Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? (Novel) Chapter 46



Spring Flower Festival Day.

The square in the Khorun district, where the festival is held, was filled with a livelier and more bustling atmosphere than ever before.

Whenever the wind blew, pink cherry blossoms fluttered like snow and fell on people's heads and shoulders.

The clothing shops in the heart of the Khorun district were filled with women shopping for clothes, and due to servants running errands for nobles, florist shops and gift shops had a steady stream of customers.

"Look at that."


A large black wooden carriage with the emblem of the fourth-generation spirits entered the bustling square and stopped in front of the clothing store.

It was the emblem of the Montes family.

Soon, the carriage door opened, and when a handsome man with masculine features emerged, people began to whisper that it was Philap Montes.

He extended his hand, and a beautiful lady with pink hair stepped out of the carriage.

Who is that lucky one who receives Sir Philap's escort?

That person was Mia Binoche, whom they had only heard of. The lord of the Montes personally escorted her to the clothing store.

Everyone looked at her with envious eyes, as she seemed no different from Cinderella.

"But where the hell is the Binoche family from? It's the first time I've heard of them."

"The family is poor, but I heard they have great divine power."

The Theology Department at the Academy held a summoning during the Spring Festival to test the divine power of students, but Mia's test result had no rivals.

"The purity of her divine power ranks among the top three in the history of the Academy."

Not only was her high divine power revealed, but in recognition of her good deeds, she even joined <Omicron>, which values bloodlines.

Mia's unique and splendid activities have been frequently mentioned by aristocrats lately.

Philap and Mia entered the clothing stores amid the curious glances of the people.

"Welcome, Sir Philap Montes."

The clothing store owner came out in person, rubbed her hands together like a fly, and led them to the VIP room.

A pink dress for Mia was displayed in a separate room.

It was a charming design with colorful ribbon accessories and white bouquets.

After Mia changed into her dress to attend the upcoming dance, she emerged after a long time.

"You really didn't have to pay so much attention to me, thank you very much, Sir Philap."

As if he had never seen such an elegant dress before, Philap smiled openly as he looked at Mia, who seemed embarrassed while holding the skirt.

"As expected, I knew the dress would suit you. Goddess Nayla also has pink hair like you."

"How, how dare I be mentioned alongside the Goddess?"

Mia quickly waved her hands.

"Usually, you do more good deeds than the priest; your humility is too much. It's not fair."

"That's not true."

"Ah, now that I think about it, the goddess's birth flower is cherry blossoms, and the most popular corsage used by ladies during the festival was also cherry blossoms. I don't think there's any lady who suits pink and the Spring Flower Festival more than you."

Philap crossed his long legs and leaned the upper part of his body back in the chair with a satisfied expression.

Since the clothing she used to wear was modest, she felt even more dramatic even after getting dressed.

After styling her hair and putting on makeup, it was certain that Mia would attract a lot of attention if he went to the dance with her.

"On the other hand, Deborah, who usually dresses well, will have a relatively minor impact on the dance."

Secretly, Philap was always aware that Deborah looked Mia up and down.

"But it's strange."

At this time of year, a letter from Deborah asking him to accompany her to the dance would arrive, but this year was as quiet as a mouse.

Just in case, he asked the butler if there were any missing letters.

"...Why does he have to know."

He had already decided on his partner, and Deborah must know unless she's a fool.

It's good to see that she bothers to throw away her letter.

He was comfortable, but he couldn't shake off his bad mood, so Philap scratched his chin.

But are there any nobles who would want to be Deborah's partner?

Not long ago, he heard the news that a peasant who knew nothing of the world came to confess to Deborah with a bouquet of flowers and then ran away.

Anyway, her temperament...

That made him furrow his brow.

However, on the other hand, he wondered how much she liked him and also thought that she would be tough on other nobles.

"But why do I have this useless concern?"

It hasn't been just one or two days since Deborah was rejected by him.

But 6 years.

He had had enough.

"Well, she'll drag an easy guy along like before."

Lately, she was a success at least among the wizards who lived among the books for that formula or something, some people didn't know they would be caught in the first place.

When he thought of the corrupt wizard who was smaller than him being dragged along, a look of disdain crossed his face.

"Let's go."

"Yes, Sir Philap."

Mia, who was dressed by the Montes servants with the utmost sincerity, looked exceptionally beautiful today.

Perhaps Mia would become the Flower of the Year.

There was a good chance.

Even the High Priest admired her divine power.

It was remarkable that nobles envied her.

Philap confidently made his way to the ballroom.

Indeed, when the two of them appeared inside the Imperial Palace's ballroom, a buzz swept through, and all eyes were on them.

This was due to Philap's intense masculinity and Mia, who appeared vulnerable but had a pure charm, creating a striking contrast.

Anyone could see that they were a well-matched couple.

However, in less than 5 minutes, these two were miserably overshadowed.

The man and the woman with an overwhelming presence in the distance made the room fall silent.

Even the musicians stopped playing for a while, and the icy atmosphere became palpable.

Well. What. The. Hell.

Philap was surprised.

Why the hell are those two together?

An inexplicable intense feeling suddenly gripped his chest tightly, and Philap bit the inside of his mouth.

Philap wasn't the only one feeling nervous.

Everyone went into a panic.

"Why did Sir Isidor come with Lady Deborah?"

"Please tell me this is a dream."

"I can't believe it even when I see it with my own eyes."

It was an unreal sight as if the devil and the angel were standing side by side.

Of course, Deborah was the devil.

A woman with reddish eye makeup and red lips had an exceptionally more dangerous atmosphere today.

"But isn't the necklace worn by Princess Deborah the Pink Diamond I've only heard about?"

She had been hiding it until now to show it here.

Her dress, a bright light purple satin, was loose and had no ribbons or frills.

There were no accessories at all, only the pink jewels exceptionally stood out under her long neck.

However, no matter how she had no decorations, her presence was overwhelming with just the Pink Diamond necklace.

"That's having great confidence."

"It's inevitable."

A symbol of Duke Seymour's affection for his daughter.

The only one in the Empire, a jewel that exceeded the price of a townhouse in the capital.

Even wearing a complete set of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets couldn't compare to the value of that Pink Diamond necklace.

"... Ahh, it suits her well."

Someone muttered with a blank face.

"Yes, it looks good on Lord Isidor..."


As expected. Pink is for men!

I glanced at Isidor and felt proud.

Isidor, wearing a pink suit, complemented perfectly, in addition to the beautiful heart-shaped necklace that didn't suit me well.

That's not all.

The Pink Diamond naturally stood out as it served as an intermediate bridge between me and Isidor, who had a polar opposite atmosphere.

"As I intended, the jewel is receiving a lot of attention."

It means I can increase its value and sell it at a high price.

By the way, is it possible that Isidor looks so good in that pink outfit?

Well. I don't think there's anything that doesn't suit that beauty.

Under his blonde hair, the clean and white skin seems like it can adapt to any color.

"Today I'll give him a full score, 10 out of 10."

If I had to use a metaphor about Isidor's appearance today, it would be like the Cupid of myth.

He was beautiful and charming, but he also had a strange charm that seemed to play a trick.

As if I wasn't the only one, everyone seemed to think the same, looking at Isidor with a bewildered expression, regardless of gender.

"It's stunning."

Black and white, at best, broke the stereotype of men's tunics, all of which were dull colors with little shine, showing style by wearing clothing similar to his partner's accessory for the first time.

It seemed like an iconic fashion change in this world.

By the way, I didn't know that Isidor would actually listen to my request.

Feeling embarrassed but thankful inside, I moved my hand that was on his arm a little.

A few days ago, I was being irrational by giving him the honor of accompanying me to the dance if Isidor matched the dress code I wanted.

This was because I thought the pink suit would go well with his beautiful features.

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