Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? (Novel) Chapter 20



"Yes, the Seymours had a marriage proposal with the Montes family at some point."

Looking back, the two were almost engaged.

Everyone knows that Princess Deborah has been obsessed with Philap for a long time.

He simply recalled the truth he already knew through rumors, but his mood was not very good.

As Isidor was in an indescribably complicated mood, there was a noisy conversation on the opposite side of the hallway.

Three young ladies, dressed in beautiful dresses, approached him.

"Oh, Sir Isidor!"

The lady who raised her head high as if they had met by accident made a fuss with a surprised expression.

One lady even crossed her eyes shyly, waving her fan slightly.

Very naturally, they closed the distance between them and surrounded Isidor.

"Is something the matter?"

Isidor had his usual kind smile.

"I'm curious if the social club run by Isidor is accepting new recruits this year."

"I think it will be difficult to increase the size of Epsilon this year."

Isidor hurriedly denied and took a step back.

Because Lady Siron tried to forcefully press her body against his arm.

The smell of perfume was so strong that he felt nauseous.

Is she being too direct?


Lady Siron continued the conversation actively, ignoring the sharp glances of the other ladies.

"That's very unfortunate. I've already turned down requests to join other clubs three times because I wanted to join the club run by the Prince."

Isidor didn't bother to reply, so he secretly moved his index finger.

"Oh my God!"

Suddenly, Lady Siron's hairnet broke, and her previously tied-up hair fell messily all over the place. As her appearance was ruined in front of Prince Isidor, whom she wanted to look good for, Lady Siron's face turned red with embarrassment.

Miguel, who sighed while secretly watching Isidor, bent down and picked up her headdress from the floor.

"Lady Siron, your hairnet has fallen."

"I can see that."

Taking the headdress from Miguel's hand with a cold expression, she disappeared from sight with urgent steps.

"They seem to be friends, aren't they going after her?"

In response to Isidor's question, the two ladies reluctantly left.

Although they are not close to Lady Siron, they felt pressured to do so.

"Prince, you're abusing your magic in this way."

As soon as they disappeared, Miguel grumbled.

Isidor used to blow someone's handkerchief far away, release their hairpin, or break their necklace with magic when he couldn't be bothered to deal with aristocratic ladies. Since Isidor is one of the empire's top swordsmen, no one imagined he would use magic to perform such tricks.

"My ability is overflowing. What's the problem if I abuse it a bit?"

"I'm sure you will."

"Come to think of it, I'm overflowing with many things, so there's no reason to stick to the handsome boy's strategy, don't you think?"

"Aren't you changing your strategy too quickly just because you failed once?"

"Failed? The handsome boy hasn't even started yet."


"The more strategies, the better."

Isidor muttered seriously, rubbing his slim chin.

The relaxed look that was always on his face had already disappeared.


"A social club...

As I walked through the academy campus, I looked disdainfully at the posters with presentations and promotions of social clubs.

There was another obstacle here.

The reason I was so worried was that social clubs, unlike university clubs, are not the type you can choose based on your preferences.

Pangea Academy existed for friendship and not for academics, and on that key note, social clubs were formed and developed.

As their social debut approached and they were of age to advance in every sphere, they began to nibble at social clubs.

Since, depending on the club you belong to, the outcome of your social activities will change, joining a prestigious social club was the desire of all aristocrats.

Since the club's level was determined by its members, nobles mobilized all kinds of connections to join a club led by a member of the royal family or a high-ranking aristocrat.

For reference, in the original work, Deborah joins a social club called Omicron.

Omicron is a long-established club that has been around since the academy was founded, and it is also the one Mia will join in the near future.

"It was the epicenter of disaster."

In the club, there was a division between the male group, Fraternity, and the female group, Sorority; and Deborah received a violent reaction for persistently harassing and excluding the heroine from Omicron's Sorority.

Let's avoid this.

I quickly made a decision. I didn't want to join Omicron, and I didn't want to get involved with the heroine either.

But is there any club I can join other than that?

Omicron is a club where families and lineages were highly valued, so it was relatively easy for Deborah to join. On the other hand, in the case of Epsilon, Tau, and Stigma, which had a reputation comparable to Omicron, one's skills, personality, and reputation were also important criteria for selecting members.

"Deborah's abilities, personality, and reputation were the worst, so it would be difficult to join all three."

Of course, in addition to the 4 main social clubs representing the academy, there were other quiet clubs. However, as a direct descendant of Seymour, joining a club led by someone from a family with lower status than mine doesn't seem good at all.

If I joined a crappy club, Duke Seymour would treat me as a disgrace to the family.

It was lucky that they could only curse me.

If you belonged to a bad club, the biggest problem was being ignored unknowingly in the social world.

It's okay if they fear me, but I don't want to be ignored.

As my position in society weakens, Belreck's plan to send me far away to the western border strengthens.

"Ah. My head hurts."

Deciding unusual things in the novel gave me headaches, so I pressed my temples.

The problem was whether there was a social club other than Omicron that would accept me, and my current situation was also the same.

"What do you mean I'm a magic specialist who doesn't know how to handle mana?"

It was ridiculous, so I laughed.

Deborah was from the Seymour family, so her longing and fantasy about magic were unusually great.

She insisted on magic studies as her specialty.

According to the rules, those who couldn't handle mana couldn't take magic-related subjects. However, I had a great supporter named the Lord of the Mage Association.

In addition to that, Duke Seymour's twin brother, Marquess Bert, was the dean of the academy, so Deborah could parachute into the Department of Magic.

"This was almost like a state-of-the-art hang glider..."

(N/T: The author refers to how easily Deborah was able to enter the magic department through connections).

There were many complaints about the ridiculous favor, and often there were people who couldn't hide their unpleasant feelings towards Deborah.

"I'm different from people like you."

Whenever Deborah felt ignored, she would get angry and throw the expensive mana stone as she pleased.

That wasn't all. She even slapped magicians from low-ranking families.

Deborah's bad reputation was everywhere, but the students of the Department of Magic probably hated her the most.

I don't want to go.

My steps going to the magic laboratory became increasingly heavy.

As I crossed the campus, in front of the fountain where the clock tower was located, I saw a man surrounded by people.

"Isi... What was it?"

He was so handsome and tall that he immediately stood out, even from a distance.

A squid-fishing boat?

Because the man was right in the center, all the men and women around him looked like squids.

I don't know if it was just my feeling, but it seemed like the eyes of the ladies passing by were glued to his face.

"That person is Sir Isidor."

Right. Isidor.

"He's much handsomer than the rumors."

"I think there's a halo behind him."

Praises for his looks could be heard everywhere. Of course, I could genuinely relate to that.

"Today's style is perfect. I'll give you 10 out of 10 points."

I don't think there's anything that doesn't go well with that face, but the uniform is really something else.

The last time I saw him, he looked innocent because he was wearing a white shirt, but today he looked sexy because he was wearing a black frock coat that emphasized his broad shoulders and narrow waist.

The pomade hairstyle made his forehead and features stand out even more, and, in addition to the uniform, emphasized his sensuality even more.

I congratulate you a lot.

The overall setting of the novel was gloomy, but the visual appeal alone was astonishing.

Internally, I gave him a thumbs-up, but I bit my tongue as soon as I made eye contact with Isidor.

"Don't tell me, I wasn't caught looking stunned at him, right?"

While scolding myself for being infinitely weak to his beautiful face, the young women around me were randomly hitting each other's arms and making a big fuss.

"Oh. Did he just see me?"

"He smiled at me."

So, he didn't make eye contact with me. I almost misunderstood.

"Lady Deborah!"

However, while I felt relieved, Isidor called me out precisely.

Everyone around him turned their heads towards me with confused expressions.

I felt embarrassed as well.

"Why does he keep talking to me?"

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