Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? (Novel) Chapter 22



If it were my past self, even if I had heard something offensive, I would have let it go with a smile.

I used to think that living peacefully without problems was a good thing.

But not now, now that I have risen from the dead.

Those who say that holding back brings good fortune are lying. If I held back, it would only give me constipation.

"...That's really disappointing."

I replied, looking him directly in the eyes.

The man's face, which had shown triumph with an "That's right," seemed to harden at my following words.

"I can't believe a librarian is such a narrow-minded person. I feel like my father has given a demanding job to a petty person who only has stubbornness in their mind."

"W-What do you mean by narrow-minded? Your words are harsh."

I quickly retorted to the man, who began to stammer as if my counterattack was unexpected.

"How can I not say you're narrow-minded when it seems like you take pride in the fact that the library doesn't have books in a wide range of areas?"

"It has many excellent books, so is there any reason for it to have third-rate novels that are of no help?"

"Is it a third-rate assessment that you made yourself without even reading them?"

"It's obvious even if you don't read them!"

"I guess you don't think that your attitude of not checking the content of a book properly, belittling someone's creation, and judging it as third-rate is in no way a narrow-minded attitude. Your attitude of not admitting your own narrow-mindedness to the end is also very narrow."

I kept using the word "narrow-minded," provoking the man's self-respect, and reached for the library's accounting book that was on his desk before he found words to refute.

"It's very disappointing that you offered to guide me through the library when you've been managing it so poorly."

Having worked part-time in a library during the holidays, I secretly clicked my tongue as I looked at the classification system here.

Since books are valuable and the quantity is considerably less compared to modern times, the book management system didn't seem that sophisticated either.

"What kind of book are you looking for? If it's not a third-rate publication, I'll find it right away."

He still couldn't admit his mistakes and was stubborn.

Isn't there anyone informed in the Seymour household? It really makes people feel bad.

"A book with third-class magic formulae. Can you find it without taking a single step?"

He hesitated, not expecting me to ask for such a specific book.

Judging by the library's classification system, he could probably take you directly to where the magic formulas are, but finding a third-class book without wandering around wasn't reasonable.

There's no book search function here.

"If you let this body take even a single step carelessly... You know how I am, right?"

I pretended to cross my throat with my thumb.


The librarian kept his head down in the face of my threat, saying he was sorry. But I didn't even consider letting this pass kindly.

Maybe I've been too soft with the servants all this time.

I can't believe there's someone who can be rude to a princess like her, no matter how powerful a vassal they are.

After memorizing his name and face, I went to the upper floor of the library.


As the librarian had said, this library mainly consisted of magic books.

As I looked through the shelves, I was able to find a book related to mana formulas.

"Introduction to Mana Formulas."

"What's this? It's really thick. I don't even want to open it."

Why can't I be free from studying even though I was reborn?

"Even though I'm a spoon made of diamonds, I'm in a situation where I still have to earn money."

Feeling a bit down, I reluctantly opened the book cover.

"This book is dedicated to my dear Danae."

"Who is Danae?"

I tilted my head and turned to the next page.

"My colleague Rikurgos and I disagree with the opinion that the flow of mana is extremely irregular and fragmented. Mana, as refined as a river, as light as the wind, and as hard as the ground, not only shows a high degree of complexity but also a completely different level of complexity.

There are countless criteria by which regularity can be understood, all of which exist for countless practical purposes... (...)"

Leafing through the thick book, I clicked my tongue softly.

"...It's very long."

The lengthy preface, spanning 20 pages, explains in detail when and by whom mana formulas were created and why they were created.

Formulas began to be developed seriously long before the establishment of the Azutean Empire, dating back to the Tegean Empire.

It was through mana formulas that the archmage, who rose to the highest level among ancient magicians, organized regularity in some way to be able to practically use the mana distributed in nature.

"I finally found it."

As I looked at the theory book covering the application of three-circle formulas, I smiled in satisfaction.

Because I got the correct answer to the problem the professor gave us.

"Anyway, I'm amazed. Area of effect magic is a geometric progression."

In this world, it was explained that geometric sequences are mana management skills that expand the range of magical effect.

You could say it's a wide area skill that annihilates beginners in a game.

However, even without that kind of knowledge, discovering the regularity of numbers was a piece of cake for me, an engineering student.

"The more I look at it, the more it stimulates my curiosity as an engineering student."

The magic to turn mana into a spherical shape is a formula that calculates the circumference of a circle, so I stifled a laugh.

"There was a reason the magician seemed like an engineering student."

Magic formulas were not very different from mathematics, so while flipping through the book with an interesting mood, I found something strange and frowned.

There was no basic formula for calculating the sum of geometric sequences.

"Why isn't the formula in this book?"

I flipped through the book with a doubtful feeling, in case there was any commentary in the back, and raised my head to the sound of approaching footsteps.

Tap, tap.

Along with the sound of regular steps, I could see a small figure with shiny silver hair through the gaps between the bookshelves.

It was Enrique Seymour, the youngest of the family.

The sunlight streaming in through the large window illuminated Enrique's chubby, rosy cheeks.

Looking at the shiny baby hair on his cheeks, I tightly closed my mouth.

Isn't it completely copper (Cu) and tellurium (Te)? ADORABLE.

It's much cuter with bangs down.

If Enrique were to appear on a family entertainment program, he would probably get thousands of commercials in an instant with that icy cuteness.

If you put Enrique on photocards and sell them, they'll sell out in a second. Why? Because I'd collect them by type.

Enrique, who was rolling his big eyes from side to side, bit his tiny lips with a very serious face and then suddenly stretched out his arms and started hopping like a rabbit.

Perhaps the book he wanted was in a place he couldn't reach.

"Ah. I'm dizzy."

I was dizzy from his overwhelming cuteness.

To be honest, I was more vulnerable to cute creatures than handsome men.

In particular, dogs, cats, and children were my Achilles' heel.

Seeing the neighborhood cats gather around me to get some food every time I passed by the alley, it seems that maybe they also realized that I was an easy target.

I want to help him.

It's been a while since I decided to be strong.

But he's so cute.

The boy's silver hair kept swaying every time he jumped, so I touched my forehead.

As I went through a fierce internal conflict, Enrique barely managed to get his fingers to the end of the book, letting out a groan.

"That's admirable, Enrique. You can do it."

However, because the book was so stuck, Enrique couldn't get it out this time.

Unfortunately, Enrique's silver eyebrows arched and his small round shoulders slumped.

"Enough, I give up."

In the end, I succumbed to Enrique's cuteness. It was inevitable. He's so cute; I'm the devil if I don't help him.


I approached the boy who was jumping without thinking, took out the book, and handed it to him gracefully, pretending indifference.

"Oh my God. I'm going crazy."

When I suddenly saw a round head below my field of vision, I couldn't help but bite into the tender flesh inside my mouth.

Enrique was startled by my sudden appearance and took a step back.

Amazement shone through the boy's silver eyes as he faced me.

No wonder, he's in the library with Deborah.

I agreed that he's like a combination of soybean paste soup and macarons.


"The book you wanted."

Enrique's eyes soon calmed down, with coldness.

I felt like sighing at his alert appearance.

"Were you looking at me?"

The boy responded quite fiercely.

"Yes, because you're cute."

I wondered if it was necessary to scare even a child, so I answered honestly.

Enrique was young and didn't really have a presence in the family.

He's a child in a position that doesn't particularly affect my reputation, so maybe I can do whatever I want? That's what I thought.

"The conclusion is that you're cute, so it can't be helped. How can I beat a cute thing?"


"You're cute. Like a white rabbit."

Enrique blinked slowly for a moment, an absurd expression on his face.

As if he belatedly understood what I was saying, his ears gradually turned red.

"D-Don't make fun of me! My father and my brothers are tall, so I'll be tall soon too."

I said he was cute because he's cute, but unintentionally hurt his feelings, and Enrique got angry.

Anyway, he just looked cute, like a kitten.

"That's right, you'll be tall."

I suppressed a laugh and carefully patted his round head.

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