Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? (Novel) Chapter 54


Where are you going to invest?

First, location.

That's the most important part.

Although it costs a bit, I'm trying to set up the first store in Khorun district square, which has a large population. I'm considering the fountain square near the tower.

Do you mean the East Gate of the academy, where the fountain of the first emperor is located?

How do you feel about that place?

It's not as perfect as the West Gate, but it's not a bad location. The downside is that wizards don't use dessert shops very much.

I have a separate plan for that part. Please check the neighborhood real estate.


Secondly, I'm going to invest in the exterior and interior of the building.

I took out a sketch of the building's exterior and a floor plan of the interior, which I had been drawing in my free time for several weeks, and showed it to him.

Perhaps a picture is easier to understand than a hundred words.

This is because it's a sketch that shows the atmosphere of the coffee shop that will be built in the future.

"Architecture is my true specialty, in which I invested money and many hours."

It was a trap that the drawings I drew now were much more plausible than the final assignment I did while staying up all night to earn a scholarship when I was an undergraduate student.

I felt the feeling of having high-performance hardware.

Although I had no mana sensitivity, Deborah was generally good at doing things with her body.

It's great. I want to have this image.

The master, who had been looking at the image with a sign of admiration for a long time, spoke with a loud voice.

This is a draft, so I will continue to revise it in the future.

By the way, what is this?

The master asked, pointing to the side of the building where it was drawn.

Oh, I was trying to tell them to donate this under the name of <Leticia>.

For reference, <Leticia> is the main name I've established.

"Strictly speaking, it's not 100 percent mine."

Since the Master and I share the shares, it could be said that the top of Leticia is a joint corporation with two directors.

Since the nobles of the Empire felt that it was not elegant to actively participate in commercial activities, they put the upper class in front and carried out the business behind the scenes.

Because of my notoriety, I really need to hide my identity even more.

The master looked at the picture and lightly tapped his finger.

If you donate these things, you will definitely get a tax deduction. It would be better to submit an application in advance to the Khorun District Management Department.

When I came up with an idea, the master immediately suggested a concrete method.

As expected, work efficiency was no joke, as there was a partner who was good at it.

"Now that we've decided our position and the direction has been set, I have to slowly chase after Belreck."

I smiled to myself, thinking of Slave No. 2, who was off guard.


Philap's reddish-brown eyes gleamed.

If they said they wouldn't sell it, they should have taken it off and brought it, you must have heard my request very easily.

His confidant sat on the ground, vomiting blood, after he kicked him hard in the abdomen.

I'm so sorry. Mr. Philap, have mercy...

Do you think apologizing is enough? If you want to save your insignificant life, get the jewel that the princess has lost no matter what.

Philap, holding the head of his subordinate who was half unconscious from the pain, swore at his father's call.

Duke Montes, who had returned from the estate, had recently called his only son to scold him.

Expectations for his only son were high, so interference was also severe.

"Damn, that old man is calling to scold me again. It's annoying."

As expected, as soon as he faced his father, he began to lecture.

Philap, no matter how much Lady Mia is a savior to you, do it in moderation! Don't you think it's amusing that women's accessories and your name rise and fall together every time?


Seymour's eldest son is raising his prestige by contributing himself in the war against the barbarians, so what the hell are you doing?

Philap's expression was fiercely distorted by the word Seymour.

If you're going to make such a fuss, put that jewel in your hands! I mean the incident where you were laughed at for being pushed by Princess Seymour.

His clenched fist began to tremble.

You are expired food that I can't eat because it has long expired.

How dare the princess describe him as expired food?

He followed her back to the point where he was fed up with it, watching her change her face and bright red eyes with coldness and a cynical smile.

Whenever those cold eyes came to mind, it was difficult to endure the feeling of disgust as if someone were scratching the inside of his stomach.

Even in front of his son, who swayed with contempt, the duke did not care.

Philap. You are only spreading your incompetence in all directions, now stop lamenting about the jewel and stop bothering your subordinates. I have told you several times that reputation is important. You have turned your subordinates to dust, and there are already more than ten fingers!


You have done enough for that pink-haired girl. If you give her more, she will rise without knowing the subject, so stop now.

Philap quickly clicked his lips and bit them.

Suddenly, he felt confused.

Indeed, he was not going crazy by trampling on subordinates because of Mia's influence.

He was obsessed with the jewel that the princess had lost, in an attempt to regain a bit of his wounded pride.

He wanted to get it and laugh with all his might in front of her.

That pink diamond was not something that suited him from the beginning, and it was not something he could have.

What kind of expression would she make if he said he would give it to Mia?

It's such a precious item to the point where there are rumors that she's bedridden, so she won't be able to pretend to be pompous and act calmly like she did at the ball.

Philap! Do you understand?

Duke Montes forced his son, who was standing in silence, to respond.

The angry duke finally raised his hand in anger against Philap, who remained silent.


Both cheeks turned several times together with an explosive sound as if they were tearing apart.

You're a stupid boy. If you want to be restrained and pushed into the dungeon, keep doing whatever you want.
Traces of blood appeared on the back of Philap's hand at the mention of the dungeon.

There was no more effective threat for Philap.

...I'm sorry.

Don't be foolish, just train for now and stay home. Understood?

He wanted to laugh at Deborah, but reality was a trench.

Philap, who quickly wiped the blood flowing from his mouth with the back of his hand, lowered his head and swallowed the feeling of helplessness and defeat.


The results are not very good. Mia, that person will surely be furious!
Madame Ophelia bit her nails nervously.

"How can things go so wrong...?"

Even after securing Philap Montes as a partner at the ball, Mia Binoche did not become the belle of the year.

She was briefly mentioned in high society due to her high purity of divine power and constant good deeds, but she was buried without a trace because of Princess Deborah.

"She patented a formula and got the attention of the Fifth Princess!"

The young lord of the Visconti family, who appeared in an unconventional-colored suit, further disrupted the plan.

Everyone was asking what Princess Deborah had done to her, and Mia had no place to intervene because the nobles were constantly badmouthing her.

That would have been lucky if that were all.

There was a reason why Ophelia had colored Mia's hair with alchemy.

Mia's fake pink hair was only meant to represent the goddess Nayla, but now, strangely, high society only thought of young Lord Visconti when they saw the color pink.

To make matters worse, Philap lost his spirit and was tied down.

The support from those who elevated Mia's position and spared no financial support has been completely cut off.

I've lost so much and gained nothing.
Mia looked at Ophelia with a furrowed brow, who had started biting her nails so hard that blood began to flow.

Madame Ophelia, still, I managed to demonstrate my divine powers to the High Priest.
Ophelia gritted her teeth at Mia's murmur.

Haven't you said that many times? The aristocracy likes provocative stories.


Superior divine power? Of course, it can look great. However, it's much more important how you showcase that excellence to others. Do you understand?

Ophelia's shrill voice gradually grew louder.

So, what if the High Priest is impressed? Princess Deborah is much more stimulating and exciting, so high society doesn't pay attention to the small and dilapidated daughter of a ruined noble, right?


Were my words a joke when I said you should be the belle of the year at all costs? Mia, you didn't make any effort at all. This way, you'll never be able to beat someone who stands out from birth like Princess Deborah.

Ophelia squeezed Mia's slender shoulders.

She couldn't become the belle of the year, so her next plan couldn't be executed.

Because the privilege that was only granted to this year's belle has disappeared.

It was an opportunity to have the priority to choose a renowned lady as a companion, but Mia wasted it all in vain.

Do you know how much sacrifice and effort it took to have the Holy Blood?
Their opposing eyes gleamed intensely.

I made so many sacrifices to make you the belle of the year, and this result is truly something to reflect on.
Ophelia's long nails dug into her delicate skin.

Blood from the wound soaked Mia's white neck.

She had had enough of blood.

To the point where it was too disgusting.

"I want to vomit. I want to kill them all."

The murderous intent is rising.

Mia clenched her fist so tightly that her nails dug into her palm.

Especially that Seymour girl.

As she remembered Deborah's eyes, as red as blood, Mia bit her lips while suppressing the nausea.

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