Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? (Novel) Chapter 48



Blue hair symbolizing the Histach Royal Family, short hair reaching just below the ears, fresh and neutral features.

Anyone could tell that the person on the left was the fifth princess who led her followers like a cloud.

Furthermore, it seems that her escort, that lightly-built man, was Thierry Orge, the third of the Orge family.

"Hmm, hmm."

As I silently watched them, the Fifth Princess waved her fan and approached me discreetly.

With her face half-covered by the fan, she looked at me with her pumpkin-colored eyes.

Her eyes facing me shone intensely like a cat that had seen a fish.

On the other hand, Thierry laughed to the point that his lips split as he looked at Isidor.

"Sir Isidor, you are shining brighter than ever today. If I dare say, you might aspire to be the Flower of the Year. I will push you forcefully towards the flowers."

I know why Isidor expresses it as annoying.

It was a rather slow approach.


Amidst that, the Fifth Princess kept looking at Isidor and coughed in vain.

Isidor finally connected me to them with a terrifying look.

"Pleasure to meet you, Princess Deborah."

The Fifth Princess spoke with a bright voice.

"It is an honor to meet you as well, Princess."

I was personally drawn to her because she promoted my formula so that I could secure a large number of early customers.

"I realized to the core that connections are money."

"In fact, I wanted to meet you and have a conversation with you."

The Fifth Princess folded and unfolded her fan slightly.

"Why didn't I recognize such a competent person as the princess before? I really like your outfit today. It highlights the great confidence of a woman in captivating a man."

"Thank you for looking at it kindly."

"It's not easy to give such a fresh and pleasant surprise in a dance that repeats itself every time in an obsolete manner, Princess Deborah. I was impressed once again. I'm becoming greedy to want to get to know you more deeply."

"I'm flattered."

"I've never seen you give such a generous compliment like this."

Thierry at her side interjected with the in-between words.

"So, what I mean, ahem!"

The fifth princess took a break and reached out her hand to me.

"Princess, come to Epsilon. Be my colleague."

The statement of such nuance startled me.

"Princess, I'm sorry, but I haven't discussed that part with the princess yet..."

The Fifth Princess did not heed Isidor's dissuasion and began to persuade me.

"Surely it will be Epsilon. Besides, as you can see, our leader is the most handsome."

"In Epsilon, Sir Isidor is the face of our greatest pride."

I think both the Fifth Princess and Thierry are talking nonsense, but I found myself inwardly convinced.

It's worth the pride. The sign was so elegant that who wouldn't be impressed.

"You will never regret coming to Epsilon. I, as a princess, guarantee it."

The nobles who were around us looked at us in surprise at the royal family's public offer.

The Fifth Princess intentionally raised her voice as if she wanted everyone to hear everything to make me part of <Epsilon>.

No matter how much of a princess Seymour is, it wouldn't be easy to publicly reject the princess's offer.

It seems she's trying to secure her assurance in advance, fearing that I might go to <Omicron>, where Philap belongs....

"It's something I have to be thankful for."

My head was already about to explode with the social club thing, so I had to bow to <Epsilon>.

The competition rate was the highest because the capacity was the standard for club membership, and it was also famous for being a place filled with older people.

For your information, Duke Seymour was also from <Epsilon>.

It's an opportunity to earn bonus points.

"Thank you for the generous offer."

I replied with a hint of cunning.

"Don't just thank me, join us."

The Fifth Princess was a straightforward person to the point of exaggeration.

"Then, I like it much more."

It seemed much more comfortable than dealing with women who gracefully wrapped their sharp remarks.

"I'll join you."


Thierry's eyes on the opposite side widened at my cold response. The firm forearms of Isidor, whose hands were on top, also trembled.

"Have you decided?"

Isidor looked at me and asked seriously.

I nodded slightly.

"That's right."

"Princess. If you change your mind, I'll be really upset."

"How could I say two things in front of the Princess?"

"The Princess's determination is commendable."

"It's an honorable matter. Even the Seymour family is going to Epsilon; our Epsilon is gradually increasing in power."

"Lord Thierry. Bring the registration form right now. Anyway, I feel uncomfortable."

The princess, who was afraid of losing to <Omicron>, murmured softly and urged Thierry.

"Princess. I'm sorry, but it's too much to bring the registration form right now."

"Let's overdo it."

"There are many witnesses here. Don't worry."

When I told her gently, that was when the princess nodded and took a sip of champagne.

"Ah, Princess Deborah. I heard that you will be participating as a thesis presenter at the magic theory conference."

"That's right, Princess."

"Before seeing your presentation, I'd like to ask you a question."

"Please feel free to ask."

The princess began to inquire about how to use the formula, and I responded honestly to the question from a trusting customer, no, VIP customer.

Receiving the attention of the Fifth Princess who had numerous followers gathered around. That's right, even those who were not interested in my formula had a high probability of subscribing to my paid service.

Because it seems there is something.

An opportunity to fill my intellectual vanity with just 7 silver coins and 99 copper coins!

While I was busy with my sales activity, Isidor's expression next to me, like a folding screen, seemed to gradually harden... Perhaps it's just my feeling.


The band that played four consecutive songs took a 25-minute break.

Dance break time.

The executives from <Omicron>, who had gathered in groups of two and three, still had a cold look on their faces as they watched Princess Deborah, who was still talking to the Princess.

"Looking at the good atmosphere, it seems that Princess Deborah's heart has turned towards Epsilon."

"As much as the princess got her way, how can she reject the royal family's offer? I'll have to see if she's made up her mind."

"Philap, didn't you say that Princess Deborah would definitely come to Omicron?"

When someone spat out the complaint, Philap, who was standing silently with a stiff face, could no longer control his expression and had a distorted and crushed impression.

"You didn't want to admit Deborah. Why did you change your attitude after all this time?"

"Honestly, the situation has changed a lot since before. She also stands out more in today's dance."

"I didn't know the Princess could dance so well."

"If only we didn't know about that vicious temperament, I could request a dance right away..."

"Originally, poisonous mushrooms are often eye-catching."

Deborah's story hardly showed signs of ending.

"She has changed."

The attitude of the people around me talking about Deborah has somehow changed.

They don't ignore her as they did in the past, but they contain a strange awe.

Deborah, who had been wandering around her to the point of annoyance, now doesn't even look at her.

Suddenly, everything changed quickly, and it made him feel dizzy.

Philap touched his forehead and moistened his burning throat with a cocktail.

Deborah is attracting my attention, pretending to look away from me.

He thought he was comfortable with that, but the feeling of stiff neck only got worse when he saw Isidor next to Deborah.

"What the hell did Sir Isidor think to associate with Princess Deborah?"

"It's a big success if you pretend to draw attention and improve your reputation."

"He's having good luck with the contrast effect on his appearance. That's not all. Sir Isidor, who boldly combined the dress code with pink accessories, was described by everyone as warm and attentive."

"It's a shame for us men. Tch."

Philap muttered irritably and spat out the cherry seeds in his cocktail.

"It's annoying and unfortunate for us, but it's a problem that women don't believe it."

"You said that the missing meat seemed bigger. The leader of Epsilon seems to have suffered losses by staying with the princess."

"Why doesn't the leader appease Princess Deborah? We won't know until the registration form is signed and the official announcement, right?"

"Well, the leader was someone the princess had been in love with for a long time."

"Why should I tell Deborah regrettable things? Don't say anything offensive."

Philap spoke bluntly and left the group of executive members.

However, he couldn't help but keep his eyes on Deborah, perhaps because other people's rice cakes seemed bigger.

It might be because Deborah, who had the atmosphere of a rebel, had much more individuality and intense color than Mia, who blended in very well but had a faint presence.

While he continued to squeeze his uncomfortable inner feelings, Philap stared at Deborah's back while gritting his teeth.

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