Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? (Novel) Chapter 55



"Did you lose your pink diamond?"

I snorted as I looked at the loud Belreck.

"Pink diamond, didn't you hear that I was able to score some points? I'm no longer interested in the missing jewel."

I showed Belreck a beautiful, elegant necklace around my neck as if I were joking with him.

"Besides, my father bought this for me for the pain in my heart."

Impressed after reading the life story of the six main generations and the agony of the family head, my father gave me a diamond crafted by an artisan.

"This is something I won't lose. Father."

Of course, if the business doesn't go well, I might want to lose it later.

"What do you have to say to make me come here? If you brought me here just to show off that necklace, I won't let it go easily. I'm such a busy person that I can barely keep my eyes open."

Sitting in front of Belreck, who was frowning, I pulled out a drawing and handed it to him.

"Do this for me."

In paragraph 7 of the contract, there was a clause that said, "Belreck Seymour shall be obliged to produce the artifacts that Deborah Seymour wants at any time."

"Maybe you drew this?"


"You have very talented hands."

Belreck showed some interest.

However, his face gradually distorted as he carefully examined the explanation written on the side of the blueprint.

"Do you want me to produce an artifact with this strange blade that spins at super high speeds?"


"Deborah, there are no corpses that need to be chopped up and hidden, right?"


I doubted my ears for a moment.

What do you mean by chopping up corpses? That's too bad.

It's just a blender.

Fruits will go in there.

As a result of wandering through the cafes in this world, there was fruit juice in this world, but there were no fresh fruit smoothies with chewable ingredients.

It's definitely a competitive menu. Especially in the summer.

I was convinced.

"I didn't expect Deborah to have a talent for designing torture devices."

Belreck's teeth trembled as he opened the drawing of the blender.

"Huh, someone would think I'm threatening you to handle the crime."

I looked at him fiercely while making a fuss.

"Don't you know that there's a clause that says you shouldn't make a scene about what your sister is doing?"

Of course, it was more wicked to intimidate than to explain that they were kitchen utensils.

"Was there a clause like that?"

Belreck pulled out the contract in disbelief.

"Where the hell is it?"

"Look here."

Just like the terms of the insurance company, I placed it in small letters in the corner of the contract.

His vision was poor, so he took out a magnifying glass, and as soon as he enlarged the text, he started to jump.

"Do something so perverse and vulgar! This is a fraudulent contract!"

"Why are you still making a scene? It's not a big deal for my brother, who also makes tools for adults that spin quickly... ahem!"

"Fine! I'll do it. Damn it, please stop!"

His flushed face was on the verge of tears.

"I'll let you go because you're handsome."

"While you're at it, make this for me too. It's the same mechanism, so it's not that difficult, right?"


I asked him to make a blender and a juicer.

To diversify the café menu, increase turnover, and save labor costs, I was planning to leverage Belreck's skills.

In addition, there would also be extra income.

"Brother. Since I designed the tool, 30 percent of the rights are mine if I patent this invention. Please note that the contract also has a clause of this kind."

"After having fun with the patent for the formula, your fantasy about patents has grown too much. No one else but you would use these cruel tools."

"Are you underestimating the potential of this tool? You'll thank me later. You better cooperate as much as you can because it will compensate for everything you've lost with your investment in the silver mines."

"Anyway, you and your bragging!"

It's not a deception.

"I mean, my ability to speak has improved significantly recently."

Belreck seemed somewhat motivated by the fact that he could make money while clicking his tongue.

Since he was a artifacts researcher, it seemed that various secondary costs were high.

"You're on a good track. The blender is really useful."

If the franchise business officially takes off, I was thinking of selling blenders to franchise owners, leaving a margin on behalf of the facility investment.

"Of course, there's the premise that the first store should be a big success..."

If the use of blenders becomes more common, there will definitely be inquiries from other dessert shops and restaurants.

It wasn't clear if Belreck could handle it if the demand grew as much as expected.

Well, Belreck will take care of that.

Conscientiously, I just lie down and make money.


"Ha, I didn't expect these side effects to occur."

I closed my eyes tightly as I walked towards the academy.

Lately, it has been noticed that young men wearing light pink shirts or carrying pink handkerchiefs are all over the academy.

These people have turned into Son Min Soo again.

Men are canceling the word pink.

As I shook my head at a sight that was not beautiful at all, I headed towards the east side of the Academy where the Magic Theory Conference will take place.

Before the dance took place, I received an invitation from the researchers at the Magic Tower to present the improved formula, and I headed there with conference materials.

Today's academic conference I was invited to was held in the first-floor auditorium of the Magic Tower.

Just in time, the path to the tower was on the way to the café location, so I looked around attentively.

"There are certainly fewer dessert shops here than in the west gate where the Goddess Nayla's fountain is located."

As I passed through the square and observed the nearby commercial district, I felt a piercing gaze on the back of my head.


I looked around.

It's not someone hiding, is it?

I silently stared at the fifth princess who peeked her face behind the street trees in front of the store, then walked towards her.

"How have you been, Princess? It's the first time I've seen you since the dance."

"Incredible. I thought it was a perfect hiding spot."

"I'm more sensitive than others in detection."

"You have excellent five senses. Definitely what I expected from a Seymour."

The fifth princess seems to have been blinded by love for me, or am I mistaken?

"I feel flattered, Princess. Are you heading to the academic building?"

"Yes. Are you also on your way there?"


"Haha. What are all these amazing coincidences? I can't believe I've run into you exactly in this wide plaza."

The Fifth Princess clasped her hands behind her back with her poor acting, looked up in the air, and coughed as if she had something she wanted to say.

"Princess, once the presentation is over, I will take the necessary time to sign the registration document."

"Ahem. You must have been very dizzy from the recent unpleasant incident, and I didn't want to rush you to register, but I couldn't hide my impatience. Ah."

"I am full of precious jewelry. It's no big deal."

"I really like your courage and spirit. You'll never regret it if you come to Epsilon. The flower of the year is the leader of Epsilon."

Surprisingly, Isidor became the flower of the year with overwhelming support, and no one complained about this absurd result.

"What about the privilege granted to the flower of this year? Isidor wouldn't need a companion."

In the novel, Mia becomes the flower of the year and the lady everyone loves and admires, but if everything turned out this absurd, it would be very different from the original work I knew.

"Who cares. I just need to live well."

I'm doing pretty well these days.

I walked the streets with the Fifth Princess, one of the Empire's most popular people.

Passersby looked at the Fifth Princess with a young and longing look, and quickly averted their eyes to the street floor as soon as they realized my existence.

"It's exciting to be with you. It feels like I'm walking with a dangerous beast. I feel like I'm walking on a tightrope."

The Fifth Princess's cheeks blushed.

"This person seems to be a bit quirky."

Is <Epsilon> really a good place?

As I swallowed the anxiety that suddenly arose, I felt that the atmosphere around me was unusual.

As we approached the tower, the number of people wearing clay-red robes began to increase rapidly.

"I know what this is."

The robes worn by the wizards exuded exactly the same aroma as engineering students' uniforms, the plaid shirts.

After all, it's an engineering school.

Thinking that I had come in formal clothing for no reason, I entered the conference room where the academic conference was to be held.

"Oh, but why is my father here?"

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