Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? (Novel) Chapter 47



[I want the dress code to be pink. I want to wonderfully showcase to everyone the unique Pink Diamond of the Empire that my father gave me. So, Lord Isidor should also match accordingly...]

I made an unreasonable request as he was also the lord of a family that was equal to the Seymours, and I sent a courtesy letter that wasn't typical of me.

It was only the exterior that seemed plausible, but he readily responded to the letter even though it contained a ridiculous and absurd demand.

[I am excited. I am also impressed by the filial piety of the princess.]

Filial piety, really?

"I'm trying to sell it again at a high price...."

Anyway, it was a good interpretation, so I let him misunderstand it.

Isidor not only accepted my unreasonable request but also actively expressed his opinion.

He also arranged the collaboration of Helen and Karlos, the male fashion designer in charge of Isidor.

Today's outfit was made of crystals created with the blood, sweat, and tears of the two talented designers' collaboration.

Thanks to them, Isidor and I were the only ones here who matched clothing and accessories.

Anyone with good vision would have noticed that we wore it with matching warm red fabric, and the fan I held was of a similar color to Isidor's handkerchief.

"In terms of high quality, it looks similar."

Isidor's light pink suit was surprisingly striking and garnered attention from all directions.

The commotion was brief, and most of it was genuine expressions of favor.

He suddenly looked at me tenderly. He's looking at me even though I'm wearing high, pointed heels.

How tall is he? He could be over 180 cm.

"Is this pace okay? Tell me if the speed is too fast."

"It's fine."

Since it was an official occasion, I treated him courteously for the first time in a long while. Isidor accompanied me politely.

"His Royal Highness the Crown Prince has arrived!"

Shortly afterward, the royal family began to appear one by one, receiving the spotlight. The Imperial Spring Flower Ball, one of the highlights of the festival, opened with a spectacular curtain.


"That person is the Crown Prince."

My biggest rival in this world.

He is sharing my milky white skin, aka the Master.

I looked at him as if I were watching my rival.

"Thanks to all the honored guests who are making this place shine and have accepted the royal family's invitation."

The Crown Prince smiled kindly and expressed his gratitude to the aristocrats courteously as a representative of the royal family.

And he was the first to step out and dance with his partner, as if to inform that the dance had begun.

As described in the novel, he had a cheerful boyish appearance and a body trained by swordsmanship like a swordmaster.

The most fun part was his hair, which was as blue as the sky.

"The symbol of the royal family. Blue."

In the Empire of Azutea, blue was described as the color of the Earth's sky and sea.

Blue blood was the word that symbolized the noblest lineage.

If there are no unexpected differences, the Crown Prince, whose color is clearly revealed as the symbol of the Histach Imperial Family, will become the Emperor of the Azutea Empire in the future.

"So the Master is actively helping the Crown Prince."

Although there were two more princes as candidates for emperor, they were not as strong as the Crown Prince.

The second prince's body was weak, and the third prince was from the fourth queen of another foreign country, so issues of social conventions and the gaze of the aristocrats were problems for him to become emperor.

"The fourth Queen is receiving favor from the current emperor, but it would still be too much to pressure the third prince to become emperor due to strong internal opposition."

When the Crown Prince danced with the princess from the Serig Family, the nobles began to step onto the stage one by one.

"It's like a movie."

It's a show from my memory, but I couldn't take my eyes off when I found it. Seeing bright dresses swirling everywhere was like a feast of flowers.

I was watching the dance with an interesting mood, and Isidor smiled beautifully with his eyes as he looked at me.

"Should we dance too, Princess Deborah?"

He extended his long hand with white gloves.

"Big hands. That's my ideal type."


Being possessed by his gentle smile and the elegant hand that looked like it could play the piano well, I realized the important fact a little late when I casually accepted the dance request.

"I forgot to practice dancing because I was only focused on the clothes."

During the winter, I had practiced some social dances under the guidance of the family tutor.

That was when.

Isidor lightly wrapped his waist, which had tensed up, with his firm forearm.

His body slowly approached, and his musky scent filled my lungs.

I hadn't even had a drink, but for some reason, I felt like my eyes were spinning.

The place where his breath got closer felt warm as if it were burning.

Isidor started walking slowly to the music, and I also moved my steps carefully as my body swayed.

"Perhaps, are you nervous?"

My steps were stiff, and he, perhaps sensing it, whispered softly in my ear.

"That's supposed to be my steps."

I blurted out nonsense that didn't sound like words since I was stabbed without reason.

"It's probably just my feeling that I'm getting better at acting and bluffs after coming here."

"You're not on a march, but you're brimming with discipline. Focus on the music, Princess Deborah."

Speaking in a playful tone, he made me spin once to catch up with the fast pace.


For a moment, my mind went blank, but Deborah's natural motor nerves instinctively followed his movements quickly.

Perhaps because dance was learned by the body, it reacted and moved on its own without thinking too complicatedly.

"There was also the excellent advantage of Isidor."

Deborah's previous dance partner was somewhat clumsy and skinny, so she was very displeased with him.

However, Isidor could move while following the music rhythmically and was good at controlling strength, so it was comfortable to follow him.

When he pulled, I followed quickly, and when he released his strength, I slowly matched his rhythm, and when he spun, I spun.

"This is secretly fun."

I felt like a goddess.

As the music progressed to a certain point, no matter what steps Isidor took, I could follow them naturally.


"Ah, my mistake."

Of course, there was an accident where I accidentally stepped on his foot during the adaptation process.

"You dance really well. Your physical condition is also good."

"Hm hm."

I was a bit ahead in the good physical condition department.

I felt even better because my body in my past life was beyond destruction.

"As expected, I think it's right that you deliberately stepped on me just now. And quite strongly too."

"No way."


"I'm not lying."

While feeling dissatisfied with him, I suddenly felt a strong gaze over Isidor's shoulder.


I think his reddish-brown eyes were glaring at me fiercely.


As soon as he felt suspicious, Isidor turned his body slightly to block my view.

His emerald eyes that I faced for some reason felt cold.

The strength wrapping around my waist became stronger than before, so his body stayed even closer to mine.

"Suddenly, the difficulty level of the dance increased."

As the music flowed towards the climax, the steps became faster, and I had no choice but to pay full attention to his movements.

The view was chaotic, and at one point, the music was amazing, and loud applause came from all around.

"It was great!"

"It was a really amazing dance!"

Isidor looked at me without saying a word.

While dancing, he held our intertwined hands tightly.

Then, he slowly loosened his fingers and pulled away.

The sensation of slowly brushing my fingers made me swallow saliva unconsciously.

"Everyone can't take their eyes off the princess."

He whispered slowly.

"They're looking at Sir Isidor instead of me. There's no knight who fits the Spring Flower as brilliantly as Sir today."

"I don't know."

He slowly raised his head with a subtle expression.

Isidor's eyes were looking in the direction where Philap and Mia were.

"Eh? Why is that Philap looking at me like a sworn enemy?"

I think he really looked at me a moment ago; I wasn't mistaken.

"Maybe it's because he felt uncomfortable with the Pink Diamond?"

So, who told him to fail in the expected offer?

While feeling stunned, Isidor led me to the champagne and snacks line.

It was hot from the intense dancing, and I thought I could cool down a bit if I hydrated my throat with cold drinks.

I lightly clinked glasses with Isidor, but a handsome man with curly black hair approached, waving his arms frivolously.

"Sir Isidor! I enjoyed your dance."

"Ah, there are also annoying people."

Isidor clicked his tongue and muttered to himself quietly.

"That people..."

"They're the Fifth Princess and Thierry Orge."

I see. I thought I had seen them somewhere, but they were the faces I glimpsed at the last Truth-Seeking Gathering.

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