Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? (Novel) Chapter 53



"Thierry. Did you get Princess Deborah's signature on the registration letter?"

Thierry scratched his head in response to the Fifth Princess's obsessive question.

"I'm sorry, but I haven't met with the princess recently because she's confined at home."


"She's bedridden."

"No way, what do you mean bedridden? As her future close friend, I should visit a sick person, right?"

"No. It's better not to disturb her and leave her alone for a while. It's just a fit of anger."

"She got sick because of anger? How?"

"Seymour's servants' mouths are sealed and silenced, but there's a rumor that the princess lost the Empire's only Pink Diamond. After the ball ended, it seems she got it stolen when she went to the nighttime market unknowingly."

"Damn it!"

Princess Deborah deserved to collapse as she held her neck.

She lost the Empire's most famous jewel, but no matter how the Seymour Princess was, it was a waste.

The jewel that had been drawing attention for its rarity since its first appearance had become even more famous and valuable at the Imperial Ball.

"Isidor made a great contribution to make the jewel stand out."

The combination of Duke Seymour's affection for the princess and even Isidor's popularity made the jewel a symbol of deep envy for the ladies.

Perhaps the price had shot up much higher than when Duke Seymour won the bid.

"The jewel must have already been sold on the black market, as it's in the hands of thieves."

The Fifth Princess spoke with a sad expression.

"There are also rumors that Philap Montes, who couldn't win the bid for the Pink Diamond, is trying to obtain the jewel that Princess Deborah lost."

The Fifth Princess frowned.

"It's not good to see how things are turning. Would Princess Deborah stay still if she secretly got the jewel and presented it to Mia Binoche?"

"She'll never stay still. This time, the princess might really lose her temper and explode in anger."

Thierry clicked his tongue and frowned.


"Kiing. Kiing!"

Princess Deborah's walk was listless, so Cookie was restless and pacing.

Blanchia's Master squinted when he saw her pale lips in the close daylight.

"Princess, you don't even have to pretend in front of me."

"I was so absorbed that I even fooled myself. It hurts my heart to feel the sense of loss as if I really lost the jewel."

Seeing the princess mutter half-jokingly with a rather serious face, Isidor clenched his fist tightly and suppressed a laugh.

A week ago.

"Faking that I lost the Pink Diamond? Maybe these aren't all your plans, right?"

At first, Princess Deborah was half in doubt and completely absurd about the master's operation.

"I'm sorry, but this is the easiest and simplest way to sell the jewel without hurting Duke Seymour's feelings."

"Who would believe that I lost the jewel? There's no human who would dare touch me. Instead, it's more convincing to say the mouse stole the cat's bell."

"That's why the most suitable way is to wear a mask and wander through the festival."


"Among the pickpockets in the nighttime market of the festival, there are many clever ones. Even skilled knights often get hit, and even with a knight escort, it's not surprising to lose valuable items. Everyone would think that an immature young aristocrat had it stolen while walking unknowingly."

"Ah, what if I really lose it?"

"After the imperial family leaves, summon the magical spatial pocket and place the jewel inside and pretend to lose it for a while."

Princess Deborah, who had been worried for a while, finally accepted the Master's offer.

"Master, in exchange for being the protagonist of this scam, get me an invitation to the auction in front of the Noir Pot stand."

"The princess is also interested in the auction."

Just in time, Princess Deborah learned about the notorious auction event, "Pot Au Noir," which was held only on certain days.

"Indeed, I was going to recommend that you attend that place. The timing of the Imperial Ball ending and the auction will make this scam more convincing."

But Isidor concealed the high-quality information that "Pot Au Noir" would have auction items that Duke Seymour would like.

"I'm sorry, but I need to use that information to help my real body score points."

The Duke will be pleased and grateful to me for delivering the book written by Bellemont, the sixth-generation family head.

There will be a play with a quite convincing image where I went to the nighttime market to buy a gift for Duke Seymour and lost the jewel.

Not many fathers scold their daughters for carelessness in this situation.

"It seems that Duke Seymour appreciated Princess Deborah more than I expected..."

Duke Seymour was also included in the list of those who boldly wanted to obtain the Pink Diamond that the princess lost.

But the same thing cannot be sold twice to Duke Seymour.

Above all, his precious client wouldn't want that.

"Master, how much was the Pink Diamond sold for?"

Princess Deborah asked with a peculiarly high-pitched voice.

"It was sold for 2.5 times the bidding price."

As when the Master first faced the Princess, he raised the gold coin and gently held it with the back of his hand.

Then he smiled, showing the front where the bust of the first emperor was embossed.

"I was lucky. Thanks to the princess who increased the value of the jewel at the ball, things went well."

"What kind of black cow, no, what kind of rich person bought it at that price?"

"I sold it to a collector from another nation who collects rare items. He's a wealthy man."

"Another nation. It solved our troublesome matters. It's quieter and less troublesome to send it outside the Empire."

As Princess Deborah said, it was simpler there.

Although he was a little lost.

As a result of secret contact with the figure willing to buy the Pink Diamond, except for Duke Seymour, Montes had the highest bid, followed by the collector.

However, Isidor would not deliver the Pink Diamond to Philap Montes.

He played with the gold coins to conceal his complicated, strange feelings.

This was because it was a decision unlike Isidor, who only pursued good profits.

Furthermore, the Pink Diamond was an item expected to be relaunched, and its value would decrease. This was a perfect situation to mock Philap.

"But I really don't feel like it..."

Most would think that if Philap obtained the jewel the princess lost, he would give it to Mia Binoche, but Isidor disagreed.

It was a gut feeling as a man.

Perhaps it was because of Philap's expression when he looked at him before the last dance began.

He tossed the flawed coin engraved with the emperor's frontal drawing with a sneer of disdain.


"Master, I love you so much."

The moment I heard the Master say that the Pink Diamond I didn't need was sold for 2.5 times more, I almost confessed sincerely.

I wanted to hug the lucky one who simply tossed the coin in the air.

"As expected, being next to a lucky person also brings me luck."

Honestly, I thought he was half-boasting with the offer to sell it for double the price and split it fifty-fifty.

"Finally, I have many gold coins in my hands."

Meanwhile, I had been slowly selling jewels and earning gold coins inefficiently.

"Now is the time to set the price for selling the jewels."

"I am sure of the money calculation as much as I am of the request outcome."

The Master's finger moved slightly.

Over time, four large boxes flew through the air and landed with a dull thud on both sides of me.


Cookie, who opened her eyes wide, quickly backed away next to the Master, growling and showing her teeth at the innocent box of gold coins.

"This is cash that I've only heard about, no, payment in gold coins."

When I opened the lid of the shiny black wooden box, the gold coins shone brightly.

"This is a box sent by the jewelry buyer. I verified the entire amount, and all of this is the princess's share."

Life was truly sweet.

After I swept the large box into the magical space bag with an ecstatic mood, I put on a solemn expression.

"Could you give me another cup of tea?"

He flicked his fingers to pour the hot black tea.

"Master. Let's talk business now. We're partners."

I took a sip of black tea and spoke with a serious tone.

It was too soon to pop the champagne.

This wasn't a situation to settle for just 2 billion.

Because this was a place with a strict status system, there were many social restrictions without a noble title.

To some extent, even the patent certificate I received in my heyday had become useless.

It was sad that even my status had disappeared, but even thinking that the fixed monthly pension would disappear was depressing and sad.

"So, I'll go straight for 10 billion."

I clenched my fist with enthusiasm.

"Now that I've made money, I'm thinking of investing it properly in my business."

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