Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? (Novel) Chapter 49



Before I knew it, the second part of the dance began.

I didn't have anything special to do after conducting business with the Fifth Princess, so I was killing time by drinking sweet cocktails.

"It's a bit uncomfortable to keep dancing with Isidor."

Apart from the overwhelming amount of attention and pressure every time I danced with him, it was a social practice not to dance more than three times with the same partner.

So, after dancing with the noble who was the escort, the ladies received dance requests from other nobles.

At this moment, because unpopular women had no choice but to stay alone against the wall, the term "wallflower" came to mind.

"Although I'm closer to being a famous Parisian jade than a wallflower."

For your information, Philap in the past never asked Deborah to dance, let alone accompanied her.

Even though Deborah threw away her pride and stayed around him.

"I must say her perseverance was great."

Deborah's self-destruction was somehow astonishing as she harassed Mia due to Philap's cold treatment.

"But surprisingly, this person also has a cold heart."

Some women were openly flirting with Isidor, perhaps to receive his dance request, but he didn't even glance at them.

He just stood by my side, which made me, a newcomer, feel comfortable and avoid the awkwardness of being alone. I don't know why he's being so meddlesome with just me.

It's suspicious.

I looked at Isidor with a skeptical mood, and when our gazes met, I quickly made a different request.

"Why do you keep avoiding my eyes? Well, my face is quite dazzling."

It's quite annoying because I can't refute that.

"Oh? If you look so serious, it makes me want to tease you."

Suddenly, showing his inner self in front of me, he slightly narrowed his eyes.

It was very charming as he raised to reveal the dimples on his cheeks.

"It was a good life, no, I can't get enchanted like this. Control yourself."

Regardless of his status, he was also known as a judge who wielded a sword fairly if someone committed a crime.

Diery, who had a virtuous character, was initially favored by Mia, who fairly gave her divine power to the poor and disadvantaged.

In the original story, he also once saved Mia, who was harassed by Deborah's lady-in-waiting.

"As expected, she's a female protagonist, so she's popular."

But it's a problem because the personalities of the men are gradually getting messed up.

Like that guy over there.

When I inwardly clicked my tongue at the sight of Belreck, who is very popular but was like a cool city boy, leaning against the wall alone, he turned his head and walked toward me.


His purpose wasn't me, but Isidor.

"Sir Isidor, if you've received death threats from Deborah, wave the handkerchief three times toward the window."

When I looked at Belreck, who suddenly appeared and accused me, he shivered and quickly left with fast steps.

"Hm, you seem close to Sir Belreck."

Can't anyone tell that we have a bad relationship?

There's no one in the Empire who doesn't know that Belreck ignores me.

"You don't have to sugarcoat it like that."

"I envy the relationship without reservations because I don't have siblings."

"It might be much better if they weren't there in the first place. You don't have any other enemies."

"The princess's honesty is amusing."

After killing time by sharing some silly conversations with him, I turned my eyes toward a large clock hanging in the ballroom.

The masquerade outside began at 9, so the royal dance was slowly coming to an end.

When I was looking for the right moment to leave, an unwanted figure entered my view.

"Again! He's looking at me with fury."

I thought he had something to say to me because he was glaring at my face with irritation, but of all things, Philap began talking to his acquaintances near me.

Don't pay him any mind.

Just in time, Isidor brought a piece of cake and a cherry cocktail, and the musicians began playing again.

The last performance of the Spring Flower Ball was always the same.

The orchestra's concert was called the Masquerade Suite.

It was the song selection that seemed to announce the ongoing outdoor event.

Indeed, the famous Spring Flower Festival event was not the Imperial Ball but the Masquerade Ball held near the palace fountain.

Unlike the Imperial Ball, which only invited families attended, the Masquerade Ball was open to various noble families.

Because you could leave your social dignity behind and play as much as you wanted when you wore a mask for a moment, it was an event with a pleasant and carefree atmosphere.

It was also one of the favorite themes in romantic novels here.

"The highlight was the fireworks."

The flames of the imperial mage shooting into the night sky could be seen anywhere in the land of Khorun.

It was on a grand enough scale to stay in the part of my memories.

Just as I was about to bid farewell, Isidor extended his hand to me.

"Would you do me the honor of enjoying the last dance with you? I saved the third dance to dance with you to this song."

He spoke sweetly.

I think I'll be a little late if I finish the last song.

While I hesitated to check the time, even though I'm not Cinderella, a heavy voice cut between Isidor and me.

"Princess Deborah."

Philap approached with an angry expression.

It was unexpected that he spoke with an arrogant look as if he wanted to start a fight right now.

"Dance the last song with me."

I was surprised when I felt the strange desperation in his words.

"Sir Philap, don't you see that this side requested the dance first? Now you even lost your concept."

Isidor said bitterly while smiling.

However, unlike the last time, the temperamental Philap unexpectedly responded calmly.

"Sir Isidor must be well aware that a lady who dances with only one person at a ball isn't so pleasant to see. From Princess Deborah's perspective, wouldn't it look better if she finished it with me?"

As Philap said, having only one dance partner for the entire ball meant that you weren't popular.

"But why were you still when the previous song came out, and you come at the end of the ball? All this time, you've just stuck to the wall."

"I think it's more fun that Sir Philap pretends to be so attentive."

Isidor said mockingly as if he had a similar thought to mine.

"True. I'm not on the attentive side, but I'm better than you, who stood and stayed next to the lady like a stone statue. Weren't you so insensitive on purpose so that other nobles couldn't request a dance with Princess Deborah? In the end, you made me step forward, you're worse."

Who the hell would invite me to dance?

Thanks to Isidor, I didn't lose much.

"What a silly excuse. There was a time when marriage was talked about, and it's been five years since Deborah got involved with me. Anyone would think you're stranger than me."

"You're the one acting strangely."

The two had a cold war of nerves, perhaps because they didn't get along.

The atmosphere of calm expression and speech had gradually become threatening.

As the nobles began to gradually take an interest in this side without fear, I stepped forward hastily.

"Philap, I don't know why you suddenly appeared, but you have no conscience to mention my situation and honor with your own mouth. You're the one who always made me look funny and miserable."

"Then, I'm doing it according to your wish, Deborah. Haven't you been wishing for this so much? That I dance with you."

He spoke confidently, and I had no choice but to put up with Philap's stubbornness.

"No matter how much I've been clinging to him, this is too much..."

Everyone obviously knew that Deborah had been infatuated with him for over 5 years, but he appeared proudly at the Academy with Mia by his side.

Moreover, today Mia appeared elegantly dressed as Cinderella and also made her look like someone special to Philap.

I couldn't understand how he seemed so confident and locked into his shit.

"It's your wish to think that it's my wish. Sir Philap, I will reject your arrogant dance request. What the hell do you think I am?"

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