by leech! Is this what you should say to a student?"

One of the professors scolded Professor Kyle.

"It's truly disappointing. I've admired him until now, but I can't believe he made such absurd comments."

Especially when it comes to dressing up, some of the ladies from the Department of Magic launched harsh criticisms.

When his rotten and twisted personality was revealed to the world, Professor Kyle stumbled with a soulless face.

"As you can see, a professor and an undergraduate. As I was in a situation under a strong attack from both sides, I am here on this occasion to get to the bottom of the truth with my own body."

I glanced around.

"In this situation, why should I reveal the innovative formula I've improved at the end of my hard work?"

"You improved the formula?"

"Oh my God!"

"No way!"

This time an unprecedented wave swept through the auditorium like a tsunami.

"How can you improve the regularity of the old mana discovered by the Grand Mage and the Dragon? Is it correct to have such an idea?"

The voice of Marquis Bert, who was speaking to himself, trembled in surprise.

I shrugged.

"I modified the formula because, as you can see, the way to respond was faster and more accurate than before. There's an easier path to the correct and faster answer, but what does it matter if it was written by the Grand Mage or the Dragon? They all had too biased practices."

My arrogant comments sparked their reaction, with a hint that she is undoubtedly one of the most wicked women in the Empire.

I chuckled cunningly, opened the fan forcefully, and folded it.

"Speak more. To spread the rumors far and wide."

"The old formula itself is perfect. Improve it? It's a ridiculous matter!"

Someone vehemently denied it.

"However, didn't the princess give the answer faster than anyone else? If she has really achieved the improvement, it's a significant event that can drastically reduce the casting speed of magic."

"I don't believe it at all. The princess is deceiving everyone right now."

While the atmosphere of disbelief gradually flowed, I let out a long sigh.

"There's still someone who doubts me even though I've proven my innocence. Seymour's magic. They're saying that to a direct descendant."

I pretended to be very humiliated.

I lowered my head, trembled, and shrugged my shoulders while secretly throwing in the rhyme.

"If you really doubt me, I will reveal the improvement I achieved with my effort after vomiting blood and breaking all my bones."

"Will you reveal it?"

"Is it true, Princess Deborah?"


With a face full of pain and distress, I began to write on the board about the achievements of the great mathematicians from my previous life.

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