Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? (Novel) Chapter 21



While everyone around was confused, Isidor easily made his way through the crowd and walked towards me.

His legs were so long that the distance between the two of us quickly closed.

"Where are you going?" Isidor asked in a friendly tone, with his tender eyes curved like a half-moon.

"What will you do if you know?" I replied hastily, avoiding looking at Isidor's ruthless face. Because I lowered my voice while my throat was tense, it sounded like I was threatening him.

"I would like to ask you to accompany me for tea if you're free."

"It looks like there are plenty of people over there to have tea with you."

I nodded my chin towards the crowd of people. They couldn't approach because they were afraid of me, but they were looking in this direction and whispering among themselves.

"You don't have to worry about other people," Isidor whispered, tilting his face slightly forward. A soft, numbing, and deep voice resonated in my eardrums.

This is totally a fox.

"Do I look like someone who cares about others? Are you clumsy, or are you pretending to be?"

As I tried to control my confused mind, I made a sharp comment.


Suddenly, he laughed as if it were so interesting.


This isn't that kind of situation, is it? Some dull development as if I were the first woman to treat him with such coldness.

"I'm busy."

I turned around, pushing the absurd illusion out of my mind.

"That's unfortunate. I wanted to talk to you about the social club."

Social club?

Isidor's unexpected suggestion sounded quite tempting to me.

If it's a club affiliated with the Visconti family, it definitely wouldn't be a bad place for me to join.

In addition to that, given the fact that Isidor's character was not represented in the novel, it was clear that he wasn't affiliated with Omicron.

But why didn't Isidor appear in the novel?

Even if you only look at his face for a moment, you know he's the male lead character.

In any case, I have no information about Isidor because he wasn't one of Mia's targets.

I don't know what he's up to. I'll have to ask the Master to gather information about Isidor Visconti.

I hesitated, with my back to Isidor, and then turned my head.

I couldn't understand his intentions for approaching me, but I also couldn't approve of his proposal for the social club.

"I have to go to class now. Let's talk later."

After giving a vague response, I quickly moved towards the Magic Education Center.

The Magic Education Center was damp and exuded a gloomy energy.

I felt uncomfortable, like when I forced mana into my body.

I had no choice but to realize once again that Deborah's body was not compatible with mana.

"Without skill, there is no response other than money."

Realizing once again the need for gold coins, I walked down a hallway lined with luminous mana stones.

Today's class is Magical Formula Theory.

I couldn't handle mana, so I had no choice but to make up for it with theoretical subjects.

In reality, you can't use it if you only master the theory, so I don't know the difference between that and trying to clap with one hand.

As I entered the classroom while clicking my tongue, eyes filled with terror were fixed on my face as the chaotic atmosphere calmed down.

Thinking that it seemed like I was getting used to that kind of gaze, I sat in a suitable place.

I felt relieved and calm, as it seemed I was doing a good job pretending to be a wicked woman.

A few moments later.

A man in a black robe approached the auditorium with a haggard face, accompanied by his assistant.

An expression of weariness, dark circles under his eyes from lack of sleep, and even a slightly hunched posture.

I squinted my eyes at the unfamiliar déjà vu.

"Why does the wizard look like an engineering student...?"

Now that I think about it, I haven't seen Belreck for a while since he was trapped within the Mage Association.

When I secretly asked a maid, she said there was an issue with the production of the artifacts he had been working hard on.

When I ran into him in the hallway last week, he quickly flew past me as if he didn't want to discuss it; was it because he was too tired?

"A mage's work is nothing less than a 3D job in the Engineering Department."

Suddenly, I began to wonder if not being able to handle mana was a blessing.


I was lost in doubt when the wizard's assistant pulled out a stack of brochures and placed them on the table immediately.

The wizard nodded slightly toward the brochures.

"What you see here is the formula you must learn this quarter. If you don't have the will to study on your own or lack logical thinking, it will be difficult to move forward."

The wizard spoke in an angry tone.

His stern intimidation drew eager looks from the students.


Since I had only known docile private tutors, I felt dejected when I met a strict professor. I felt like I was back in my previous life.

"We will simply do a simple test and finish it for today. After solving the question, you can submit it and leave."

The wizard, who put no effort into the lesson, quickly left the classroom, leaving only the assistant behind.

"A formula test all of a sudden..."

I had classes on magic circles during the holidays, and there was hardly any information left in Deborah's fragmented memories about magic formulas, which she hated the most.

"I won't be able to solve it anyway, so I'll waste some time and leave."

What a waste of time.

I don't know why I'm here in the first place when I can't even sense mana.

"Honestly, I want to quit."

However, in the past, Deborah said she had to enter the Department of Magic and insisted on it, so if I suddenly changed my words, the Duke would say I didn't understand.

"How can I escape?"

As I pondered a safe way to escape, the assistant began writing a quiz on the blackboard, with the chalk crackling.


I looked at the question written on the board, and it seemed like I could solve it, so I picked up the pen.

After writing the answer, I was the first to submit the answer sheet and left.


"Why does this answer sheet only have the correct answer written without any intermediate steps?"

"This is Princess Deborah's answer sheet."

Upon the assistant's explanation, Kyle, the magic formulas professor, furrowed his brow and clicked his tongue.

"She threatened another student and copied the answer. Anyway, it's just as rumored. How did such a pathetic human come from Seymour?"

If the twin heirs of Seymour frustrated the mages with their monstrous talent, Princess Deborah raised the serious question of how she was related to the elite twins.

"It's annoying."

Kyle tossed his answer sheet on the ground and grumbled in a gruff tone.

He was hesitant to call her out to scold her since she was the beloved daughter of the Mage Association's Lord, fearing that he might draw fire himself.

However, pretending not to know would raise equity issues, and his authority as a professor might be damaged, so he didn't like it.

He nervously scratched his head.

"Should I call her and say something? Tell her she can't cheat. Damn it. I'm not a babysitter, and I'm swamped with work. Do I have to teach her these basic things?"

"But... Princess Deborah was the first to write the answer, so if you point out that she cheated based on that, she won't have anything to say."


"Yes. No matter how quickly she solves the formula, it's a problem that takes fifteen minutes, but she finished it in just five."

"Ah, I see. She guessed it, and it happened to be correct by chance. Princess Deborah is incredibly lucky."

"I know, right?"

"Ah, it's not just luck. She has a pretty face. She looks strong, so she's not my type."

"I don't like that style either."

"She's going to marry into a good family for her own good, so why did she come here when she doesn't even know how to handle mana? Some people are really eager to enter the magic lab and make mana circles and memorize formulas."

Kyle muttered irritably and kicked the princess's answer sheet.


As soon as I arrived home, I called my assistant and told him to prepare to go to the annex library.

I wondered if I had understood and solved the formula correctly.

It's quite large. But it's so small compared to the university library.

The library managed by the Seymour family only existed very vaguely in Deborah's memory.

It was a part where she was seeing how many books she could stack.

When I appeared in the library, the eyes of the man who guarded the place widened.

He seemed to think my appearance was unexpected.

"Princess Deborah, is there any book you're looking for?" the man asked, suspicious.

He didn't seem too uncomfortable with me compared to other servants, so perhaps his position within the family wasn't very low.

Well, being a librarian means having a higher education.

Perhaps he's the son of a powerful vassal.

"I'll look around first."

The man sighed briefly at my response, glancing at the high heels I was wearing. His expression resembled that of someone dealing with an immature child.

"To save the princess trouble, I'd like to say that this library mainly consists of books on the history of the Empire and books on magic, and it doesn't include the romantic novels that are popular among women."

Why is this idiot talking like that?

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